During the course of our investigation of what is now realized to be a nationally orchestrated electoral fraud syndicate centering around the DNC we discovered that it’s an international syndicate. Investigative Journalist Millie Weaver and I made some remarkable discoveries during our in-depth investigation and forensic analysis of the Kentucky elections that occurred in November 2019.

Among many other things, we discovered a link with Ukraine and Mitt Romney’s son (Tagg) as an investor into a non-U.S. based murky software company that is involved in elections across the planet, data mining among other things. This lead us to investigate the connection this company had with U.S. government entities.

Firstly, we discovered that Mitt Romney’s campaign finance manager and his son Tagg Romney invested via Solamere Capital (they own) into Hart InterCivic in 2011.

Hart InterCivic is a full service election solutions innovator, partnering with state and local governments to deliver secure, accurate and reliable elections. Our mission is to help advance democracy one election at a time. This mission fuels our passionate customer focus and our continuous drive for technological innovation that makes voting more straightforward, more equitable and more accessible—and makes managing elections more transparent, more efficient and easier. ~ Hart InterCivic

This finding allows us to demonstrate where the MEDIA works with the Democrats while they play cover up. FactCheck.org actually flat out lied claiming Romney was not involved in Hart InterCivic, even though Wikipedia cites it. There was also an article (HERE) by the Boston Globe. Funny how they bury stories.

The Biggest Story Buried

Over three weeks ago we reported to you that in early 2014, as Obama was seeking a way out of the mess in Iran and trying to find an in to the EU and their energy market, Mykola Zlochevsky (Owner of Burisma) was in trouble. The UK and Northern Ireland Fraud Bureau was months into a criminal investigation involving Zlochevsky and $35 Mil worth of laundered money. Long story short, it probably went something like this: Zlochevsky said “Help me get out of this and we can split the profits of Burisma.” It’s at that point in early March that Hunter Biden is offered a job with Burisma and officially joined on May 12, 2014.

This is where former President Barack Hussein Obama steps in to leverage Ukraine, “investing” in election software and constitutional reform that the media hardly reported on. In fact, $50 MILLION FEDERAL TAXPAYER DOLLARS went to Ukraine.

One thing about corrupt people is that they are creatures of habit. We introduced you to the CORRUPT U.S. Export-Import Bank that Speaker Pelosi recently demanded legislation to be pushed through. In an article titled THE FISA FIX: FLYNN we introduce this corrupt legalized money laundering entity in another capacity. Why is the background of this important? Old habits die hard.


Why the RUSH to push HR 1314 in respect to the legalized federally taxpayer dollar backed money laundering arm of the government the U.S. Export-Import Bank? It’s not just the Democrats rushing to cover their tracks its Republicans too! This is a corporate welfare program being expedited now that UKRAINE is in the spotlight.

Republican? Wonder if he has investments in Ukraine too?
This is the day the U.S. Export-Import Bank signed a deal with Ukraine Export-Import Bank

In an agreement signed in 2005 under the Bush administration, Ex-Im (U.S. Export-Import) Bank and Ukreximbank signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together in order to establish a Credit Guarantee Facility of up to $ 50 million U.S. with Ukreximbank as obligor, under which Ukreximbank would make credits available to Ukrainian consumers.

In other words, we were giving them a revolving loan to Ukreximbank which is the equivalent to U.S. Ex-Im Bank in Ukraine. Over a week ago we reported that the HEAD of Ukreximbank was “kidnapped” by Ukrainian Security Service and then CHARGED and is currently in jail for creating an organized crime group, embezzlement, and money laundering.

Believe it or not, Barack Hussein Obama gave them money on top of their line of credit – In addition to using his clout to give them a total of $68 BILLION U.S. Federal Tax Dollars and IMF backing too!

Election fraud is NOT just nationwide, it’s worldwide, fixing elections across the world, and funding election software companies across the planet. Why would the U.S. and EU be teaming up aggressively to mine data and ensure that the people they want are in the positions they need? This is not a theory, this is fact.

Analysis by BBC in 2014 about leaked call

Audio that was leaked over five years ago now, in the context of election fraud, you hear Victoria Nuland, Marie Yovanovitch’s right hand woman and Nellie Ohr’s point of contact when working for FUSION GPS to compile a FAKE DOSSIER, gives new insight into what was really going on behind the scenes. The Obama administration was upset that the EU wouldn’t participate in fixing the elections in Ukraine. This is because the EU was worried about their gas prices skyrocketing, as a response to such actions by the Russians.

The audio gives credence to the statement made by Russia for longer than a decade about the U.S. meddling in Ukraine’s affairs. It’s obvious that the Obama administration had its own idea of what the election outcome should be in Ukraine. In fact, now that we know what we know about Joe Biden, he was lined up to give “PRIVATE” encouragement as they tried to marshal the Ukrainian opposition.

Conversation between Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine

Nuland: So on that piece Geoff, when I wrote the note [US vice-president’s national security adviser Jake] Sullivan’s come back to me VFR [direct to me], saying you need [US Vice-President Joe] Biden and I said probably tomorrow for an atta-boy and to get the deets [details] to stick. So Biden’s willing.

Pyatt: OK. Great. Thanks.

According to the White House Press Release on April 21, 2014:

Elections and Constitutional Reform:  Constitutional reform and free and fair elections are keys to Ukraine’s democratic development.  Assistance in this area is a down payment on the country’s democratic development.  We stand ready to provide further assistance to the new government after elections.(Obama White House)

The introduction to this section of the announcement reinforces the meddling notion into Ukraine. We took the initiative to fund and “guide” them in democratic elections. Funny how we didn’t help fund and “guide” nations like Somalia or Liberia during their elections, that were fixed by gunpoint and slaughter, yet “helped” the Ukrainians even though the EU told us to butt out. Reminder that Ukraine is an EU territory. Imagine if an “ally” like France intervened to help fund constitutional reform in Kentucky and “guide” their state elections, how would that look? Same concept here.

Ms. Nuland and Mr. Pyatt (center) met Ukrainian opposition leaders Vitali Klitschko (L) and Arseniy Yatsenyuk (R) on Thursday
  • The United States is contributing an $11.4 million package to support the integrity of the May 25 elections. These funds are being used to advance democratic processes – not to support a particular candidate or electoral outcome. These efforts include voter education programs, transparent election administration, effective oversight of the election process, election security and a redress of infractions, and a diverse, balanced and policy-focused media environment. (Obama White House)
  • $11.4 Million to fund the “OVERSIGHT” of the process, the software of electronic voting and ballot counting, as well as “MEDIA” regulation. Sounds super “democratic”. Nuland also in her audio made it clear that Obama had particular support for particular candidates.
  • The United States is contributing support and monitors to the OSCE’s election observation mission and other monitoring groups. U.S. funded programs will provide at least 250 long-term observers and over 1,700 short-term observers. (Obama White House)
  • The OSCE, is the European Union’s instrument in fixing elections and is a client of Scytl. Scytl is the foreign company that processes almost all electronic voting and all electronic ballot counting around the world, INCLUDING the USA. In other words we were sending 250 people (paid by US Tax Payers – Are they still there?) to permanently be there to “strongly guide” the elections and 1700 temporary US citizens paid by US dollars to ensure they were doing it right?
  • We are also sending additional experts to provide advice on issues such as constitutional checks and balances, local governance, public participation, and the establishment of an independent, transparent judicial system. (Obama White House)
  • In other words, we sent people in there to usher and marshal the Ukrainians. We sent people and created relationships with oligarchs to strong-arm Ukrainians to do as WE say. We should all be ashamed.

Globalist Cabal?

Scytl, is an election software company that also works with CrowdStrike which has a strong connection with Ukraine, Obama, and his administration. #nothingtoseehere

Let this sink in: ALL of these nations and even the Department of Defense, General “U.S. ELECTIONS”, U.S. specific states, and the United Kingdom Ministry of Justice are all accessed through one company.

Ukraine is how the Clinton Foundation became rich, this is how and why Quid Pro Joe, Barack Hussein Obama, and other Obama administration officials sided with oligarchs and penetrated the “NABU” (National Anti-Corruption Bureau of the Ukraine). The oligarchs are the equivalent of the cartels in Mexico. Cartels are the shadow government. Notably, our current IG of the NSA Robert Storch, was offered a JOB by “NABU” (National Anti-Corruption Bureau of the Ukraine) just before he was nominated to be IG of the NSA by President Trump by a “recommendation” from now-FIRED advisers.

But we are supposed to trust that 17 intelligence agencies said RUSSIA when our NSA Inspector General was offered a job for the Ukrainian Anti-corruption Bureau? OK.

In other words, back in 2014 $11 MIL of federal taxpayer money was given to them for “election integrity” but we were also “helping” them (money) with energy. [Insert eyeroll emoji here]

What did Obama, the Democrats and Republicans with vested interest in Ukraine mean by “energy security”? Was Hunter Biden, Paul Pelosi Jr, Kerry’s stepson Heinz, the Clinton Foundation, Pohlad (Amy Klobuchar LLC and with Rothschild Bank Director Co-op) and of course Romney, all part of the “EXPERTS” we sent?

No wonder why Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky contacted Kerry and Biden in late February, to be bailed out of a money laundering investigation upwards of $35 Mil by the UK. It was also PURE coincidence that Eric Braverman helped launder money back to the Clinton Foundation when he went “missing” between 2015 -2017 in the Ukraine and helped marshal the Google investment into Crowdstrike. #Legit

It’s evident that the EU is more patient in respects to “world domination” and rolling out globalism across the European continent. When it comes to Ukraine, Washington and Brussels didn’t see eye to eye because the clap back from Russia would have affected the European energy market in a detrimental way. It’s obvious that the EU was a bit hesitant about clashing in a full blown fight with Moscow, because they are energy dependent on them. Referring to the Ukraine “crisis”, the BBC reported that “The EU has sought to play a longer game; banking on its attraction over time. But the US clearly is determined to take a much more activist role.”

The future actions of the Democrats is proven by the past. It’s obvious that the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations have been meddling in elections via election software globally for a while. In addition, we are now realizing how they have personally profited at the expense of federal tax payers and Ukrainian citizens.

  • Who leaked these communications? Russia.
  • Why did Russia leak the communications? Transparency.

It’s no secret that with eons of history between them, Ukraine and Russia have a deep-seated history and Russia did not want to let go of “territory” rich in natural gas and other precious commodities. In fact, the EU moving in to obtain their sovereignty by way of entrance into the EU was a pain point. Around 2010, Russia decided it’s better Ukraine remain independent than for the globalists to take hold of them. (Though, it was too late for the Ukrainians to believe Russia was OK with their “divorce” and supported any form of independence.) There was no trust, which allowed corrupt politicians in Ukraine, controlled by oligarchs, to manipulate and penetrate all facets of the government with the help of the Obama administration that came at a price. The Ukrainians chose EU “indepndence” only to be buried in loans, losing their sovereignty, losing their religion by creating the “Ukrainian Orthodox Church” similar to the Church of England and their freedom.

Concluding, the election fraud investigations we’ve been conducting have exposed them all. We caught them all. All those within our borders, all those from other nations seem to have one goal: total control over every man, woman, and child in the hands of the few.

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