Ozark County Sheriff Darrin Reed says that the case against Tracy Presson of Gainesville began at the beginning of the month.  On October 2nd, a hotline call about sexual abuse came in and that in turn involves the sheriff’s office whenever child services get involved in an investigation. Immediately, Tracy Presson, 53 was taken to the sheriff’s office and held for 24 hours while they continued to investigate searching his home and confiscating his electronic devices.  The next day,  October 3, 2018, Presson was charged with statutory sodomy and rape.

“Some new developments occurred and in court on October 9, 2018 the charges were amended to ten (10) counts of sodomy and rape and also acts involving an animal,” said Sheriff Reed in an interview with local TV station KY3.

The FBI has been called in to assist and take lead as the evidence found indicates children of other states are involved too.
“It’s a long process.  They’ve already gone through about 14, 000 images and video” said Sheriff Reed in regards to the staff involved in the investigation.

“This case is going to involve more than the state of Missouri. It’s going to go into other states. So we want to make sure every stone is turned up and every bit of information is gathered. If there’s other people involved in this, which I’m sure there’s going to be, we want to make sure that charges are brought forth,” Reed exclaimed.

Tracy Presson is being held on a $500,000 cash only bond and is due in court next week on Tuesday, October 23, 2018.  We were unable to attain the affidavit because it is sealed to protect the victims especially because of the content included in it.

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