In the article we published earlier titled Evidence| Hunter Biden Companies Executed Espionage Activities For-Profit | Tore Says, we introduced you to Kerry Construction. (Kerry Construction is now called GRANITE) Another Military-Industrial Complex conglomerate with all the players needed for a perfect recipe of selling off American assets, spending American Tax Payer dollars on yachts, Island parties, and glamorous lifestyles.

This article provides the PUBLIC some situational awareness because the UNIPARTY media, the alleged insiders, have ZERO insight into what happened, is happening, and IS coming. President Trump has made it clear to all what is happening. He has been spelling it out. It turns out ALL MEDIA is not fluent in TRUTH and STRAIGHT TALK but great at getting interviews with the President and posing for photo ops while claiming to be in the know.

This report demonstrates the inner workings of this war because that is precisely what is going on right now-WAR. DEFINITIONS are essential. This revolution is different because the ENEMIES are not armed to the teeth with weapons, but they have tentacles into everyone’s homes via corrupt F.A.G.s. We introduce you to some of them in this article F.A.G.S Always Stick To The Script | STILL ] talking about [ WATER #Haiti and this one Sean Penn| HAITI, El Chapo, and The New Agency

Remember, President Trump had fired the chair of the Tennessee Valley Authority, criticizing the federal-owned corporation for hiring foreign workers. Along with FORMER SECRETARY OF THE ARMY Louis Caldera, this man helped conduct “ODD” infrastructure operations OCONUS (Outside Continental US). Caldera was the 17th Secretary of the Army sworn into his position by Secretary of Defense William Cohen.

Like the selected administration, “INFRASTRUCTURE” seems to have a very skewed name lately. The embarrassing “Biden Administration” considers lactation consultants part of American Infrastructure. Still, this company, as you see from the emails released on the Looking Glass, Kenny Construction aka Granite, believes COURIERING documents between foreign embassies and the State Department is considered infrastructure.

President Trump asked what is a government employee like Jeffrey Lyash doing to make $15.5 Million in pay?

Jeffrey Lyash earned $15.5 million in pay, perquisites, and retirement benefits over the last two years. Lyash’s compensation amounted to $8.2 million in 2019 and $7.3 million in 2020.  Foreign employees, foreign INFRASTRUCTURE aka ESPIONAGE conducted as seen in the emails HERE.

Walk-in faith and not by sight. The truth is NOT complicated and this was not another four-year election.

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