The people who elected President Donald J. Trump have always been the majority.

The 2016 Elections are an argument that we can all agree to disagree on but the proof is in the pudding. The silent majority that consists of all LEGALLY AUTHORIZED voters are the backbone of the US economy. They work and pay taxes and they voted with jobs in mind.

The MSM took the route of the totalitarian regime’s antics and became a platform for their propaganda and the voters, the legal citizens of the US who were silenced, denied true and factual news, that were bombarded with fake polls showing Hillary Clinton winning and that have endured two years of #RussiaCollusion stories said “NO MORE”. They did it with their wallets. What happened to objective truth? was literally begging people to fund them.

CNN ratings have plummeted so much that Nick-At-Nite which plays reruns has better ratings. CNN is so desperate that they are paying apps to email subscribers of TuneIn and other streaming apps to remind people they can listen to them on the app.

Gorka: 'More People Watch Cartoons Than CNN' - Conservative News & Right Wing News | Gun Laws ...

Artists that have taken political positions not drawing people to the box office and album sales plummet. People are literally tuning out.

Yesterday, I was watching the new “revamped” Charmed TV show and saw that they have crept these horrid social grievances into our enterntainment without shame. I literally turned the TV off after I heard.

“…in a dorm room that reeks white privileged” .

Buzzfeed had to lay off 15% of their workforce even though they are “reporting” profit. You always fired 15% of your staff when you are turning profit? #Legit

Firing but making a profit? #Legit

Even the NYTIMES are suffering and failing demanding online readers pay to access their commentary which other alternative and more centrist, unbiased or conservatives do for free.

When will all consumer brands learn that when you take sides, when you report news that are manufactured, super impose social grievances and in ill borne manner that you will lose business? Nike is learning. Eminem is learning. Hollywood is learning. Netflix is learning. HuffPo is learning. It’s all about coming to grips with reality that the consumers that have money, the silent majority with the RESTRICTED platform which is silenced and eliminated day by day is stronger, louder and 24 months have proven that the SILENT majority is the MAIN consumer. Small changes over time yield huge results.

The latest to LEARN is HUFFPO. They canned their whole OPINION team. An opinion team that refused to report or opine with objective truth and chose the social grievance path.

Even the fired staff, new additions to the unemployment line of this branch of HuffPo don’t realize that NO ONE will hire them because what they stood for, what they wrote about and how they attacked the MAIN consumer of the US market is not profitable, ergo not a quality they want to hire. That is literally “biting the hand that feeds you” and all consumer driven markets are learning the hard way.

The irony of tweets like the one below are glorious to see. The silent majority never asked to silence a radical left journalist. The silent majority never advocated to remove any journalist from social media platforms, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and even SERVERS! The left did.

We warned them. Today it is us. Tomorrow it may be you. Fair enough, the canning of all these “talented” lefties mocking, defaming, ridiculing, doxxing, slandering and ridiculing the conservative population and simply perpetuating HATE were not canned because the silent majority advocated it. We simply stopped clicking and stop paying. After all, most socialist, radical leftists are unemployed, living off of welfare and have useless degrees like “Gender Studies” that afford them no actual career aside from barista or the unicorn chance of “professorship”, ergo income is limited and this is why they subscribe to a socialist ideology, so that the government provides for them.

we see this didn't work too well - Imgflip

They are non-productive citizens. We can’t really blame them, they were taught to lack the aspiration to compete in school- all part of the Totalitarian regime that had reign over our nation for almost a century, slowly chipping away the drive to achieve.

Watch the video below and see what “ACADEMIA” accepts as “research” and these HEROES proved the point. I love them. I have to admit I am a huge fan of their work. Trolling #LEVELEXPERT

If I were the canned workers of HuffPo I would leave HuffPo off my resume and say I was traveling because no one wants to hire someone that assassinates relations with the MAIN consumer in our NATION and that is the SILENT MAJORITY that voted for President Trump. Have they learned their lesson? Only time will tell.

Bottom line: Objective Truth should ALWAYS be the PRIORITY of Journalists and Academia not Social Grievances.

We used other methods too, like, “I wonder if that ‘progressive stack’ in the news could be written into a paper that says white males in college shouldn’t be allowed to speak in class (or have their emails answered by the instructor), and, for good measure, be asked to sit in the floor in chains so they can ‘experience reparations.’” That was our “Progressive Stack” paper. The answer seems to be yes, and feminist philosophy titan Hypatia has been surprisingly warm to it.

Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship

This is why #FAKENEWS is a warranted label to what is purported as “reputable” media – because social constructs and grievances are more important that facts and objective truth. Who qualifies them as reputable media? They do it themselves. Circular recognition. A clear totalitarian tactic. The silent majority has shown who they think is reputable media with their wallets. I expect more news like this throughout 2019.

Harvard: Millennials believe half their Facebook feed is ...

FAKE NEWS is the Enemy of the People because their objective is to ensure the people are misinformed and indoctrinated into accepting social grievances as dogma. This trend of #FAKENEWS going out of business and their financial strain is a strong indicator that President Trump will not have any problem being reelected in 2020. It will be a piece of cake, if we can ensure ONLY LEGAL VOTERS VOTE. Our economy is booming, we have the lowest unemployment rate since 1969 and we are finally confident in our financial aspirations and have stellar foreign relations. I call that #winning.

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