What is a RINO? A Republican In Name Only or better yet a Democrat or self serving (not public serving) elected person.

We all heard Ilhan Omar speak of Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on CNN and every other channel – doubling down on her Anti-Jewish tweets and telling the world who Graham really is – but the MSM covered it up with a lie. Listen to her words.

Homophobic comment? I didn’t hear it. How is he compromised? He’s a RINO. They exist. They are corrupt cronies pretending to be #AmericaFirst when in actual fact they are self serving. Never liked Graham – actually anything out of SC is dirty and corrupt.

“They got him he is compromised. Over the last three years Graham has said President Trump is dangerous and all of a sudden …a 360 turn around… Something is going on. No longer stands up for the “truth” or fights for the “oath” he took.

Ilhan Omar excerpt of transcript
US Senators John Barrasso (L), John McCain (2L), John ...
Clowns McCain and Hoeven in Lithuania

That doesn’t sound like it’s homophobic – actually this FRESHMAN is calling out a “DEMOCRAT” plant in Republican clothing which is a big NO NO. The homophobic comment or inferring he likes young men (common knowledge and the age may be iffy) and such is not the case in her statement–but for some reason her literal words have been interpreted as such. Very confusing. Obfuscating facts and statements. #MSM M.O.

Evidently, the Globalist CABAL – the DC Mafia have become so desperate that they are no longer hiding their intentions no matter what party they claim to be.

This is Senator John Hoeven (R-ND) . The fourth richest senator and a man who uses his clout of DC to literally drain every last drop from tax payers in his own state. He curiously sits on the Native American boards (Related Article Below) and happens to have acres of property flanking huge developments that are to happen or are happening? Inside trading much? But what does this video tell you?

Are you considering a VETO OVERRIDE? He was asked the question twice and twice he didn’t answer it.

Corrupt RINOs laughing. Look at that traitor Long a walking heart attack.

What is a VETO Override? Well it’s a bipartisan remedy to a President’s VETO. Basically, a veto from the president, is challenged and both parties in have to agree to overturn it. The House and Senate must have a majority vote of two-thirds from both parties to override the president’s decision.

See, as the Democrats coax Republicans to survey VETO votes, sources say the President was already aware of it. John Hoeven didn’t – he was going to support the override- after all he was willing to negotiate at least finding TSA. (TSA ? What’s being held up at POE that makes it so important?). Using his old school, “senior” clout he approached the wrong person to canvas. Many were taking names and our administration has the list.

Tomorrow, the President will present to you the ultimate threat and ask – do we need another 9/11 ? No. He will tell you about the terrorists arrested and will tell you why this is a National Security Emergency and stop this dead in it’s tracks…as for the SHUTDOWN maybe we will hold out a bit until RIF can kick in.


During this partial shutdown certain agencies had to reduce the workforce. If this reduction in workforce is for 30 calendar days or 22 days of discontinuous work days – the effected agencies are required to use RIF procedures. Anything less than 30 days furlough or 22 discontinuous working days is adverse action. Today is the 28th calendar day. Tomorrow is the 29th and Sunday is the 30th day.

It’s most likely National Emergency on MONDAY- that way RIF kicks in and is then able to swiftly end the shutdown after agencies shed some weight.

Remember when James O’Keefe exposed employees at the Department of Justice and how they said they CAN’T get fired.

There are four rules to determine which employees are given the pink slip in their current positions or in another position:

  • tenure of employment (such as type of appointment);
  • veterans preference;
  • length of service; and
  • performance ratings.

Being a DSA devotee may be at the top of the list along with meddling and obstructing services to defy the administration.

Monday, we will have a new “clean” government – with employees who can remain objective and serve the people and we will get a wall. Monday January 21, 2019 at 00:01 as the 31st day of furlough commences pink slips on ready and the attempt to VETO Override – stopped dead in it’s tracks.


We will get the WALL because our SECURITY is not a LUXURY as Pelosi says – it is a necessity.

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