This week we are seeing many unsealed indictments make their way to the forefront.

Yesterday at 2:30 pm CST a sealed indictment against Owen Cordell Smith, age 28, from Bismarck, ND, was heard. The indictment states Smith had engaged in sexual acts with three minor females, 12 years old and younger, on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, ND.

It seems that North Dakota one of the states in the US where child trafficking and child sexual abuse runs rabid is starting to see a lot of these criminals being rounded up.

According to the testimony of a deceased prime source Danny Fuller who was executed by Devil’s Lake Police in July 2018, and the source of a crowdsourced investigation into child trafficking and child sexual abuse in the Mid-West had said ” the reservations are the main hot spot for “renting” or purchasing children under the age of 12 for such activities” which means this happens more frequently than you would think.

Witt receives peace officer award
North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, left, presents former Bismarck Police Chief Keith Witt with the Lone Eagle Award 2012

When I was too old for them my “owners” would pay me in drugs or cash to go to reservations and pick up children for their “parties”. Everyone knows my owners some are politicians in North Dakota or Hospital Directors.

Danny Fuller July 2017 statement during interview

Bismarck city commissioner Parrell Grossman (NOW WORKING AT THE AG’s OFFICE), left, and Police Chief Keith Witt (very young retiree) 2012

North Dakota is a large state in size but only has a population of about 700,000. For a state like this to have hundreds of indictments sealed indicates that the Trump Administration has delivered on the promise to tackle child and human trafficking as an arrest involving such actions against minors is reported almost daily since the fall of 2018.

Child Trafficking Around the World - ThingLink
Severity Across the Nation in Child Trafficking

In the case of Danny Fuller, the investigative team that was questioning and documenting testimony in this DC-ND child trafficking network is slowly making it’s way to the courtrooms.

Most players in the child trafficking and crimes against children all have special awards like the Lone Eagle Award. It’s their badge of membership

Save the Children ND

Bismarck Police Department Investigated their Own for Luring Minors

It’s important to note that once again amid questions the Chief of Police in Bismarck announced retirement on the heels of his Chaplin as reported by The Minuteman. This is becoming a reoccurring theme? When does it not become coincidence anymore?

It’s dangerous. We can’t just come out and call these people out. Especially now that a key witness is dead. We are working on a full report which hopefully the new Justice Department will carry through. The individuals involved hold high positions in law enforcement in North Dakota. It’s not easy to approach the FBI as they are compromised, look at what happened to Jenny Moore.

Save our Children North Dakota

Every single person involved in exposing child traffickers and or any component of a network that commits such horrific child crimes is always defamed, attacked and discredited. Look no further than Liz Crokin and other investigative journalists that have been silenced. It’s time that the people speak especially now with an administration so eager to end these sex crimes with multiple Executive Orders and specialized teams to round them up.

Child Trafficking is a Humanitarian crisis. If anyone has any information and is too afraid to contact the police there are many investigative journalists eager to help. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any information and we will help you or put you in contact with the right investigative journalists to help maintain your anonymity and save the children.

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