A volcano erupts, and people will be burned alive by lava if they don’t evacuate. Private companies, shelters, and government boats decide to CHOOSE who can evacuate.

The government is deciding who lives and who dies sounds like a genocidal nightmare. We have all seen the movie before where disaster is happening, and even maximum-security prisoners are released because condemning people to death is mass murder. MASS MURDER – GENOCIDE all occur when ONE set of persons have MORE rights than OTHER persons.

Why is St. Vincent’s government not being reprimanded by the people of the world? In what universe do they demand that people put an experimental vaccine in their bodies, so they do not burn alive? In what universe can a nation’s prime minister make such PRESS statements and not be strung up in public?

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said that he highly recommends those who opt to go to a shelter in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, an island chain of more than 100,000 people, be vaccinated. Authorities said those staying in shelters would be tested for COVID-19, and that anyone who tests positive would be taken to an isolation center. Gonsalves added that people have to be vaccinated if they go aboard a cruise ship or are granted temporary refuge in another island. 



Crimes against humanity, wars, and all atrocities throughout history have occurred and will occur are because of FEAR

If you can make a man AFRAID, you can control him. 

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  1. Sadly most won’t stand up to their own oppressors let alone those in another Country! Yet you do know God will, will be done. I call this period in time the great falling away. Where faith was lost. Thanks for the heads up. We can at least pray for them.

  2. I will be praying for all of us, because these are the choices all will be facing if we don’t stand up for our rights – that still exist on paper. Crimes against humanity. God will certainly judge the heart of each man – no one escapes that.

  3. Is there no good Samaritan with large ships, barges, whatever, to go there to help these people survive the volcano eruption?

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