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EXCLUSIVE EMAIL| Contact Tracing: Obama, Biden, MSFT Test Run In Africa 7 Years Ago

When the government gives out something for free, the COMMODITY is YOU. The documentary SHADOWGATE explained WHAT OBAMA PHONES were. They are data collection devices disguised as free phones. The “benevolent” United Nations keeps reminding us,” poverty as a “vicious circle,” made up of a wide range of factors.” In addition, Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft and Bill Gates’ BFF, has said coercion is an epidemic among those of economic hardship, natural disasters, and or minorities. This is true because of the emotional vulnerability and social issues and not having the financial support to protect themselves. In fact, those very people were found in an EMAIL on HUNTER BIDEN’S LAPTOP discussing DATA COLLECTION through the “FREE PHONES.”

Sounds very heartfelt, these decades-long public displays of understanding and embracing those in poverty. The United Nations and both co-founders of Microsoft and the Obama – Biden administration, including and not limited to every single insanely rich Democrat that sings the same tune, “help” these people by giving them “FREE” medicine and free phones!

In Africa, where not having power or running water is common, giving away FREE CELL PHONES was a priority for CONTACT TRACING. Many people had never heard of that term until Governor Doug Burgum, who is also a Bill Gates partner in Microsft, miraculously had an app to contact trace. How? His company had created a TRACING app for NDSU Bison Fans. These fans had no idea that it was TRACKING them all year and provided data on how they move, spend, and where they go.

In the email, discussions of using tracking apps PRE-INSTALLED into phones help them collect data to “help” Broadband Networks. No wonder North Dakotans had this app – North Dakota has been “working on Broadband” for years. It makes you wonder a state so fiscally sound, and with such little population, why is getting internet laid out so “hard.” Maybe BROADBAND means something else for politicians. DATA is the NEWEST and most PRECIOUS COMMODITY. With your data, they will know how to trigger you, follow you, find you, sell to you and mold your perspective. #SittingDucks

Did you know that “Obama Phones” weren’t really Obama’s? In fact, taxpayers have been paying for data collection by using “FREE TELECOMS” on US Citizens and Foreign Nations! Those “bleeding heart organizations” like the UN and the Microsoft Cartel have been using the Crime Families of DC to peddle tracking devices outside the USA for experimental reasons since 1985 disguised as a UNIVERSAL SERVICE CHARGE. The first batch of free cell phones went to Arkansas, Costa Rica, Haiti, and Africa, and families WITH CHILDREN were given preference.

Evidently, the BIDEN Crime Family dealt with tech, not just oil, gas, and properties. We are still trying to figure out how contact tracing apps pre-loaded on cell phones help with “improving” broadband networks. DATA-DATA-DATA-is literally gold. Imagine all the data they have on you. They know how you will vote, so a politician needs nothing but to PURCHASE his areas DATA profiles with the MONEY you give him to win to determine WHERE he needs to go to scoop votes and who he doesn’t have to do a song and dance for.

Interestingly enough, the Faux Biden Administration had been giving tracking phones away. They are “SKY NET PHONES” we caught them handing them out in CLEVELAND over a month ago in the areas where the poorest people of Cleveland.

AFRICA has been the PROVING ground FOR MANY CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. In fact, the Biden Crime Family was involved with EPSTEIN’S research. #ArticleComingSoon

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BOMBSHELL | Hunter Biden Smuggled Foreign Criminals Over The Border To Meet Joe Biden And Possibly Obama

During deliberations yesterday with a team working on the crimes committed by the Biden Crime Family and the 44th Administration, we stumbled upon EVIDENCE depicting Hunter Biden conspiring with foreign nationals to smuggle someone through the Southern Border of the United States to meet the Vice President and possibly the President of the United States. He didn’t smuggle them on a whim. This was CAREFULLY planned and calculated to EVADE the Department of Homeland Security restrictions on the individual(s) and to access intelligence from four (4) different nations to get it done.

By the end of this brief article, you will see how they planned it for almost a year, used law firms and contacts worldwide to get the job done, and how WAPO coincidently dropped a story yesterday that was completely fake news to create an alibi. I wonder if they are still gaining access to monitored communications of journalists? Yesterday we had a vibrant conversation about all of this in a private home and office. #journogate

In the email below, Ukrainian Businessman Vadym Pozharskyi tells their US law firm that customs told the OWNER of Burisma in the United Kingdom that he is BARRED from entering the United States.

A partner at the law firm BOIES, SCHILLER & FLEXNER LLP, Heather King, asks the Ukrainian to provide her more information about the event that lead the owner of Burisma to believe he is on a US ban list.

A year later, they are still trying to organize a meeting regarding FUNDS TRANSFER with Joe Biden and possibly the big guy Barack Hussein Obama. The owner of Burisma and the Ukrainian Vadym are planning to visit the USA and still trying to figure out if they can get him into the United States.

Devon Archer confirms that Hunter Biden, who was the vice president’s son, was still trying to facilitate the foreign criminal and owner of Burisma entry into the United States through the Southern Border.

Considering Hunter Biden has close connections to the Juarez Cartel due to his years of business dealings with them as I demonstrated in EXCLUSIVE| Hunter Wined and Dined Conducting Business with Cartels in Chihuahua – Tore Says, it is plausible that they were involved with the transport of Zlochevsky and Pozharskyi over the border.

At the end of March, the Ukrainian advises Hunter Biden to be in Washington D.C. for the dinner meeting to meet the 44th Administration. Hunter Biden CONFIRMS that dinner is on the 16th of April 2015 and instructs him to get with Devon Archer for the details and logistics. SOUNDS LIKE FARA.


Did they have DINNER? Yes, they did. The Ukrainian sent Hunter an email THANKING him for setting up the dinner with Vice President of the United States Joe Biden. His email actually makes it sound that the dinner was just the Ukrainian and Joe Biden because he only briefly spoke with Hunter and asked him to catch up with coffee since their contact was so brief! Was the meeting in the White House?

Here is a LESSON on how MEDIA has FAILED the PEOPLE. Nikola, Nikolay, Mykola are all para-spellings of the same name to create obfuscation. This is an old trick the CIA uses. OSAMA vs. USAMA same person, different spelling. While the MEDIA tells you the owner of BURISMA is Mykola, you seem to fail to realize that Nikolay / Nikola, Nikolai is the same person and name- hence the same BURISMA OWNER. The BURISMA OWNER Hunter Biden smuggled into the US from the US Mexican Border with VADYM/VADIM to have dinner with Joe Biden on APRIL 16, 2015!


Full EMAIL THREAD claiming only Nikola/Mykola/Nikolai/Nikolay was the ONLY owner since the WIFE of now-deceased IGOR KOLOMOYSKI had control Burisma. Hunter Biden STEALS things and wives of those that are dead … ergo, this was a Tuesday for him lying to the media with his fellow Burisma peeps to steal the company that was rightfully the dead majority partners’ wife.


Now it makes sense why the CARTELS are having a field day under “President” Biden. Oh, and WAPO, why did you happen to publish that “fake news” about Biden meeting with Priests on the day he met with criminals his son smuggled? WAPO, are you part of the RICO operation? #plausibledeniability doesn’t work when we have RECEIPTS.

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Exclusive | Obama Spied on Download – Seth Rich was Downloading

For over 5 years, Patrick Bergy has been trying to draw attention to the Shadownet. A weapon of psychological warfare. The architecture he built to psyop foreign nations in the cyberworld. ShadowGate told you all about it. Unfortunately, though CATAPHORA is a tool, the BIDENS made a hefty chunk of money in 2010, similar to the Shadownet. But, instead of populating sock puppets and driving narratives online, they trace ALL cyber activity to find leakers. How? They check all DOWNLOADS.

Biden and his company were concerned about the Panama Papers and Wikileaks but felt better knowing CATAPHORA was deployed within the US Government’s networks. That means ALL networks, including ENCRYPTED CALLS that President Trump had with foreign dignitaries.

Is this how they found Seth Rich?

Arresting, silencing and disappearing leakers before they leak?

The program actually hones in on DOWNLOADING information. Downloading from systems or when someone DOWNLOADS something that they were sent. For example, when the FBI was downloading the DNC server before the “hack,” hackers SAW the mass download and, therefore, copied what they were downloading…..allegedly. How did the DNC server get hacked if the FBI was downloading it while being imaged (Downloaded to a physical drive)? I guess the HACKERS hacking the FBI hacking the DNC download stream that was being imaged was who they were really after. Maybe they assumed #HisNameWasSethRich was working with them. Not like white hat hackers have ACCESS to Cataphora or something? 💅

Obviously, aside from owning access to Walmart’s poor people, bad credit checking account Bluebird collected data they wanted in on CATAPHORA to manage and control all BLACKMAIL globally. Here is their plan. Let’s bid about $20MIL but raise $100 MIL for access and put the money guy in charge of it. Another Rosemont Senaca shell called Rosemont Seneca VC was on it. This would allow them to sell people the ability to find leaks while their leak is complete.

Lot’s of people made money on Cataphora here is where they pounce on one of those money makers to promote him for access. #SleezeDeals


“Cataphora, a software company founded in 2002 and based in Redwood City, Calif., is helping one group of plaintiffs search for the answer. Cataphora’s software can track employee behavior that might indicate some form of wrongdoing. It’s able to detect such patterns as e-mails unexpectedly written in a foreign language or unusual amounts of time spent on phone calls or offline communication.”


Apparently, Hunter Biden’s companies dealt in Oil and Gas, Food, Technology, property, lobbying, FOOD, and HEALTH! It’s almost as if ALL aspects of our society, including and not limited to National Security, are privatized by shell companies of the same usual suspects “selling” their products back to the nation they are serving and even to the enemies of this nation like communists.

“It doesn’t use keywords at all,” said Elizabeth Charnock, Cataphora’s founder. “But it’s a means of showing who leaked information, who’s influential in the organization or when a sensitive document like an S.E.C. filing is being edited an unusual number of times, or an unusual number of ways, by an unusual type or number of people.” The Cataphora software can also recognize the sentiment in an e-mail message — whether a person is positive or negative, or what the company calls “loud talking” — unusual emphasis that might give hints that a document is about a stressful situation. The software can also detect subtle changes in the style of an e-mail communication.

Elizabeth Charnock, Cataphora’s founder

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EXCLUSIVE| Obama Admin Talks About How They Beat Romney Before The Elections

Two accounts ultimately in the CAYMAN ISLANDS are the “slush fund” for all “Presidents” (except President Trump). These funds funnel money from many banks through a multitude of companies like Rosemont Seneca Capital, Rosemont Seneca Partners, Seneca Partners, Rosemont Seneca Technologies (Shared investments with EPSTEIN), Rosemont Seneca Property Investments (in bed with QATAR), and many more Rosemont names all funneling into the same CAYMAN accounts. In addition to Hudson West I thru V, Clinton Foundation, The Mooch, Open Societies, Epstein, Wexner, and many more – this is how BRIBES and Payoffs are done- GLOBALLY. Hunter didn’t have all the money – a UK company was funneling it. The same company even made and hid the Clinton Foundation money!

MITT ROMNEY almost took over its whole operation. The self-proclaimed Mormon wanted to OWN them and use their methods to take back power but not transfer it to the people but to people he thought were “better guys.” You can’t go to a gunfight with a gun – everyone is equally prone to get shot. The Obama’s had “bigger guns” – FOREIGN “guns.”


For years and even in an affidavit, I have continuously mentioned HOW John O. Brennan (Owen) organized the election theft of many elections but was always running point for those within the United States of America. Before Owen was CIA Director, he created a VAST global private intelligence network that houses information (including) biometrics of billions of people worldwide. What they claimed would be “the future” of global identification. The UN-funded the majority of that. Even before his little venture got off the ground, Owen was the “personal advisor” to Senator Hussein Obama and helped usher his win in 2008 with the help of the MIC. He deployed assets to take down opponents. Hillary ran against Obama to “test the system” and fill HER pockets via the slush fund giving OLD GUARD a run for their MONEY.

In 2012 as my affidavit states, “Romney knew he lost before election night. They had agreed. It was pre-determined by the election software and the “powers that be.”

In fact, there is an email conversation stating JUST THAT pacifying a DISTRAUGHT Hunter Biden over his dad’s concerns for being sidelined for cash on a deal Hunter and Jill made happen, but ROMNEY got the cut. Election THEFT was casually discussed to attenuate that BHO was busy. Its reference was more of the one of: “Look, Hussein is busy understanding how this election theft works, but he still cares that Joe is miffed about being cut out of the money.”

The President is so upset that he did this to the VP, and promises to make it up. Valerie Jarrett said that they kept trying to talk to the President about how he beat Romney, but the President kept going back to how bad he feels and how he must fix this right away.

Ms. Person Pacifying Hunter Biden


The email was in response to being cut off from income Hunter Biden and Dr. Jill had worked so hard to swindle with an array of shell companies only to go to Romney in order to agreed to lose the election. #LOSERMITTENS

Hussein was so upset that while Valarie Jarrett was gloating and explaining the logistics of HOW they won the Presidential election 14 days before the actual election, he couldn’t pay attention. Hussein was so sad and determined to fix it for his “BFF.” #GiveMeABreak



The Goldman Sachs Fund referenced below concerned Obama and Clinton – therefore Romney had to cut a deal because HE WAS ABOUT to TAKE OVER their ENTIRE OPERATION and THEY WERE NOT GOING TO LET IT HAPPEN.

Tiger – Blackstone-Carlyle —-> CAYMAN

The hedge fund had FUNDS that were in the OBAMA-CLINTON-BIDEN portfolio such as TIGER . They were not going to let that happen this is why Joe Black entered into the picture. Was Mittens that stupid?

Black is sloppy and a Brennan Lap Dog – He manages OWENS stash o’ cash. Romney had no choice but to accept the UKRAINIAN money Joe was supposed to get in return for throwing the election.

Here is the SINCE DELETED article (It lasted a MONTH tops) – and within it, you see how the Obamas, Clinton, Soros and The MOOCH (see how infiltration works?) were part of. The article came down, no investigation happened, and Obama “won” re-election. Romney thought he would take over their slush fund and global deals to “liberate” but instead corrupted HIM and bought him out.


Here is Barack HUSSEIN Obama telling the world how certification of elections should NOT be in the hands of the people — cause then they can’t BUY or SELL the Presidential seat. Romney had Joe Black on his campaign, which was working WITH and FOR John Owen Brennan. Did he expect not to be caught up? Who did Mittens think was giving the media fuel to trash him in the fall before the elections? THEY OWN THE MEDIA, and EVENTUALLY, THEY OWNED MITTENS.

Most recently, Hussein weighed in on people questioning their “authorita” as the audits are coming to an end in one state and beginning in others. We need to STOP them (the people) is what he’s emanating in his message.

Translation: People Can’t Question Elections

Barack was “torn up” about screwing his buddy out of money at that time. Afterward, he made up for it, allowing Hunter to SMUGGLE criminals in through the southern border to meet with them in 2014.

If Mitt Romney came clean, we would forgive him, split the money into the accounts to all US Citizens wiping out all our nations and individual debt and even thank him. Will Mittens grow a conscience and come clean? I am sure we, the people, would cut him a deal. T-5

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EXCLUSIVE | Hunter Biden Laptop Riddled with Kaitlin Bennett Related Porn [WARNING GRAPHIC]


Kaitlin Bennett (@KaitMarieox) is known for being an agitator. She even targeted a child who had to change her school, shaming the child who was already struggling for simply being a victim of an unspeakable crime. Apparently, her excuse was Alex Jones paid her a lot of money to do so. The minor child filed charges against her in her home state of Ohio, and she “moved” to Florida to avoid any QUESTIONING. The District Attorney cannot pursue the case against her until the police question her.

While going through Hunter Biden’s laptop, we discovered the type of pornography that makes you sick. Hunter Biden shares the same FETISH that Kaitlin Bennett has. : Coprophilia

Kaitlin Bennett engaging in Coprophilia: Did she poop herself or did she let others poop on her?

Vice reported on this weird fetish. “Feet. Feces. Statues. These are such common fetish objects that experts have given them names. (Coprophilia, by the way, is arousal to shit.) Sexual fetishes don’t stop at objects, either: Specific settings and scenarios—everything from caves to foggy weather—are well documented in the existing fetish literature.”

According to their report, “Your personality may also play a role. “There are probably some traits that predispose people to enjoy fetish sex,” Lehmiller says, adding that sensation-seeking is one example. Or it could simply be how you’re wired: One study suggests that the areas of the brain that light up in response to pain and pleasure have a lot of overlap; crosstalk between these overlapping networks might help explain why BDSM is so popular.”

Coprophiliacs get sexually aroused with poop. Their personality traits described by psychologists are identical to what we see in Drug Addicts like Hunter Biden and agitators that attack children like Kaitlin Bennett. Notably, Hunter Biden also had CHILD photos in the album with the poop porn, making it pretty bizarre and concerning.

I guess Coprophilia is common in humans that have morals that are in the toilet.

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EXCLUSIVE| Hunter Wined and Dined Conducting Business with Cartels in Chihuahua

The Main Stream Media covers up stories. They bury them. We find them. What happens when you find out FOREIGN NATIONS, Regional Security Officers, Special Agents, Homeland Security, and Secret Service bend over backward to ensure cartel connections between our politicians are never implicated comes to light?

The MSM and the other talking heads on the left and the right won’t report on this. Here is a little bit of INSIGHT into the CARTELS. HSBC recently announced it is closing up shop to mere average people for some strange reason because they need to focus on the rich ones. The timing is interesting, considering what Mayor Rudy Giuliani is working on. A recent report by CNN dated May 27, 2021, explained their decision in a kinder to poor folk terms, obviously citing GREEN DEAL VERBIAGE:

The British bank announced Wednesday that it was closing most of its retail banking locations in the country, reducing its current footprint from 148 branches to about 25. Those that will remain will be turned into international wealth management centers.

HSBC is selling most of its US retail banking business – CNN

While “Higher Loyalty” James Comey was on the Board of Directors at HSBC they got CAUGHT money laundering for the cartels.

Cruz said that in the two years he worked for HSBC, he eventually discovered that money laundering was being carried out not only by branch managers but also by senior officers of the bank, both within the U.S. and internationally. “From what I saw, I came to suspect HSBC had become the Mexican drug cartels’ bank of choice,” he said.

Banking giant accused of laundering billions (wnd.com)

In fact, TARMAC Loretta Lynch was a U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York at the time of the investigation and was CAUGHT by the Senate Judiciary Committee during the probe as partaking and orchestrating a COVER-UP. Barack Hussein Obama “promoted” her to Attorney General and then hired Comey as FBI Director. How did this NOT come up during their confirmation hearings, and if it was mentioned, why was it not NEWS?

Cartel money has tainted political pockets for a long time. You would think that Secret Service would put forward an incident report and say something if the Vice President’s son was having dinner and conducting business with the Juarez Cartel. On the contrary, they mobilized to make sure to keep his involvement quiet and to alert him to possible “surprises.” I guess covering up meetings with CARTELS is something SAIC does. You would think that would disqualify him from joining the military as a PAO – but not if you are Hunter Biden. Let’s unpack that for a moment. This would infer that Hunter Biden conducted this travel to wine and dine and conduct business with DRUG CARTELS with TAXPAYER FUNDED security and possibly even travel!

It’s important to read the whole email. There are many more. The Biden Crime Family’s activities are coming to the surface no matter how hard the left and right media tried to keep it under wraps. The email explains it all. Take note that a FOREIGN NATION’S Regional Service Officer (RSO) notified their contact, the Special Agent in Charge (SAIC) in Houston, to ensure that Secret Service knows that Hunter was wining and dining with the Juarez Cartel members.



Soon, we will be releasing emails and information such as BANK STATEMENTS about Kamala Harris too. that will shed light on WHY Joe Biden chose her as the BORDER TZAR that is AVOIDING THE BORDER is necessary. You can’t bite the hand that fed you as AG because you end up like Mr. Eloy and many others.

Just ask Mandan, ND, who tried to nail one man for a horrific murder massacre scene who they claim is superhuman. Apparently, they are telling the world the cleanup guy is the perpetrator and that entered a building, shot a gun nine times, shot two people, tied up a man (not scrawny) in another location of the building where he shot the two people, gave him a Columbian necktie, and then tied up a woman (definitely not scrawny) on the other side of the building and gutted her throat to crotch and collected all the bullets and changed his clothes under twelve minutes. #TrueStory. The part of the story that they didn’t tell us that the Sinaloa Cartel houses trafficking victims and runs point for drugs and guns at the property, which was owned and run by the people killed, NEVER made the news.#Weird

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Biden Abuse of Office| Navy, Nepotism, and Narcotics

Nothing says communism more than using your position as Vice President to get your functioning crackhead son into the United States Navy as a Public Affairs Officer. A PAO (Public Affairs Officer) deals in communication. Most of them are CIA assets. That’s part of the job spec. For more information on that, you should reach out to Jack Posobiec (#journoGate) at OANN. He can tell you more about that. I can attest he never got that challenge coin even though he was a good snitch.

Hunter Biden wanted to become a PAO as a US Navy Reserve Officer. At the time, Rear Admiral Victor M. “Vic” Beck (USN Ret.) was Vice Chief of Information for the Navy, retiring in 2013. The next year he joined top Pentagon contractor Northrop Grumman as Director of Communications for Northrop Grumman Military Aircraft systems. Northrop Grumman received $2.5 billion in Navy contracts in the fiscal year 2014.’


Rear Admiral Beck was IN CHARGE of the US NAVY RESERVE PUBLIC AFFAIRS PROGRAM. Hunter Biden wanted to join the ELITE team of CIA linked (about 75% of them) honorable ones never get tapped by the Agency) “communications” officers. To be clear. The guy in charge of ALL the PAO US NAVY RESERVE OFFICERS was “on standby” to help Hunter Biden get the job he ultimately got FIRED from because he’s a functioning CRACK HEAD.


Interestingly, https://www.public.navy.mil/ took down Rear Admiral Beck’s page a long time ago as if they did not want President Trump to see it and wonder why that Naval Commander did what he did in 2018. Don’t worry. We are great at what we do, and we have the communications with that Commander and your page right here!


Nothing says equal opportunity than NEPOTISM and misuse of office like this right?

Not very HONORABLE for a REAR ADMIRAL of the US NAVY – What does the UCMJ say about it? There is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATION on such behavior.

For Hunter to actually get into the US NAVY, he needed to get a letter of recommendation and a security clearance ongoing in June of 2012 before the elections. He wanted to get in by Oct 2012 just in case Hussein and daddy lost. The letter of recommendation came from someone with who he was in business with and for some INSANE reason was UNDERSECRETARY of the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE until 2018.

Who is Greg Keeley?

KENTUCKY| China, Cocaine, Cars and Cloning

Below is their email interaction about Hunter’s “FAIR AND SQUARE” entry into Naval Officership, as Joe Biden said about his son joining the US Navy in 2012. My Chinese is rusty, so maybe Joe Biden said, “He went through the application process like everyone else” or something of the “fair and square” nature.


Our Navy was corrupted by giving politicians and their kids and 5th cousins short cuts.

Nepotism runs rabid. The Obama girls all got into Harvard, so did that Hogg kid even though their grades are not up to scratch. Kind of like how Chris Cuomo bought his Yale degree.

Narcotics – This is something Joe Biden and Kamala DEVI Harris have in common. That HSBC Cartel Money Laundering thing sure has a lot of CARTEL dollars floating into Kamala … no wonder she is the border czar and hasn’t been there once- she and the CARTELS go way back. #AGKAMALALAUNDRYCOMING if they pull the “Joe is sick “card.


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Exclusive| Dear Tucker Don’t Be Ashamed – OWN IT

Dear Tucker Carlson,

It’s no secret the DEEP STATE isn’t what you think – it’s DEEPER. I worked with, and for the BIG BOYS. The ones that TELL Generals around the world what to do. They create, end, and choreograph many wars and start rumors of wars. I was the best at what I did and I am still the best even without keyholes. There are possibly texts and emails, call records, and pictures of me. I qwn that, so should you. When you decide to be on the side of the PEOPLE – you OWN IT, or else you are CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

Tucker Carlson, I adore your commentary, but I loathe anyone playing cover for them. I never meant to set the world on fire, and I could have started with the FAKE posers at FOX and Posobiec on OANN, the “decoding” gang, and wannabe journalists … but I CHOSE YOU. You are causing more damage than all of them put together. This is not to target you, Tucker but to SHINE LIGHT and help you OWN IT. Someone has to tell the truth – let it be me who had spent an eternity in disguise and lies, and as Newsweek so eloquently put it: PEOPLE LIKE ME DO NOT EXIST. #DeepBlackBudgets

I OWN my connections and actions. I OWN my ignorance, blind spots, and my mistakes are BADGES. The fact that you portrayed Hunters’ “assistant” as a floozy was a RED FLAG. Therefore, it was time to put feet to the fire and ask for answers to destroy their SET UP to watch you burn. You may have FORGOTTEN the incident or thought the emails were gone, but WE HAVE IT ALL – not just Hunter’s.


Before you say it was just a letter of recommendation and a one-off – we need to discuss the next email—you and the Bidens sound close. Controlled Opposition is NOT Opposition. Tucker, I began with you because you are the only voice on FOX that SEEMS NOT to be compromised; that’s dangerous. If you ARE NOT Controlled Opposition: OWN it. Tucker-Don’t sugar coat it because many people, including me, know more and the backstory from the FBI special agent, other rants Hunter sent to others discussing what happened in the email, OTHER THINGS.


For the rest of the MEDIA from the NY Times to losers in FOXHOLES – I can drop a #journogate, but I won’t. Redemption is beautiful, and I still have FAITH in HUMANITY. Do the right thing own your actions, or someone else will force you to in the public eye.

Truth is like free speech: It’s messy but honest.

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EXCLUSIVE| Bidens Own 50% of CCP ENERGY Company

Hunter Biden broke up Hudson West III (there are more versions of Hudson West still in operation) because he felt Mervyn and Kevin (his CEFC counterparts) were scrutinizing him, not because Patrick Ho, who was NOT a spy chief, was sacrificed to cover the USAID money laundering in AFRICA. Story on that and how Dr. Jill fits into the Biden Crime Family syndicate and Barack Hussein Obama’s Administration’s involvement is in the works.

Hunter Biden ADMITS that he is 50% OWNER of CEFC to the BOARD of DIRECTORS in a scathing email when “lower-level” employees questioned his expenditures. CEFC is a CCP owned company that ALSO has lease agreements for gas and oil rights that are serviced by both COLONIAL and DAKOTA ACCESS Pipelines. That story is in the works too.

STAY TUNED, You’ll be very impressed how Hunter Biden is a HIGH FUNCTIONING CRACK HEAD.

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FACT CHECKERS| Burger King Requiring ID To Dine In Is Woke

According to many “WOKE” companies requiring VOTER ID is “racist” because they believe minorities are incapable of getting identification. Their “WOKENESS” only applies to the USA. Apparently, in Canada, the minorities in Canada aren’t as stupid as those in the USA; there, they require ID to dine in at fast-food restaurants. It’s true the “fact checkers” checked it.

May be an image of text that says 'KING Dear Dine- In Guest, Please be informed that under tne current public orders, effective immediately, we require each guest to provide photo ID to verify household address before dining in the same table. Thank you for your continued patronage. Management'

“Fact Checkers” checked it themselves and made the argument that Canadian ID is not as stringent as that in the USA demands for voters. Asking for identification to demonstrate you LIVE somewhere to vote is RACIST but identification to eat somewhere isn’t.

Yes, the restaurants in the province of Manitoba are operating under the Public Health guidelines as outlined on the government website … and specifically under the current legislation relating to restaurant operations.

Sharron Fry, director of marketing for Redberry Restaurants

The “fact checking site” called Lead Stories “reported“:

However, the voter identification laws in the United States are not the same as identification requirements in Canada, where the Burger King in the post is most likely located. After searching for possible COVID-19 policies that match the one described in the sign, Lead Stories discovered that Manitoba’s policy mirrors the one in the post’s photo. The government of Manitoba’s “Current Public Health Orders” were last updated on April 8, 2021 and went into effect on April 9, 2021.

Address verification in Canada is DIFFERENT and therefore NOT racist. Maybe because they speak French? This is just how ridiculous and dumb the corporations think the people are.

door sign manitoba.PNG


The question is, are Coca-Cola, the Toronto Raptors (just played in the NBA gaming division with the Cleveland Cavaliers), Starbucks, Google, and other SUPERWOKE companies boycotting Manitoba like they did the state of Georgia ?

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