From the day President Donald J. Trump took office we see a rise in Child Trafficking and Child Pornography arrests. This indicates a long standing problem where one wonders why are they all being arrested now when their actions have been occurring for decades.

The regional ABC news team, ABC4, reported on this growing epidemic by joining the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) when they served a warrant for a man’s arrest in West Jordan.

Alongside the ICAC team with cameras rolling, they observed how they questioned and then arrested Charles Pete Ulibarri . After a warrant was executed they found that he uploaded almost 6,500 child pornographic materials into his DropBox account. Most of them were depicting young little girls being forced to perform sexual acts.

Charles Pete Ulibarri, 44, is facing 10 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, second-degree felonies, after an investigation found he “knowingly produced, possessed or possessed with intent to distribute” images of young children being sexually abused by adults, according to a probable cause statement filed in the Third Judicial District Court.

The ICAC team and the Utah Attorney General’s Office worked together in this case and during the investigation it was determined that he had at the time uploaded at least 60 files of child pornography to his cloud storage account. Upon his arrest they discovered that the number was thousands of times greater.

The search warrant was issued with probable cause based on the 60 files alleged to be child pornography and it included access to his email account. Upon his arrest last Wednesday April 24, 2019 the ICAC Task Force executed the search warrant on his residence.

At first instance upon execution of the warrant they found hundreds of images of child pornography on his cell phone, a firearm and a small amount of marijuana.

Charles Pete Ulibarri, 35, released from prison on April 30, 2013 after serving 22 yrs for murder

Ulibarri was convicted of 1st degree felony Aggravated Capital Murder in 1991 and was paroled in 2013.

Ulibarri is currently on life time parole for his conviction and was found to be in possession of over six thousand files of child pornography, a felony crime.

Probable Cause Statement

Ulibarri pleaded guilty in September 1991 to capital murder at the young age of 16. He was the youngest people in Utah to do so and was sentenced to serve life in prison with the possibility of parole. When he was released on lifetime parole, the parole board cited Ulibarri’s age at the time he committed the murder, his rehabilitative promise and his “complete acceptance of responsibility” as mitigating factors in deciding to grant his release.

In March of 2017 US Marshals located him when he was in violation of his parole or probation according to the statement. He is being held without bail because upon execution of the warrant almost 6,500 child pornographic images and or videos were found and that is a felony crime.

Ulibarri a convicted murderer now turned child predator?

Ulibarri was 16 when he was arrested and incarcerated and unfortunately for him rehabilitation in respects to committing further crimes was compromised as sexual growth and sexual identities are formulated in a males late teens and early twenties. This is no excuse for the crimes committed against children but in his defense he is sexually still 16 and possibly a victim of abuse in federal prison. This indicates a problem that President Trump has been trying to address and requires further research and evaluation. Prison may have contributed to his sexually deviant behavior.

Dr. Klausbanchen Medical Researcher in Sexual Deviance Netherlands

Her statement is profound yet one that makes us wonder that when we incarcerate persons do they really rehabilitate? At the young age of 16 he committed a murder and institutionalized for the majority of his life. There is no excuse for his predatory actions and perverse fixation on children but it raises the question on why it seems that most child sexual predators are former felons. If rehabilitation is the purpose of imprisonment then why are persons who are incarcerated always committing crimes? That is something to be addressed as innocent children are abused, killed and exploited on a daily basis as child sexual abuse seems to be an epidemic and in turn a VERY lucrative market.

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