The Parkland Shooting and everything surrounding it is getting very strange and eerie. There is an undertone that is like a boulder in the pit of my stomach. Obfuscation and court orders not being followed. Fired Sheriff and “resigning” deputies. Investigations initiated on Principals a year later. The alleged shooter’s attorney not provided discovery and now the Florida House and Senate trying to bury body cam footage, testimony, witness statements. Oddly timed suicides of survivors that had at first instance testified that there were multiple shooters. The fact that both, the most recent suicide casualty and Sydney Aiello were subpoenaed by the defense of Cruz to be interviewed according to unconfirmed sources. All within the span of one week while Cruz’s defense complains lack of discovery on Friday in a heated exchange with the Judge. Lastly, stranger than fiction is a GoFundMe for the family of Sydney Aiello that was started by Sheriff Israel’s kids!

Today, yet a second Parkland Shooting survivor has taken their own life one week after the first suicide casualty, Sydney Aiello.

According to Sydney’s mother Cara, Sydney passed over St.Patrick’s Day weekend. Broward County Medical Examiner confirmed it was death by a gunshot wound to the head.

Sydney was an eyewitness who on camera had stated that she was speaking to Nicholas Cruz – the suspect of the shooting – even though shots were still being fired.

Her mother claims that she was diagnosed with PTSD ( post-traumatic stress disorder ) and survivor’s guilt.

Here is where it gets really strange. Sheriff Israel’s children who are at least three years OLDER than Sydney are claiming to be close friends of the family and started a GoFundMe raising over $70,000 for Sydney’s family in 3 days.

In an update to the fundraiser, Blair Israel claimed they are family friends and her brother contributed $960 himself. For a 20-21 year old that is pretty hefty.

Today’s breaking story didn’t name the victim so we will honor that. The latest suicide casualty is another survivor of Parkland Shooting event who claimed to have seen multiple shooters and unconfirmed sources say he was also subpoenaed by the alleged shooter’s attorney to be interviewed.

We have learned the victim is a under the age of 18 and male. Here he is in a video in this article published by Big League Politics which the NBC affiliate had scrubbed off the internet almost instantly.

David Hogg is, per usual, pushing his movement to disarm America while America ponders on how he got into Harvard.

Two suicides as the walls are closing in on Broward County to hand over WITNESS testimony, photos, video, audio and documents related to the Parkland Shooting Event that they have been refusing to provide. According to the Miami Herald:

Transcripts of witness interviews following the deadly massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland should be made public, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in Broward Circuit Court on behalf of the Miami Herald and the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “FDLE [Florida Department of Law Enforcement] and SAO [the Broward State Attorney’s Office] are withholding from Plaintiffs — and the public — records that indisputably should be disclosed,” attorneys representing both media companies wrote in the lawsuit. “Specifically, Plaintiffs have requested witness interview transcripts taken by FDLE, which is claiming exemptions that do not apply, have been waived, or apply only partially.”

In a very sad attempt to appease the public ONLY ONE highly selective body cam footage reel was recently released. You can find the reel HERE from Gray TV.

You hear a very confused Cruz being told to be quiet before the police officer walks off and conversation ensues with many officers around Cruz. The officer obstructed view of the camera when he was close and we cannot even make out Cruz’s clothing which didn’t look like body armor from the only distance shot we see. That would align with Sydney Aiello’s initial testimony of seeing a normal but confused Cruz in the hallway while the shooting was happening.

Below is footage release over a year ago – NO SHOOTER in any scene.

The strange adamant refusal of transparent communication and compliance with the First Amendment (Right to Free Press) by the SAO and FDLE is very curious. Even over a year after the shooting, they refuse to release information collected such as body cam footage, witness testimony and other evidence surrounding the Parkland shooting event.

It gets weirder. The FDLE and SAO are not just refusing to hand over documents, recordings, and witness testimony to the press, but to Cruz’s own Defense attorney! If they are going to trial they must (through discovery) be allowed to examine all the evidence. This past Friday it was very clear that SAO prosecutors are refusing to do so based on “misplacement” or “miscommunication”.

Daytona Beach News Journal reported :

The argument began as McNeill told the judge the Broward County State Attorney’s Office is frequently slow in turning over officers’ reports and police body camera video taken in the immediate aftermath of the Feb. 14, 2018, shooting that left 17 dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Cruz’s attorneys are entitled to that evidence so they can interview witnesses and prepare Cruz’s defense before his trial, which is tentatively scheduled for early next year. Assistant State Attorney Nicole Chiappone conceded there have been occasional delays caused by police and prosecution error, but said some of the defense’s written evidence requests haven’t been clear. McNeill replied that if she needed to simplify her language so prosecutors could understand her, she would.

Wait there is more. The Principal of the school is now under investigation as of March 21, 2019 even though he was “absent” the day of the mass shooting. A year after the shooting he is NOW under investigation. Just another bizarre event as pressure on FDLE and SAO increases to release evidence to both the press and the alleged shooter’s defense attorney.

Now for the kicker: The FDLE and SAO are refusing to comply with the court’s order to provide video, audio, photos and testimony of witnesses from that day and. Incredibly, the Florida House and Senate are passing a BILL that would allow them to do so. Crazy “luck”? One might imply as if they lobbied them or something?

The Senate Rules Committee on Wednesday unanimously approved a proposed public-records exemption that would keep under wraps photographs, video and audio recordings in incidents in which three or more people, not including the killer, are slain.

The proposal would make it a third-degree felony to violate the proposed records exemption. On Tuesday, the House State Affairs Committee unanimously backed a similar proposal. The bills are positioned to go to the full Senate and House.

Orlando Sentinel

The wording of the bill is broad and leaves little room for ANY accountability in ANY death. This bill was sponsored by Republican Senator Tom Lee. Believe it or not, it’s the Democrats that are having an issue with the bill and voicing concerns over government accountability and disclosure even the horrid SPLC!

In my view, the bill does not sufficiently prioritize the government accountability aspect.

Sen. Jose Javier Rodriguez, D-Miami

I am very concerned with the wording. It states all acts or events that cause or otherwise relate to the death of a person.

Sen. Gary Farmer, D-Fort Lauderdale

They both made great points but they still supported it! #FoShow?

The Orlando Sentinel reported:

Sen. Tom Lee, a Thonotosassa Republican who is sponsoring the bill, said he continues to work with the First Amendment Foundation on the legislation so that not all recordings tied to such incidents are blocked from public release.

“We’re working with them to see if there is a way to thread the needle so as to not make this so overly broad that it might preclude from access videography that could be utilized to hold our government accountable,” Lee said

Orlando Sentinel

The Miami Herald Reported:

The Senate Governmental Oversight and Accountability Committee on Tuesday backed Lee’s SB 186 that would create a public records exemption for material related to mass shootings in which three or more people, not including the killer, are slain in an intentional act of violence. A similar bill, HB 7017, is to be considered Thursday at the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee.

Lame excuses are being used to support what seems to be a very orchestrated push to limit transparency in death investigations.

My state attorney has come to me and said there are some egregious cases of just one person being murdered and people for bad purposes want to see pictures.

Republican Sen. Aaron Bea

Republican Sen. Aaron Bean has sponsored SB 1146 that would prohibit photo, video or audio of any shooting from being released!

In the age of the internet there is potential for commercialization of these photographic and video products

Republican Sen. Tom Lee,

The legislation comes at a very odd time. Just as the feet of SAO and FDLE are held to the fire to hand over evidence and the defense attorney of alleged shooter Cruz complains about transparency, a BILL is being pushed through while surviving eyewitness that both claimed multiple shooters were, who may or may not have been subpoenaed by the defense commit suicide, while the children of the fired Sheriff who did nothing to stop the shooting are running Go Fund me for the one of the suicide victims?

The First Amendment Foundation has concerns but haven’t taken a formal position. If you ask me, since the Broward County State Attorney, Broward County Commission, and the Florida Sheriff’s Association support the bill – I say NO. After all, it’s the video footage that revealed that Broward County sheriff’s deputies did not run inside to confront the shooter which was what led to deputies “resigning” and Gov. DeSantis removing Sheriff Israel from office.

The First Amendment is not just Free Speech but Free Press. The Parkland Shooting event advocating to hinder First and Second Amendment rights in the name of privacy and safety seems VERY Orwellian especially with no transparency of the events to the Press and even the defense of the alleged perpetrator.

This mass shooting event raises more questions than answers and the questions raised are odious.

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