Operation MISafeKid was a missing juvenile sweep to recover and identify missing children from the area, specifically identifying victims of sex trafficking.  This Operation was led by the U.S. Marshals Service and included Michigan State Police and several other agencies.  The operation was executed  on Sept. 26 in Wayne County. By finding common factors of missing children such as last seen places, schools, family and or friends’ homes they were able to find a common factor.  Out of the 301 missing children, they were seeking 123 of them were identified and recovered during the operation.
All of the children found are being interviewed about being sexually abused and or forced into sex trafficking during the period of time they were missing.

“One day, one sweep.  This was most effective because it was done all in one short period of time.  If any of these people who had these missing kids were working together it made it difficult to communicate with each other and warn each other of what was going on” said Michigan State Police Deputy.
One teen had not eaten for three days. All children are now being cared for by family or child protective services.

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