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Imagine discovering severe malpractice, but you have only ONE option when it comes to seeking medical attention. Every time you went to that one doctor he ordered a bunch of tests at one facility, and medicine at one pharmacy that would validate that doctor’s diagnosis. What if you found out the doctor owned the pharmacy and the testing facilities? What if the doctor was under investigation for wrongfully diagnosing you and making you take those tests or medications. Would you rely on the testing facilities HE has access to or HE owns to provide objective results? Obviously not, yet this is the case as the investigation into the allegations of Kentucky election fraud continues and seems to be a repeat scenario in every state across the nation.


This is Roger Baird. He is the owner of Harp Enterprises. Harp Enterprises is the EXCLUSIVE electronic voting machine, eSlate, and ballot “scanner” for the state of Kentucky. In other words, the ballots that the people of Kentucky cast are printed and CODED by his company, that are to be read by his ballot scanning machines. His electronic voting machines have tallies done by his company, by his people, with the use of his proprietary software, processed by his computers, and then sent to the respective county clerks in every county on computers and through networks that are also his.

That’s right. The computers that the county clerks in the state of Kentucky use and operate have been supplied, installed, maintained, and provide access to Roger Baird’s other company, Software Management LLC.


As you can see, in December 2006, (right before the 2008 presidential elections) Baird purchased Software Management LLC, and in December 2014 (before the 2016 presidential elections), also purchased Harp Enterprises OUTRIGHT. In other words, he purchased the company that states pride themselves on. The EXCLUSIVE (only) “one stop” shop for furnishing system consultations, design and implementation services, as well as custom software, computer equipment, installation, maintenance, and training services throughout the state.

Software Management LLC

Imagine every single deed, voter tally, judicial record, arrest record, marriage license, and or anything else a county clerk may have on their system with Private Identifying Information (PII) and other federally regulated materials, all under the control of one person: ROGER BAIRD.

The amount of security necessary is evident, but their website (as seen in both screenshots above) lacks an SSL Certificate and their EMPLOYEE login system is COMPROMISED.

Harp Enterprises TDS

For a company with employees that believe “ORANGE MAN BAD” and “RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTION,” (evident in some emails received as part of a massive data dump by an anonymous whistleblower), you would think SECURITY would be their top priority.

Brennan Institute

They even “consulted” the Brennan Institute according to many handwritten notes from this insider in Harp Enterprises to secure the elections. In fact, the Brennan Institute most recently published an article BLASTING Mitch McConnell, a senator from KENTUCKY nonetheless, on how he won’t bring to the floor a bill that allows centralizing all election shenanigans under one person or entity. One man controlling collection of ballots, tallying, and reporting – which ROGER BAIRD did in Kentucky along with similar “ROGER BAIRDS” across the nation.

Brennan Institute-SOROS

What is interesting is the Brennan Institute for “Justice” that oversees elections is part of DEMOCRACY ALLIANCE. In fact, Democracy Alliance is a company that is heavily funded by George Soros and Amalgamated Bank. Amalgamated Bank is the bank that provides Democrat candidates “LOANS” with a signature only and happens to be the exclusive UNION BANK.

Recapping, ONE man, has access to the ballots, the electronic tallys, AND the reporting. Did you know that the tallies are taken “OFFLINE” then brought back online to report with “proprietary” software using something they call an AIR GAP? (more like blind spot)


It would be interesting to see if the 100% cash buyout Roger Baird executed to purchase Harp Enterprises LLC comes from a “DONOR”. George Soros dumps about $30 MIL a year (minimum) to the Democracy Alliance-related companies. Our sources say Baird’s buyout was with money from investors into another company he “owns”, and City National Bank has all the answers and perhaps possible business dealings with Amalgamated Bank? The whistleblower documents are VERY telling.

If Roger Baird did nothing wrong then why register a fictitious name (SMI Acquisition LLC) with a registered agent in Virginia to be a placeholder for Software Management LLC? Could SMI Acquisition LLC be the company that put up the cash for the purchase of HARP Enterprises before the 2016 presidential elections?

Regardless, the fact that the fate of ALL voters in the state of Kentucky lie in the hands of ONE MAN, a private company is concerning in itself and warrants an investigation. For a company that invoices more money for handicap voter signs than law enforcement at the polls for the state of Kentucky, (??) it seems they have some odd agreements in regards to working together. Surely Ms. Grimes doesn’t believe that her county clerk’s computer systems (that are run and operated by Roger Baird) would be “impartial” nor safe to run a check on the voting data that Roger Baird’s other company is in question. That would be self-incrimination, and or FIXING the outcome. It’s like saying, “Hold on while we investigate ourselves.”

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In the next segment we will outline HOW our investigative team believes they stole the elections in Kentucky and other states – their version of the Bairds, if you haven’t already figured that out.

Your vote is everything as an American citizen, not our Constitution. The minute they take away your vote, the Constitution is simply a piece of paper they can shred in the blink of an eye. #CovertUsurpation


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