A parent’s worst nightmare. You go out for date night and leave your child with a family friend or babysitter and something happens to your child. This is what happened to a mother of a two year old beautiful baby girl this past week.

Kansas, Police Chief Terry Zeigler tweeted this out:

Now the police are investigating the rape of a two year old toddler after she tested positive for an STD when her mother took her to the hospital.

A mother left her 2 year old daughter and other children in the care of a family friend. The mother returned from her “date” she noticed injuries on the toddler and took her to hospital to be checked. It was during that check up that it was determined that their was evidence that the child was raped.

The toddler tested positive for an STD and the until today no suspect has been named.

The mother was concerned because when she checked on her like one does the usual diaper routine blood and injury was observed. I am sure she asked the other children if they had seen or heard anything she is really upset. They are keeping a tight lid and of course all the children were tested and questioned.

Neighbor of Victim

According to the mother she noticed injuries and took the child to the hospital the following morning but most STDs are usually not detectable within 24 hrs except for Chlamydia and that is a big maybe. Depending on the STD the toddler tested positive for and it’s colonization (how active and how extensive the infection is) provides a clinical guideline and could indeed provide a horrific clinical picture of long term abuse.


We reached out to Kansas City PD but they are not confirming the time line nor do they have a suspect in custody.

If you or anyone you know have information please call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS (8477). Be careful who you leave your children with.

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