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The relations between Greece and Turkey have always been lukewarm but have been escalating exponentially since 2018 and the Trump administration recognized that early on. In fact in the article below, I had reported the delivery of military weapons, troops and helicopters in a neighboring city of the prefecture of Volos in November of 2018.

BREAKING: US Delivers 70 Military Choppers Pagasetic Gulf- Iran Not Imminent Threat Turkey Is

It was evident then that the Eastern Mediterranean was brewing and the FAKE NEWS were purporting that it’s was about Iran. It’s was evident then as it is now that it was Turkey. Turkey has been posturing in the Aegean sea, pushing to gain more territory in Syria, parading around the Mediterranean by supporting the illegitimate UN ONLY backed government of Tripoli, ignoring sanctions the US placed on Iran, provoking Russia in the Black Sea and Syria and most recently supported attacks on Armenia.

On October 7, 2019, Secretary Pompeo signed a new MDA (Mutual Defense Agreement) with Greece. I considered that a very SIGNIFICANT event in our Foreign Policy and was shocked how under reported it was.

During Secretary Pompeo’s interview in Athens on October 07, 2019, Pompeo was asked about the Trump Administration’s views on Turkey’s hostile actions with illegal exploration and drilling ignoring internationally recognized maritime borders and laws.

We (The United States) will act in ways that preserve the basic ideas of sovereignty, rule of law and private property.

Secretary Pompeo 07OCT19

The journalist interviewing Secretary Pompeo asked the following question and Pompeo’s response was very transparent on the position of the Trump Administration.

“The US warned Turkey to stop drilling in Cyprus are we expecting a more punitive move?” Pompeo responded: Conflict should not be militarized. Illegal drilling unacceptable.

Below is Pompeo’s full interview dissected on my Daily News Commentary Show “Tore Says Show“, starting at about the 45 min mark.

Today, Pompeo made it clear that maritime disputes should be solved through dialogue, not demonstrations of power. For the past year tensions have been rapidly escalating and “rumors” of war with Turkey have been running rabid. Turkey took their eyes off Syrian territory and began focusing on energy exploration both to the North, West and most recently East with the Azerbaijan-Armenian conflict that just erupted.


A new MDA between Greece, Cyprus and Israel was signed in 2019 and most recently with Egypt. In fact, after Greece’s expulsion of the UN ONLY recognized representative of Libya they invited and met with General Haftar, a Libyan-American that leads the LNA (Libyan National Army). The LNA is recognized by many nations and the people of Libya as the legitimate government.

Athens, expelling him and then meeting with General Haftar is provocation and an act of war. We do not respond with silence with such actions.

President Erdogan

The significance of Libya as a key player in this situation is overlooked by many. Tripoli, a city in Libya, is the only place where the GNA (UN BACKED FORCES) are located. The rest of Libya is pretty much under the control of General Haftar.

Turkey has been provided full unfettered access to the Eastern Mediterranean because the UN has designated Turkey as the GNA’s “foster military” which explains their brazen galivanting through the Mediterranean like they own it. Their presence has alarmed Egypt, Israel, Cyrpus, Greece, the Libya-LNA (General Haftar Libyan Representative), Syria and even Russia that have their LARGEST Naval Base located in Tartus, Syria within the center of the “conflict” zone.

Last week Greece reached out to Russia to upgrade their S-300 Russian anti-missile defense systems in Crete. Throughout 2019, Greece has been actively beefing up their defense by purchasing and leasing military equipment after Turkey ignored the warnings about drilling in Cyprus’ maritime territory and declaring Greece maritime borders illegitimate.

Sara Carter reported: This build-up (military), part of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s €6.8-billion ($7.93B) defense plan, will see Greece purchase 18 French Rafale jets and four multi-purpose frigates, as well as upgrading its current naval vessel and old aircraft.

The most significant matter that has not been addressed is the lack of an official response by NATO. It is evident that the MSM have been UNDER REPORTING and misreporting the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and many haven’t even mentioned the most recently signed MDAs. The Greek Media had being purporting for over 20 months to the people of Greece that the Trump Administration was supporting Turkey’s position.

The US is clearly in the region supporting their allies now that tensions are high and alliances in nations of the East between Pakistan and Turkey are being formed with Armenia caught in the Middle. It is important to note, Russia ALSO has an MDA with Armenia as they do with Syria which means if tensions don’t settle and Turkey continues to provoke Russia this can get UGLY fast.

Turkey provoked Russia last week by pushing to explore for oil in the Black Sea. Russia shut down the Bosporos in response to that. Turkey had been pushing back on trying to occupy Idlib in Syria and Russia responded forcefully to that. Now Turkey is assisting (along with Pakistan) Azerbaijan to occupy and take hold of Armenian territory by force. Notably, last December the US passed a resolution acknowledging the Armenian genocide which again is another chip stacked against Turkey in respects to foreign relations between the two nations. North, South and East -Turkey is provoking Russia. To the west Turkey is provoking the US and it’s allies. Most terrifying is that Iran will be able to officially purchase weapons in a couple of weeks and that can be the straw that breaks the Camel’s back considering they are Turkey’s most loyal ally. The outlook seems grim for Turkey and rumors of war may come to fruition. Will this be an “election era war”?

Joe Biden APOLOGIZED to Muslim Brotherhood Leader Erdogan as demanded. #ApologyTour

Biden told a forum of students at Harvard University on Thursday that Erdogan had admitted to him that Turkey had erred in closing its porous border to foreign terrorist fighters. The comments incensed Erdogan, who subsequently demanded an apology.


It’s a good thing we have President Trump in office because Joe Biden would have cracked under pressure. Back in 2014, he had flown out to APOLOGIZE to Erdogan when he was Vice President because Erdogan DEMANDED IT.

The one factor that is bizarre and puzzling is that NATO has not made an OFFICIAL STATEMENT on what is going on? Will Turkey be removed from NATO or are Greece (who always paid their share) and the US going to depart?

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  1. Set up for the GOG of Magog war… Ezekiel 38-39? In which Persia[iran, sudan ethioppia libya, Gomer { Rosh?}] I mean russia has been in almost every war against Israel in the past & is still with Iran….

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