CollegeGate took everyone by surprise. Aunt Beckie and Huffman are simply pawns in a very corrupt circle of “friends”. They are nobodies and their indictments simply demonstrate to the radical left voters how those that advocate all the social grievances they adhere too are simply posers and liars and part of the 1% they loathe.

The very public announcement, the indictments and the repercussions on the celebrities and their children were not to punish them but to obfuscate ties.

Consumer brands and companies severed ties with Olivia Jade when news broke BUT some didn’t (i.e. Amazon) .

Let’s rewind to the Presidential elections of 2008 and discover who, what, when, where and how. The tweet below will give you insight for what you are about to read.

This is a HUGE house of cards that is coming down very ungracefully further revealing the REAL “legacy” of the Obama Administration. Quid Pro Quo, nepotism, collusion against the people of the United States and the MSM tools that unapologetically avoid discussing, presenting or informing the the people about it. #FakeNews

Robert Bauer former partner at Perkins Coie resigned in the shadows in May of 2018. Who was he? He was Barack Hussein Obama’s right hand man, lawyer before his election, during his presidency as WH counsel and maintaining his “foundations”. I wrote a nice piece explaining to you what kind of role Perkins Coie played in our country as counsel to BHO in the article below.

Bauer is the husband of the Managing Director at SKDKnickerbocker Anita Dunn.

Who is Anita Dunn?

Dunn is the former Director of Communications for the Obama Administration and wife of BHO’s former WH counsel and personal attorney Bauer who was a former partner at Perkins Coie. According to various internet resources she began her political career during the Carter administration as an intern for the WH Communications Director Rafshoon and then moved onto working with Carter’s Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan.
Dunn also frequented the MSM screens attacking all Republican Candidates during the 2012 campaign praising BHO.

She always claimed she was never a lobbyist but she was always lobbying for an Amazon company (and still does) Washington Post subsidiary KAPLAN.

The eighth for-profit company among the top 10 institutions getting GI Bill payments is Kaplan, owned by The Washington Post. Its Post-9/11 GI Bill payments climbed in 12 months(2009 vs 2010) from $17 million to $44 million.

Tom Philpott Military Columnist

Looks like people are investigating Amazon and how they won this amazing Pentagon deal even though they weren’t the best offer while paying zero federal tax!

Looks like Google losing the contract to Jedi Cloud may have been a scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours deal.

This story is still developing.

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