Remember the baker who was SUED for not baking a GAY wedding cake? A business cannot operate and can liable for damages if it engages in discriminatory actions.

Remember how businesses and companies are NOT allowed to discriminate against people with HIV + (POS)? That is because they are immunocompromised, and that is a protected class. If you have cancer or any other disease or ailment, you are protected.

According to the CDC WEBSITE “If You Are Immunocompromised, Protect Yourself From COVID-19,” page it clearly states :

If you are a person who is IMMUNOCOMPROMISED, you will most likely be advised NOT TO TAKE vaccines that are floating about as “cures” when in fact, they are experimental. In other words, you are partaking in a global experiment in which, during ANIMAL testing, most animals died 3-6 months after the vaccine due to ailments like heart failure, liver failure, kidney failure, and other conditions.

How can a business, hospital, school, or any other commercial private, or public institution REQUIRE the vaccine for you to enjoy the freedoms our nation affords?


Oath violating police officers such as those from Lyndhurst, OHIO, that claimed PEARLE VISION could demand even those with medical exemptions are refused access to medical care because they are a private business. Such a stance is a severe liability for the company that can and will result in damages.

PEARLE VISION can potentially be barred from doing business in the state of OHIO for violating STATE and FEDERAL LAWS. The company itself gets state and federal tax benefits for its operations. ANY VIOLATION of PROTECTED rights of citizens SUCH AS MEDICAL DISCRIMINATION can lead to fines, tax benefits revoked, and expulsion as a business within the state and or county it operates in.


“It’s a private business; therefore, they can demand anything,” say the parroting uneducated police officers if I had a business and demanded everyone entering wear a hijab, a baseball cap, glasses, or any article of clothing because I SAID SO. I would be closed up, fined, and even pay damages to the state for doing so.
Pearle Vision refused to provide documentation to a patient when requested to show “IMMUNOCOMPROMISED INDIVIDUALS ARE DISALLOWED TO UNDERGO MEDICAL EVALUATIONS IF THEY DO NOT WEAR FACE COVERINGS WHICH IS AGAINST CDC RECOMMENDATION.” The manager of the branch printed off a 2020 Governor DeWine mandate that has since been rescinded. Ohio has NO MASK mandate, yet people are still wearing masks, and businesses are STILL MANDATING articles of clothing and refusing entry to immunocompromised or respiratory deficient persons.
People with lung cancer, emphysema, COPD, asthma, and other respiratory ailments cannot breathe without a mask – a mask would be harmful. Nevertheless, a PRIVATE BUSINESS can discriminate against them for being ill and unable to wear a mask? That sounds wrong – because it is WRONG. Businesses that don’t have handicap access get fines and sued, but now it’s ok?

“No one has ever contested the mask mandate” said the manager at Pearle Vision. That means for over a year not one person contested an unconstitutional demand by private businesses? What happened to the science?


Brewing is the corporations’ next wave of attack. One by one, your civil liberties are removed. Medical Discrimination is now afoot. They got away with forcing people to breathe in their bad breath. #CancelOxygen2020, including direct discrimination against those that have a medical condition?

YES, not being vaccinated is a medical condition. Therefore such entities are engaging in medical discrimination. While memes are fun and laughing at people in their cars with masks is hilarious – this is dangerous territory with a small window for legal action.

DISTRACTIONS about borders, false flags, and deaths keep you busy. FOCUS. Every single American citizen should be at every single city council meeting demanding that their tax dollars be held from any business engaging in medical discrimination.


It’s a lot easier to get things done when you are a shark in a goldfish pond. Your city and county are the goldfish pond, and you have immense power to make changes.

Airlines, MLB, Coca-cola, Walmart, Starbucks, and all these other companies have a presence in your city. Start there. Demand their state/city tax benefits rescinded for violating DISCRIMINATION LAWS. Enforce FINES in the millions for medical discrimination. USE THE LAWS. Boycotts will not be effective – but causing them millions of dollars in rescinded tax relief and imposing fines will.

What are they going to do – leave? Good riddance. The people can use the tax dollars and fines collected to invest in our local community and businesses.

Colleges mandating COVID vaccines? Title Funds – STOP. STATE TAX RELIEF – STOP. That’s how you hurt them in the pocket – by using the RIGHT LAWS.

MEDICAL DISCRIMINATION is the key to solving big corporation bullies. That is how you DETHRONE them all by hurting their pockets. This avenue is how you evict an unelected administration – MONEY.

The media and corporations are BULLYING you into submission to accept their narrative or ELSE? That’s not how it works in the land of the free and the home of the brave. WE ARE CONSUMERS; therefore, don’t let them convince you that it’s expected that you are CONSUMED.

No one will save you. If you ask God to move a mountain, He will give you a shovel.

They are distracting you with the border, rumors of war, and now aliens. AS THE WORLD TURNS, information is making its way to the people showing the lawlessness. Those you trust the most are guilty too. Think who you are TAUGHT and told to trust. Take control of your communities, enforce the laws before your city and state rescind them.




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  1. Tore that CDC link is for Dec 2019 as I’m sure you know. Is there an updated statement regarding this from the CDC? I imagine pushback will come from presenting outdated guidelines.

    1. It’s still not a cure. Immunocompromised patients are told NOT to take vaccine.
      It is NOT a cure. LAST UPDATE WAS DEC 2020. Says so in link – regardless, let them explain away.
      That was the point.

  2. There’s a typo in the #Abovethelaw section: You mean to say “can’t breathe with masks” instead of “without masks.” Thank you, for articulating your points so well!

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