Disclosure: We have a source who may or may not be an active employee with Perkins Coie at the time of writing this article. Anonymity to our source is imperative especially when a documents that are sealed are concerned and we have confirmed their identity and documentation or evidence they may or may not have shared with us. 

In February, it was decided that Hillary Clinton would be the DNC candidate. We knew this and the Podesta Group, along with our shared clients, decided it so. She was the only one that could take it to the finish line. It would cost money. Lot’s of money — but we had the right people in the right places.

Perkins Coie Insider

Money. Sources. Paper Trail. Digital Trail. Plants. The elements they needed to make “Russia Collusion” stick, on who they already knew would be candidate Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz was the runner up to get the candidacy. We all knew Donald Trump was winning. All our digital clients and data from social media reported the same. Besides, Ted Cruz, if he had gotten the candidacy, would have been easy to take down. When you are in office that long, you know how to “run like you mean it,” but lose. We would have fixed elections without skipping a beat. Not for Trump though, he had a huge base.

Perkins Coie Insider

It was reported in AUGUST 2016 by the New York Times that President Obama had sent a plane full of unmarked cash to Iran in JANUARY 2016 -pulled it out of Treasury with no approval from Congress. How does so much money vanish and no one realizes it? Specifically, the NY Times reported :

In January, the United States government said it had sent $1.7 billion to Iran to settle a decades-old financial dispute over an arms deal. The payment was announced on the same day that the nuclear deal with Iran was completed and Tehran released four detained Americans.


On January 17, 2018, four detained Americans were released according to the NY Times. The sanctions on Iran were being eased and they swapped them out for 7 Iranian detainees. Did Obama have to pay a ransom? Our source from Perkins Coie says NO.

The detainees and this “debt” narrative were a cover. The money was never sent to Iran. The idea to say that we sent money to Iran was a cover story that was cooked up during the HRC “interview” with Strzok.   Strzok manufactured that narrative if ever the news of the money being pulled out of treasury was to get out. They would “feed” the story to the New York Times.

Perkins Coie Insider

Who is Peter Strzok? 

He is the”FBI”agent who interviewed HRC, but didn’t put her under oath and had others present while he questioned her. He also spearheaded the DNC leak “investigation”, Fusion GPS, FISA application, and was part of the Mueller team. In July 2018, I let the whole world know just who Peter Strzok is when I wrote the article “EXPOSED: Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran, Worked As Obama and Brennan’s Envoy To Iranian Regime”  via Big League Politics. Shortly after the article was up, Strzok was fired.

March 2016, Perkins Coie lawyers, HRC and Co., and Strzok all sat down to discuss mitigation. It was clear why Strzok was tasked to this investigation. Almost as clear as how William Barr was tasked by Bush in the Cocaine Noriega deal. Comey’s testimony reeked of compliance.

Comey Testimony December 07, 2018

Comey Testimony December 07, 2018

During this meeting with HRC we discussed destruction of any further evidence or emails not protected by law and formulated a plan. The source of money to fund it was the main task of this meeting and determining activation of assets. Two Perkins Coie attorneys Michael Sussman and our in-house FISA attorney were assigned to this.

Perkins Coie Insider

What was planned? Money? Any names?

To pull money out of Treasury, the backstory, to justify withdrawal and who would distribute it. We would distribute to our global affiliates so we can pay for the counterparts.

Perkins Coie Insider

Almost 3 years after they devised the plan, we are starting to see that foreign funding is a hot topic, in regards to KEY players in this “Mueller Investigation”.

HACKS? Were they real?

Servers have been hacked for over a decade. Just like our country enacts in espionage, other countries do. The HRC server was vulnerable and not as stellar in protection as government servers but they didn’t have any information that would infer foreign hacks on her server, other than the usual suspects. 

Perkins Coie Insider

Once the plan was formulated, they realized that domestically the DNC and RNC servers were being hacked. The concern here was that someone knew the plan. Someone in the tight circle was a mole and alerted others. This is where Sussman was tasked to not only trace and locate the source, but also ensure that source can be linked back to Trump.

Facebook Post of “Russian Lawyer” 

Incredibly, everyone forget how McCain and Graham were in the Ukraine trying to incite a riot and talking about Russia in December 2016 just before President Trump took office. This testimony is loading burden to a dead man. #Classy

The retaliatory measures announced by the Obama Administration today are long overdue. But ultimately, they are a small price for Russia to pay for its brazen attack on American democracy. We intend to lead the effort in the new Congress to impose stronger sanctions on Russia.

McCain & Graham quoted by USA TODAY

They found the money and had a rough plan. Link Trump to Russia via any means possible and link him to all the hacks. Make Trump look like he colluded to take over the country by way of colluding with the enemy.

One thing is constant in this whole Russia Frame job: PETER STRZOK From start to finish. He is not by any means the mastermind, he is merely point man, emissary for a “party” he subscribed to, hell bent on maintaining control.

Peter Strzok was a constant from start to finish. 

Why are you so “angry” John? Civil cases have never caused issues for running for public office. Is it because you are worried your “boy” will sing?

“Russia Frame Job Part II: Infrastructure” will be up later tonight.

Haley Kennington contributed to this article.

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