The doctrine of Socialism is the creation of monopolies, namely the centralization of all business in the hands of an all-controlling monopolistic state.

Donald Trump was transparent and it was widely reported in 2016 and 2017 that he opposed to the mega-merger between AT&T Inc. and Time Warner Inc. because he believes it would concentrate too much power in the media industry, and according to people close to the then president-elect, who was publicly silent about the transaction for months until he was weeks away from the election.

President Trump made his position clear in the following statement:

As an example of the power structure I’m fighting, AT&T is buying Time Warner and thus CNN — a deal we will not approve in my administration because it’s too much concentration of power in the hands of too few.

President Donald J. Trump (Speech on October 22, 2016)

President Trump, an entrepreneur and an established man of business could foresee that such a merger would restrict access, concentrate availability and hinder Free Speech. 

According to Bloomberg in January 2017 they stated:

Trump told a friend in the last few weeks that he still considers the merger to be a bad deal, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the conversation was private. Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is also opposed to the deal, another person said.

Gerry Smith / Joshua Green Bloomberg January 5, 2017

President Trump was right and with the crack, down on “hate speech” what we see, hear and can access will begin to be seriously limited and last week it started.  The Trump administration filed a lawsuit on behalf of the citizens of the USA to block this merger.  The Main Stream Media had a field day claiming it was due to his detest of CNN etc.  It wasn’t.  Those of you that subscribe to Dish Network or SlingTV get it now.  Media is being consolidated on all platforms social media, radio, print and now television. 

A federal judge approved the $85 billion mega-merger between AT&T and Time Warner in June 2018, a move that the people are now getting the brunt of. 

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon green-lit the merger without adding major conditions to the deal. The Trump Justice Department had sued to block the $85 Billion dollar merger, arguing that it would hurt competition in cable and satellite TV and jack up costs to consumers for streaming TV and movies.

Judge Leon said the government failed to prove that the merger would lead to higher prices and other harm to consumers.  Failed to prove it?  Consumers are now  left with limited avenues to have access to things like HBO.

AT&T is a phone and satellite TV giant that was allowed to absorb the owners of CNN, HBO, the Warner Bros movie studio, “Game of Thrones,” coveted sports programming and other “must-see” shows. The Justice Department is deciding whether  to appeal the ruling and there is no better time than NOW. 

The impact from this decision will have wide-reaching ramifications across the telecommunications, media, and tech industry for decades to come.

GBH Insights analyst Dan Ives

“The government here has taken its best shot to oppose this merger, the government’s evidence is too thin a reed for this court to rely on.

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon

Judge Leon allowed the Dallas-based AT&T who is a wireless, broadband and satellite giant now is the also the country’s biggest pay-TV provider with its purchase of Direct TV. It claims about 25 million of the 90 million or so U.S. households that are pay-TV customers to “force” millions to drop their other providers in a move that President Trump foresaw and the Judge refused to consider.. 

Dish, which owns and operates internet-streaming Sling TV service in addition to its traditional satellite service, claims that AT&T pulled its channels as a way to get it to pay for “a guaranteed number of subscribers, regardless of how many consumers actually want to subscribe to HBO.” 

Plain and simple, the merger created for AT&T immense power over consumers. It seems AT&T is implementing a new strategy to shut off its recently acquired content from other distributors. This may be the first of many HBO blackouts for consumers across the country. AT&T no longer has the incentive to come to an agreement on behalf of consumer choice; instead, it’s been given the power to grab more money or steal away customers.

 Andy LeCuyer, senior vice president of programming at DISH NETWORK

People are missing the point and of course HBO won’t spell it out .  AT&T is the villain here they bought HBO – HBO is now AT&T. #ThankJudgeLeon

Once again, President Trump was right.  The Main Stream Media did NOT inform the citizens how important this attempt by the administration was and Judge Leon made a bad call.  Exclusive sources tell us that an appeal is being formulated by the Justice Department.   It’s not rocket science.  If every single American is “forced” to switch to AT&T for phone and TV service they then have the right to discontinue, bar and or remove services at their discretion and the consumer is literally left with no other choice but to accept it because there is no competition or other avenues to access such services.  

Photo Credits: The Hill

Socialism. This is what socialism is – this is socialized media.  The aim of socialism is to create monopolies. That is how you make sure you have absolute control of all information accessibility in order to be able to censor that which counters your goals.

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