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EVIDENCE| Secret Emails Used By Obama and Biden Are Hosted By German Intelligence


Robin Ware was LOW hanging fruit and NOT his SECRET EMAIL – HERE IS THE TRUTH.

This article has been sent to my Congressional Representative. I urge every American to do the same and demand an investigation into the Obama Administration and Biden “Administration” use of FOREIGN ISP unsecured emails while communicating and transmitting information in an official capacity. It is widely known that the email service they used was CREATED by GERMAN INTELLIGENCE, and they still used it.

Why? TO EVADE NSA detection.

To understand the Biden Crime Family and how they operate, you have to see it through the lens of a RICO prosecutor/ Financial Forensics Investigator with a dash of Intelligence Community Ghost. Robin Ware, the code name that is supposedly a shocker, is not a shocker. It was low-hanging fruit. We knew that name within 24 hrs of accessing Hunter’s emails. It wasn’t that important.

We needed to discover the REAL aliases he used to communicate business dealings with foreign governments, events scheduled with Barack Obama and his sons’ business partners, and foreign dignitaries and agents possibly engaged in other relations with Vice President Biden OUTSIDE his capacity as VP of the United States.

The biggest concern every American should have is that the Bidens and his staff did not use official emails to communicate about events, gatherings, meet and greets, policies both foreign and domestic. Using unofficial and non-secure modes of communications means a significant concern regarding National Security but more so regarding CORRUPT- under the table antics. More incredible is the TYPE of email SERVICE used. GMX mail which is widely known for being the “GERMAN INTELLIGENCE’S Backyard” to all cyber traffic, was what President Obama, Vice President Biden, and “President” Biden used as an incognito email which meant that he was EVADING COMMUNICATION DETECTION. As President or Vice President, you don’t get PRIVACY; you get discretion. As President or Vice President, you represent our nation, and therefore every time you fart, text, hiccup, or swallow, you are being monitored or recorded. 

Wasn’t it a massive deal that Hillary Clinton was using her own private server to communicate? How do you know that Vice President Biden did not transmit classified information using a GERMAN server? You don’t – All you know is what we have available, and it’s not INSIGNIFICANT.

Here are their Secret Code Names and confirmed.

  • Obama – RENEGADE
  • Valerie Jarrett (Obama’s Babysitter) HURRICANE
  • Joe Biden STINGRAY
Email EVIDENCE also linked up at LOOKING GLASS in one multi-page PDF.

In addition, Joe Biden’s “incognito” name was Peter Henderson not ROBIN WARE. Robin Ware was what others would use to communicate with, and Joe would sometimes have them send messages for him.

Email EVIDENCE also linked up at LOOKING GLASS in one multi-page PDF.

Peter Henderson was his incognito email between him and Obama. Both of them were using a GERMAN ISP provider for OFFICIAL White House communications and he was using it for communications after he was OUT of the White House. Robin Ware was NOT.

Here is PETER HENDERSON’S video approval – on the original site of the person that created it. OXI means NO – This was for NO DAY – and the Greek – American Community should be pissed that he made their HOLIDAY about them.

We Have Archived it just in case someone decides to disable this. Who is Tim Martin? He seems familiar – he may indeed be in those “ZOOM CALLS” where Federal Employees were planning ON VIDEO a COUP before the elections.


Congress should immediately investigate the Obama Administration and the “Biden Administration” for using foreign intelligence ISP’s emails to communicate, negotiate and act on behalf of the people of the United States of America. If you think Hillary Clinton using a private server monitored by Pakistani intelligence (ISI) assets in her basement bathroom was bad, wait till you see what is on the GMX drafts, sent and archived boxes that UNITED INTERNET host.

Here is the email EVIDENCE also linked up at LOOKING GLASS in one multi-page PDF.

First of all – It’s interesting that the REAL CLEAR POLITICS ARTICLE that Dr. Jill who’s GMAIL email is still in use today as “First Lady,” is Jill.tracy2@gmail.com, is missing and never archived. Maybe they can share that as it concerned them because OBAMA and BIDEN used PRIVATE EMAILS for OFFICIAL BUSINESS – and actually had German Intelligence all monitoring it all.

In addition, in the above email, we see that Joe Slade White, who they are “BALLOT INITIATIVES” anyone?





Germans are deeply unsettled by the latest reports on the potential interception of communication data,” Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann said in a statement. While the protection can only be ensured when an email is traveling between those three services, the initiative is open to any other German email providers that wish to join. But even with those protections, it’s not clear if they’ll go far enough to guard users from government snooping. Germany’s intelligence community reportedly takes advantage of the same tools that the NSA does, and it’s even said to have a close relationship with the US agency.

THE VERGE : Deutsche Telekom reacts to NSA spying with initiative to protect German emails

It’s important to understand that CONGRESS has a duty to DEPOSE them all. Anthony Blinken, formerly on the board with Hunter Biden of the Truman National Security Project, is now Secretary of State. The State Department is NOW hiring ALL TRUMAN-affiliated people for “jobs.” Blinken should be deposed on using FOREIGN ISP SERVERS to communicate with the then President and Vice President of the United States and the “President” of the United States today.

Email EVIDENCE also linked up at LOOKING GLASS in one multi-page PDF.

Louisa Terrell, who also worked on legislative affairs at the White House and is known to have been good friends with LOW IQ Erin who got fired from the ODNI because Richard Grenell showed her the door, is now the Director of Legislative Affairs and seems to be well versed in the law but was OK with then-President Barack Hussein Obama and Vice President Biden using GMX emails that are MONITORED by German Intelligence for official communications?

Their drafts, saved emails, deleted emails, and actual emails are STILL ACTIVE until today as of PUBLISHING. THIS ARTICLE is available for anyone with access to German Intelligence backdoors, and the emails are riddled with crimes, collusion, and treason…allegedly.

Could you imagine if President Trump used a FOREIGN ISP server for Presidential communications CREATED by German Intelligence? This happened on purpose; To EVADE NSA monitoring. Where is the IG of the NSA, Robert Storch?


Hillary Clinton used her private server to EVADE government oversight; Obama and Biden used German Intelligence controlled email to evade NSA detections. What were they hiding? What are they hiding? Treason, Bribes, and Crimes Against Humanity, to name a few.

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Evidence| Hunter Biden Laptop Reveals MSM Amnesia & Cuba Circling Back To Haunt Psaki, The Big Guy and Pops


Cuba is in the news lately, and it seems that the Main Stream Media (MSM) have some serious amnesia affecting their ability to recall facts. Even though the “Conservative circuit” reports on communism, they aren’t reporting what is REALLY happening. As per FACT AMNESIA, they “forgot” to remind the people that during Hillary Clinton’s reign as Secretary of State and under the AUTHORIZATION of President Barack Hussein Obama (aka The Big Guy), multiple Influence Operations were deployed across the world between 2009 and 2016. Cuba was one of them. While many today are claiming Psaki and the faux administration are avoiding the word Communism, I am here to tell you what they are AVOIDING and what NO ONE IS TELLING YOU.

Cuba is circling back to bite the faux administration back. The people of CUBA will hold them accountable for supporting, maintaining, and controlling a communist regime in their nation under the guise of “democracy.” Their dictator was never Castro or Miguel Díaz-Canel, it’s the DEEP STATE, and their leaders were simply puppets. The marionette master is the BIG GUY (Barack Hussein Obama).

In fact, Jen Psaki (Ms. CircleBack) is an EXPERT about Cuba and Influence Operations to promote Communism. She was the State Department spokeswoman who never circled back to her statement in 2014 when confronted about the legality of the FOR-PROFIT Influence Operations the Obama-Biden Administration conducted in Cuba using USAID money and the Vice President’s son’s company to execute them that made them millionaires.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki declined to elaborate on the plan Monday, saying it was “premature” because of ongoing deliberations. “We continue to believe we need to find creative ways to promote positive change in Cuba, but beyond that, we’re still assessing what any change or what any impact would be

Jen Psaki 2014

For a covert operation involving US Taxpayer dollars of a federal agency, Presidential Authorization is required, and Congress should be notified. The at the time, White House spokesperson Jay Carney got caught lying when he stated Congress debated the issue. In fact, he changed his verbiage and said something about offering a discussion about funding the operation with congressional committees, not CONGRESS.

Obama’s White House kept saying it wasn’t a covert program, but no one knew about it until 2014 when it was happening in 2010!

If you’re going to do a covert operation like this for a regime change, assuming it ever makes any sense, it’s not something that should be done through USAID.

en. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., chairman of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that oversees USAID’s budget.(2014)

In addition, Bob Menendez, D-N.J., chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the time, had applauded to “discreet” operation. He looked fresh-faced and confident after he came back from Little St. James, which he frequented with Epstein and said:

The whole purpose of our democracy programs, whether it be in Cuba or other parts of the world, is in part to create a free flow of information in closed societies.

Bob Menendez, D-N.J.

In other words, when Menendez is not hitching a flight on the Lolita express, he promotes specified messaging in other nations because he knows best and that the taxpayers should be happy about spending millions on such “democracy programs.” All the reports from 2014 failed to reveal to the public that since 2010, Joe Biden, who was Vice President at the time, and Barack Hussein Obama, who was president at the time, made a fortune off of these influence operations because Hunter Biden’s company Mobile Accord created, maintained and deployed them.

Who is Joe McSpedon? Why should you care?

From the above email, you see the panic for damage control on Mobile Accord. The article they reference (WAPO Piece further down) makes an interesting point. Joe McSpedon never worked under the BANNER of the CIA. He went to Spain to prepare for the operation’s deployment. In 2010, I had bought an amazing pair of shoes in Barcelona. He worked for USAID, which I have mentioned many times before, where UNOFFICIAL COVERT AGENTS of the CIA work under the guise of FSO or USAID Project Managers. In the article, Wapo mentioned a Cayman Islands bank account. That account is the same one mentioned throughout Hunter Biden’s laptops and phones. The same account Obama and Biden Sr. had a tiff over in 2012. (SEE ARTICLE ON TIFF HERE)

It is important to know that Joe McSpedon is still getting paid and making bank with taxpayer dollars as a private citizen because USAID gives his company HUGE contracts. The latest one was awarded two years ago today (7/14/2019) under the same scope. Stir the pot in other countries and create unrest… right, Pakistan?

Per my Whistleblower AFFIDAVIT, it is important to note that we have been meddling in elections around the world – and Joe knows…right Joe (I still have those shoes)? But don’t take my sworn under penalty and perjury statement at face value; here is Laura Ingraham interviewing former CIA Director admitting to it. I think FACT AMNESIA by all the “Media Experts” is widespread, glad I am immune to it cause money comes with strings.

“There will be absolutely no mention of United States government involvement,” according to a 2010 memo from Mobile Accord reported AP (Here is the LINK since AP deleted the article). Once again, it is vital to mention that there was ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION that the US Vice President’s son was drawing money from the federal taxpayers via USAID to execute a covert government meddling operation by which he profited from. Congress never debated it in 2010 or was advised about it because Barack Hussein Obama authorized it. It is important to remind you that both Obama and Biden made hefty profits while flexing their power to the government in Cuba by ushering in INFLUENCE OPERATIONS to prove their concept and maintain leverage over the communist government.

Once upon a time, when the Washington Post did some real reports, they did a great deep dive into this, four years late but done. Obviously, it’s 2021, and WaPo has changed so much that subliminally we all see a sickle as their logo. They purged that incredible investigative piece, but thanks to Hunter’s emails, it has been immortalized.



Here is how much of a CUT Hunter made on these OPERATIONS imagine how much Pops and The Big Guy did. Growth from $2MIL to $14 MIL is IMPRESSIVE.


A lot happened under Hillary Clinton’s reign as State Department Queen. Back in the day, before the Obama-Biden Administration legalized propaganda, some truth would be reported. No wonder Leaking Linick (READ THIS) wanted a PRIVATE IG State Department Server that isn’t really private cause Akamai’s Looking Glass is so 1969.

Speaking of Hillary – the Punjabs also had their own “Fake Cuban Twitter – so OBAMA controlled their government” that Hillary Introduced.

According to the Times, students asked her about American policy in Afghanistan, about U.S. support for the former military leader Pervez Musharraf, for more information about American weapons trafficking. Clinton’s answers did not satisfy them.
But Clinton had an announcement to make of her own: The American and Pakistani governments were collaborating to launch Humari Awaz, Our Voice, “the first Pakistani mobile phone-based social network.”

What is funny here is – even though Hillary Clinton was the “spokesperson” to coerce Pakistani’s to accept this Psychological Warfare Weapon, it was Hunter Biden’s company that was the BACKBONE of the network. Barack Hussein Obama, aka “the big guy” – was the one who signed off on the multimillion-dollar project US Taxpayers paid for and Congress never knew about.

Funny enough, the article discussing the actual project launched in 2010 was reported in 2014. Mobile Accord, still exists and their financials are still linked to the Cayman Islands. In fact, Mobile Accord’s CEO had a tight dinner with Hillary Clinton, Jack Dorsey, and Eric Schmidt of Google and said, “USE ME AS AN APP” (barf)

Here is the immortalized article from the Washington Post that they DO NOT want you to SEE. All the links are mostly dead, but nothing is really dead on the internet. Looking Glass is “perforated.”


DARPA tools, such as Twitter and ZunZuneo, have fooled everyone in the world to think they are private companies. In fact, their intellectual property is OWNED by the United States Government and used as a PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE WEAPON in other nations, just like the United Nations own Facebook.

It’s incredible the ARTICLES I have linked up in this article all have the same players? Almost like this is one of the most prolific Racketeering/RICO cases ready to pop that I have observed in modern history. #Nuremberg2.0

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PURGED ARTICLE| Where is Timothy Cunningham’s Whistleblower Report on Coronavirus?


This article was PURGED by UNKNOWN ACTORS along with my website’s SQL file. #IC3Filed The article was found, and I think it’s time to talk about Timothy Cunningham. A Naval Officer that drowns in a river faced down 3 inches deep. How many sailors do you know can’t swim? HERE IS THE ARCHIVE, initially published on March 13, 2020.

Who Is Timothy Cunningham? He worked for the CDC, but he was a special CDC officer. He was an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer. What’s that? Epidemic Intelligence Service Officers deal with diseases and biowarfare. He was on the team for H1N1, Ebola, and the Zika virus. He mysteriously died when THEY decided to deploy their chaos.

According to exclusive sources, he was startled with findings over the years regarding how flu vaccines amplify the side effects of viral infections rather than inoculate patients effectively.

In December of 2017, Cunningham was assigned to what was at the time a new project unofficially known as “Shogun.” According to our exclusive sources, testing and manipulation of the SARS strand were being used against a new drug that could eliminate a virus to infect your cells. It’s important to understand HOW viruses function to understand WHAT Timothy Cunningham’s whistleblower report had.

Viral infections, in other words, are your cells being hijacked to spew out more viruses. The cells in your body are used as a host to replicate more viral cells until none of your cells are left. Viruses are like stupid parasites; they keep going until all life is eradicated. Unless they can mutate to a point where they can metabolize without a host, they will die too. In essence, they use your cells to increase but don’t have a plan when they are “done” with you.

Until now, most medications like Tamiflu focus on disabling viruses to “explode.” When a virus hijacks a cell, it replicates until the cell explodes (lysis). Tamiflu doesn’t allow the lytic cycle to be completed; therefore, no other cells are infected by the newly created viruses.

What did Timothy Cunningham find out?

It turns out that the Chinese did what they always do. They stole (were given) proprietary information from the CDC and labs at Harvard to kickstart their new research, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This new research is two-prong.

  • Designing the SARS virus to target specific cells that control fertility in males. Almost like chemical castration.
  • Designing the SARS virus to infect and insert “protein code” with retroviral applications that respond to SQUARE WAVES.

In 2015, the Chinese successfully came upon research that found a novel method to control viral infections. The study focused on inducing apoptosis of cells (which self-destruct) when the initiation of viral material production is detected. The lab in Wuhan, China, is where the Chinese investigate and create subtle BioWarfare agents. For every bioweapon you make, an “antidote” must be created. In this case, they took the antidote (so did the CDC) and reverse-engineered different weapons.

Cunningham discovered that specific individuals in the U.S. were working on information they received from the Chinese regarding weaponizing SARS – with high specificity in virulence targeting particular genetic code and enzyme packets for transcription. In essence, the new virus would mimic that of HIV. A “smart” virus that could replicate all ligands of target cells not to be detected by innate immune cells and therefore “lie in waiting.”

In January 2018, the CDC’s EID (Epidemic Intel Division) had decided to test this in specific COHORTS.

What is a specific COHORT?

Have you noticed how all your vaccines and flu shots have bar codes? They are scanned multiple times, etc. Well, with the information they gather from clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies via your insurance (thanks to Obamacare), the CDC has a complete picture of almost everyone’s health. In addition, your DNA… is stored at your local hospital or clinic every time you give blood, not convinced? Read the fine print in your “CONSENT TO TREAT” that you are compelled to sign every time you visit. According to federal guidelines, clearly states they can hold all audio, pics, video, and DNA for up to 7 years and SHARE it. (Again, thanks, Obamacare). What are the federal guidelines? Obamacare made it so any insurance company and any private company they contract with, like Global Strategies Group, Lockheed, Google, Amazon, etc. – including car insurance, can have access to it. Don’t believe it – READ the Affordable Care Act.

With that in mind, a cohort is a selected group of individuals or target demographic that you test drugs on.

Here is a purely hypothetical example:

The Cleveland Clinic has various groups of primary care. Hypothetically speaking, if the target group were “Caucasian males aged 35-55 that have ABC genetic type, found in specific European groups,” then you would find which clinic patients have that fit that profile. Let’s assume that two offices provide a 15% test pool for that target group because the clinics are present in neighborhoods with many German and Polish migrants. The remaining 85% are statistical data or controls that can provide direction for future research.

Once your cohort sample is identified, you usually deploy the drug you want to test. Hypothetically speaking, the flu vaccines or PNEUMONIA vaccines that people over 50 offer every ten years can be your MEAN to test your drug or bioweapon covertly.

The above scenario is hypothetical but rings true because, in Spring, people are testing positive across the nation for Influenza A and B rapidly. Those were vaccines deployed in 2018 and 2019, which is very telling.

We asked our exclusive source about that, and the response was:

Influenza A and B expression could indicate that they contracted COVID-19 but expressed the virus they were supposed to be inoculated with. In other words, COVID-19 exposure may activate the “dead” virus, hypothetically speaking.

Former EID Officer

What did Timothy Cunningham Allegedly Know?

An omitted fact preceding Cunningham’s disappearance is his recent meeting with certain people from Japan. He provided data that confirmed that the Chinese and certain entities met in McLean, Virginia, discussed.

Before his disappearance and “suicide,” he visited ALL his close confidants, terrified as he was bold enough to leave a paper trail by filing a whistleblower report. He filed it on a Monday, and within 48 hours, he knew that his identity was not protected. He attempted to reach the President of the United States. General Kelly was not very happy about that from what our sources say, and in his panic seemed erratic. Tim didn’t sound right. He told people to delete his phone number and was on the run because people would kill him. The FBI counterintelligence division, the same one Peter Strzok worked for, knows that – there are emails.

Two weeks after his disappearance, he was found dead in a river. They claimed it was a result of suicide. A sailor died of drowning? Even as an NCO, you go through the swim test and swim class.

His knowledge? Japan created an all-encompassed cure, and pharmaceutical companies were seeking ways around it.

Does President Donald J. Trump know?

Does President Trump know that while all of us are getting VACCINATED, Shionogi & Co., a Japanese company from Japan, has invented a drug that can eradicate ANY VIRUS that invades the human body?

Imagine if the United States of America people knew that their annual flu vaccine was unnecessary every year and that all their Congresspersons and Senators have HUGE pharmaceutical portfolios. Imagine if they also knew that the hospital and doctors were rewarded for all the vaccines they provided, even though they were unnecessary because a medication can stop any virus.

Hypothetically speaking, you can’t come out and say something like that- ever-you would be christened the King of Tin Foil hats. Though people got sick and an “epidemic” happened to draw attention to the “flu,” it would be appropriate… hypothetically speaking.

The complaints many have is that President Trump is NOT distributing CDC-derived testing kits. Instead, he has requested all labs and hospitals nationwide to create their own. Why? No centralization of information. Publicly available information promotes transparency. It’s evident that the EID is foaming at the mouth right now, and the Deep State is terrified.

The amplification of the “flu” and the quarantines – self or government-imposed – create a hyper-focused public that demands answers.

RELATED: Democrats Big Push Organ Harvesting|Targets Children As Young As 14

So many rumors and hypotheses – but one thing can shed some light. Shionogi & Co. used their ANTI-HIV medications to create their FLU TERMINATOR. The medication disallows the RNA/DNA of the virus to be replicated by the HUMAN nucleus. That means it is a generic drug that disables “unzipping proteins” necessary for transcription. If the cells can’t be hijacked, then the virus dies in the intercellular space it occupies since it lacks a host.

Why are we getting vaccinated against viruses when we can terminate the ability to have them hijacked in the first place?

Timothy Cunningham said that to his close friend before he disappeared

The Kansas City Star had the most abundant information surrounding the missing EID Officer:

The Cunninghams have told police about a “worrisome” phone call and text messages from him on Feb. 11, the details of which they shared with police but are keeping private from others.

Kansas City Star

If what our sources tell us is accurate, and if Japan has a blanket drug with this virus being designed to evade it, the President of the United States would definitely know. Time for Mr. Cunningham’s whistle-blower report to be leaked.



The mass hysteria and weaponization of a flu coup by the mainstream media (MSM) were done to make the case that the president is incompetent and tank the market. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is a saying the Deep State loves, and one that seems pretty accurate in this case.

They are buying time to avoid the inevitable.

National Emergency|the perfect cloak for a molecular execution. #DiseaseIsTheNewElectricChair

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Sean Penn The F.A.G. of The New Agency | HAITI, El Chapo and Assassinations


Sean Penn is a F.A.G. (Film Actors Guild) that has a bit more pull than others. He landed an interview with El Chapo, but our federal agents, Interpol, CIA, and other global units couldn’t find him? Yes, that happened. He’s involved in Haiti’s “relief” efforts to siphon money from USAID, meeting with Drug Lords, and most recently, the assassination of the President of Haiti. Interestingly, enough MEXICAN CARTEL members have been DETAINED in Haiti and previous Sean Penn employees linked to the MURDER of the President of HAITI. Yes, that happened.

How does an actor get so much pull? As mentioned many times, the Clinton camp is OLD GUARD, and the Obama Camp is New Guard. It is at this time that I drop a statement that is backed up by the emails on Hunter’s laptop reported HERE:

Hillary Clinton planned the Benghazi attack but Barack Hussein Obama made sure she takes a fall for the Arab Spring HE FUNDED cause he needed her gone. She had taken a lot of his resources from USAID to allocate for projects that enriched HER plan and she was undercutting the money he was due. Besides, Obama threw Joe under the bus too right before the 2012 elections. Those Cayman Accounts were handed over to Romney even though he promised them to Joe.


Notably, in this article, F.A.G.S Always Stick To The Script | STILL ] talking about [ WATER #Haiti, we demonstrated how the Clinton’s refused to allow Haitians to access a technology that can help areas struggling for access to clean water. Hunter Biden tried to enter HER DOMAIN to provide clean drinking water (and make a nice penny, too), but she blocked them. As you see, even the Medical Community in Haiti knew that Sean Penn was the other avenue they could use. In addition, the emails infer that their deal was blocked.


It doesn’t stop there. Sean Penn is also being associated with the assassination of the President of Haiti. The Guardian reported that an American arrested, James Solages, 35, worked as a driver and bodyguard for the relief organization set up by Sean Penn after the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010. #FeinsteinDriver

James Solages, 35
James Solages – Sean Penn’s guy

According to the Daily Mail, Solages and another Haitian American, Joseph Vincent, 55, confessed to being involved in Wednesday’s early morning raid that left president Jovenel Moïse dead and his wife fighting for her life. However, they allegedly claimed they were hired as translators in a plot to arrest politicians but not to kill them. They claim to have been hired by a foreigner named Mike, who spoke English and Spanish after finding a job on the internet. Solages has worked for many as a contractor, including but not limited to Sean Penn’s group, Obama For America, Canadian Embassy, and many more.

El Chapo Cartel Mercenaries arrested in Haiti Credit: Daily Mail.

Above is an image showing the El Chapo cartel members arrested in association with the assassination of Haiti’s President and First Lady.

It will be fascinating to see if there are any REAL patriots left in the Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI. Sean Penn should be detained and questioned about his activities in Haiti back in 2010 and now again in 2021.

USAID is the unseen enemies’ piggy bank. (READ)

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F.A.G.S Always Stick To The Script | STILL ] talking about [ WATER #Haiti


While many have had the motherlode of treason, money laundering, and crimes and refuse to report on it, we have been taking our time over the year searching through all devices seized trying to understand HOW Hunter Biden and Joe Biden were making so much money and had money problems. Our primary objectives were to determine who was MANAGING the money, who they ultimately work for (obviously not just themselves), and WHO had most to gain. Hunter’s devices are a goldmine of information and insight.

To introduce the hypocrisy of it all, it is important to explore the only country in the world (aside from the United Kingdom) that a corporation/person owns – Haiti. Haiti is OWNED, controlled, and operated by CGI. The Clinton Global Initiative is a FACTION of the United Nations. Ergo it’s UN territory.

The control is VERY evident and even demonstrates a level of EVIL that goes beyond anything one would believe. The EVIL is so bad that the Clintons were rivals with the “New Gods” of the UN spearheaded by Barack Hussein Obama, and grifters like the Bidens knew that. The Clintons are VERY powerful, and they are the EPSTEIN of foreign affairs, prostituting heinous crimes against humanity for profit and gain and, like any pimp – to skim off the top.

Haiti was devastated after an “earthquake” that was most likely caused by fracking, considering they sit on four tectonic plates that are home to oil reserves never mentioned on any official document that human eyes can see or simply an act of God. Whatever the reasons, that earthquake devastated the Haitians.

As Secretary of State, how much POWER did Hillary Clinton have over this money?

The earthquake happened around the time that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. She was appointed to that position by a very reluctant Barack Hussein Obama. Obama loathed Clinton, but they “played nice.” Optics is a big thing in political circles, especially the “conservative ones.” The elites are not just rabid green deal cult members. In fact, most of them are self-proclaimed conservatives or ASSETS.

This snippet from a CGI presentation seems very reminiscent of TEAM AMERICA and the FAGS (Film Actors Guild), where all celebrities were portrayed as political assets. Team America’s comedy seems like a tragedy today because it rings very true to those beginning to understand what influence operations are. Fancy that, Matt Damon and the former UN head honcho, Kofi Annan, listed as EXISTING ASSETS.

Democratizing the CGI Model with an Online Portal – Clinton Global Initiative (WIKILEAKS)

The Clintons – the unofficial owners of Haiti (like their counterparts who unofficially own the Dominican Republic, the Fanjul Brothers) always say that WHO is allowed to work and operate in their territory. When there was chaos and suffering, water, the most vital human necessity, was a hot topic and they still refused assistance from otherss seeking to enter their domain.


Funny, this FAG is still talking about water even when he’s talking about a murder case in Italy.

The Clintons “love” Haiti so much that they refused a technology that would help them literally create water from the air. Still, because Hunter Biden was bringing that tech, who was Joe Biden’s son and therefore considered part of Barack Hussein Obama’s camp, she denied them access to her country at the expense of the Haitian people.


USAID is the unseen enemy’s piggy bank. (READ)

All the HAITI-related emails are on the LOOKING GLASS.

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Evidence| Hunter Biden Companies Executed Espionage Activities For Profit


The Hunter Biden laptop and phones have been in the FBI’s possession for over a year before the elections. They have had in their possession a better image of all the devices that most journalists and amateur cryptographers (like myself) have. There are indisputable crimes brazenly organized and even funded by taxpayer dollars that all media refuse to report. Of all, ESPIONAGE, if anything, should be of OUTMOST concern for our nation’s intelligence community and military. 

Many instances of “inferred” dead drops to cut deals are found in Hunter’s devices, but this email we discovered spells it out.

This discovery means that the FBI and Intelligence Community KNEW that Hunter Biden couriered documents and conducted dead drops tasked by foreign governments WHILE his father was Vice President and did NOTHING.

FIRST ASSIGNMENT (VERY EASY) – Muldoon ( who’s wife was VP Joe Biden’s assistant (handler)) will carry some documents to the State Department and then to the Saudi Embassy.

Who is Mike Muldoon? Long Story Here is the Short Form

Michael Muldoon was with Rosemont from at least December 2009 to October 2011, emails show, before he left for a job with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) — an agency Rosemont’s clients frequently interacted with, the emails reveal. Hunter Biden and fellow firm executive Eric Schwerin were references for Muldoon’s USAID background check, emails show.

Prize for dead drops : A monthly draw (monthly money coming in) and a partnership stake.


Hookers, drugs, selling our natural resources for profit, child porn, smuggling foreign nationals through the southern border, medical experimentation and contact tracing in AFRICA (Black Lives Don’t Matter in Africa, right?), possible murders and actual ESPIONAGE and the FBI did nothing?

In fact, in the following report to be published soon, we will show you how Defense Contractors and the US Army helped Hunter Biden conduct business abroad, all the while using his father’s position as Vice President.
Here is an indisputable fact. The information we are about to release to the public demonstrates that the supposed President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, has a Criminal Enterprise, which puts OUR NATIONAL SECURITY at RISK because he is COMPROMISED.

We will demonstrate that the current administration is LYING about their involvement in what seems to be the BIGGEST prosecutable RICO case in history-making. The MOB family RICO case looks like child’s play on what’s to come.

Full email threads updated today on the Looking Glass .

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WRAYS OF LIGHT | TVA Indictments Were Related to Biden Crime Family & Biden Laptop


In the article we published earlier titled Evidence| Hunter Biden Companies Executed Espionage Activities For-Profit | Tore Says, we introduced you to Kerry Construction. (Kerry Construction is now called GRANITE) Another Military-Industrial Complex conglomerate with all the players needed for a perfect recipe of selling off American assets, spending American Tax Payer dollars on yachts, Island parties, and glamorous lifestyles.

This article provides the PUBLIC some situational awareness because the UNIPARTY media, the alleged insiders, have ZERO insight into what happened, is happening, and IS coming. President Trump has made it clear to all what is happening. He has been spelling it out. It turns out ALL MEDIA is not fluent in TRUTH and STRAIGHT TALK but great at getting interviews with the President and posing for photo ops while claiming to be in the know.

This report demonstrates the inner workings of this war because that is precisely what is going on right now-WAR. DEFINITIONS are essential. This revolution is different because the ENEMIES are not armed to the teeth with weapons, but they have tentacles into everyone’s homes via corrupt F.A.G.s. We introduce you to some of them in this article F.A.G.S Always Stick To The Script | STILL ] talking about [ WATER #Haiti and this one Sean Penn| HAITI, El Chapo, and The New Agency

Remember, President Trump had fired the chair of the Tennessee Valley Authority, criticizing the federal-owned corporation for hiring foreign workers. Along with FORMER SECRETARY OF THE ARMY Louis Caldera, this man helped conduct “ODD” infrastructure operations OCONUS (Outside Continental US). Caldera was the 17th Secretary of the Army sworn into his position by Secretary of Defense William Cohen.

Like the selected administration, “INFRASTRUCTURE” seems to have a very skewed name lately. The embarrassing “Biden Administration” considers lactation consultants part of American Infrastructure. Still, this company, as you see from the emails released on the Looking Glass, Kenny Construction aka Granite, believes COURIERING documents between foreign embassies and the State Department is considered infrastructure.

President Trump asked what is a government employee like Jeffrey Lyash doing to make $15.5 Million in pay?

Jeffrey Lyash earned $15.5 million in pay, perquisites, and retirement benefits over the last two years. Lyash’s compensation amounted to $8.2 million in 2019 and $7.3 million in 2020.  Foreign employees, foreign INFRASTRUCTURE aka ESPIONAGE conducted as seen in the emails HERE.

Walk-in faith and not by sight. The truth is NOT complicated and this was not another four-year election.

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LOST AND FOUND| High Profile ‘Kidnapping’, ISIS Leader Arrested In Ukraine Bust, Suspected Links To Yovanovich, Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, And Romney



As the circus unfolds in Washington D.C., in what seems to be an attempt to cover up what the previous administration(s) have been doing in Ukraine, an ISIS leader is arrested, a high profile “kidnapping” takes place, the resurrection of a bloody ISIS raid in Georgia linked to an apartment that was paid for by the U.S. Embassy in Armenia in 2009, an automobile manufacturer, and Burisma all converged in one day. It’s been a busy Saturday. There are no coincidences.ISIS is an entity we were funding and training, according to former President Barack Hussein Obama, who proudly stated as much in the video seen below during his address to our nation.

BHO White House Transcript indicates “cover up”

Remember that back in 2015, Barack Hussein Obama slipped. ISIL, not ISIS, is a pretty significant matter. ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and Obama preferred using that over Islamic State. According to RT, The official transcript released by the White House contains the word “Iraqi” in brackets following the acronym ISIL, instead of something much more intuitive, such as prefacing the acronym with “anti-.” While quickly whitewashed, it was evident what was going on. Unfortunately, as with many significant events, this too went under the radar and was quickly obfuscated by the MSM.

ISIS in Ukraine coincidentally rears its head, parallel to the exposure of “public servants” sitting in the House and Senate, as well as former Secretary of State John Kerry and former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden for profiteering through relationships in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Security Service says it has arrested Al Bar Shishani, one of the top commanders in the Islamic State group. In the 1980s, Osama bin Laden was training Taliban forces to fight in the Russian Jihad, including training people from Chechnya and Georgia, waging covert terror attacks to break down the USSR faster as the West exercised political pressure.Who is Abu Omar al-Shishani? A Georgian national whose name was Tarkhan Batirashvili before joining the Russian-Georgian Jihad. The Pentagon stated that he was the “Minister of War,” and they referred to him as the “mastermind” behind ISIS’s swift gains in Iraq’s Anbar province in the fall of 2014, where he reportedly led a force of some 1,000 Russian-speaking fighters.

Abu Omar Al-Shishani was in Syria in March 2012. There, the Chechen fighters (Bin Laden’s Taliban Russian Jihadis) worked with al-Qaeda’s formal affiliate at the time, the Nusra Front. This cooperation led to the first and largest well-organized group called the Army of Emigrants and Supporters, aka Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar, created in 2013.

LATEST: Schiff’s Close Friend, NBC Emmy Award-Winning Correspondent Charged With Pedophilia

Who is al-Bar Shishani ?

Our sources say that al-Bar Shishani is actually Guram Gumashvili, who Georgia claimed was killed in 2014 during a bloody clash between ISIS and Syrian-Kurdish forces in North-Eastern Syria. Curiously, his name was brought up in an ISIS raid conducted in Georgia on November 22, 2017, and then again today! Oddly enough, this Georgian “anti-Terror” raid in 2017 came up during conversations with reporters during the press conference for al-Bar Shishani’s arrest in Ukraine today.

That is curious considering Akhmed Chatayev, who was Abu Omar Al-Shishani’s right-hand man, was actually missing his right arm (pun intended), was killed there. According to our sources, Al-Bar Shishani owned a Georgian and Russian passport and a fake passport that the Ukrainian Secret Service refused to identify its country of origin. Our sources claim they believe it was an American or Turkish passport, but SBU refuses to confirm or deny this. Therefore, we must revisit some statements by Georgia’s State Security Service stating that Akhmed Chatayev was killed in the November 2017 ISIS raid.

As a result of investigative and forensic activities including DNA tests and fingerprint analysis carried out with the assistance of American colleagues, it was established that one of the killed individuals is Akhmed Chatayev.


What’s more curious is that on the date of the “raid” (the end of November 2017), the residents of the 9-story apartment building where the raid took place told media that the presumed Chechens who lived in the apartment didn’t speak Georgian. That is highly suspect because Russian Born Akhmed Chatayev and Guram Gumashvili, who were deputies to Georgian national Abu Omar Al-Shishani, spoke fluent Georgian.

The most alarming statement revisiting the Georgian ISIS raid on November 17, 2017, is Nino Giorgobiani of the Georgian Security service below.

We know that the U.S. State Department that helps promote Democracy through the USAID program paid the rent of the apartment that these “Chechens” lived in. We have communicated with our American Colleagues to clarify why the apartment rent was paid by an individual named Yovanovich for almost 10 years (Lease prepaid in 2009) from the U.S. Consulate in Armenia.

Georgian Press Conference November 22, 2017 – Giorgobiani

Furthermore, Nino Giorgobiani, who made the statement about the apartment rental being paid by the U.S. Consulate in Armenia, also dispelled all statements and claims that Guram Gumashvili, one of Abu Omar Al-Shinani’s deputies, was killed in the November 22, 2017, ISIS raid. That is bizarre! Why would people be asking about Guram Gumashvili if he was killed in 2014?

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Furthermore, Nino Giorgobiani, who made the statement about the apartment rental being paid by the U.S. Consulate in Armenia, also dispelled all statements and claims that Guram Gumashvili, one of Abu Omar Al-Shinani’s deputies, was killed in the November 22, 2017, ISIS raid. That is bizarre! Why would people be asking about Guram Gumashvili if he was killed in 2014?

ISIS leaders drive cars too!

Apparently, the ISIS leader captured today in Ukraine has strong ties to a company currently under investigation on money laundering charges and is the car company that provided all automobiles for the Ukrainian Secret Service AND the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv. According to Interfax-Ukraine News Agency reports, NABU, The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, investigates and executes search warrants into Bogdan Motors Auto Company in Kyiv. This investigation bizarrely aligns with the MODES of transportation found in possession of the ISIS leader captured, al-Bar Shishani.

Today’s Kidnapping

In something incredibly bizarre, as if out of an action-packed movie, is the kidnapping of Oleksandr Grytsenko, the Head of Ukreximbank. He was kidnapped in Kyiv while walking with a child. How are these two linked? Transportation and Burisma.According to Grytsenko’s family, unknown persons kidnapped him. They put him in a black bus (similar to Bogdan Motors manufacturers) in the presence of the child walking with him. The child was reportedly unharmed.

Grytsenko is the head of Ukreximbank, which is implicated in money laundering linked to investigations of Bogdan Motors.

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In a stroke of incredible luck, Bogdan Motors was able to get investments by shell companies linked to Alexander Kwasniewski, Alan Apter, Devon Archer, and Hunter Biden who all joined Burisma on May 12, 2014. The aforementioned shell companies invested in R&D (research and development) projects to develop military vehicles with sufficient armor for crew and passengers’ protection, among other types.

In 2014, Bogdan Motors launched R&D projects to develop military vehicles in several categories. One was a modern armored personnel carrier – speedy, highly maneuverable, and offering a sufficiently high level of armor protection for the crew and passengers.

This mysterious investment for Bogdan Motors’ new venture in 2014 is linked to the Obama White House, Nancy Pelosi’s son, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney. The investment and venture into this new R&D project responded to the alleged Kremlin-launched military aggression against Ukraine in 2014. At that time, “PRIVATE SECTOR” investments were incentivized by the Ukrainian government to satisfy the needs of the Ukrainian military for vehicles and armored fighting vehicles in response to Russia’s aggression.

What bank helped “FINANCE” these ventures through these shell companies? Ukreximbank. The president of that bank was kidnapped and coincidentally in a Bogdan Motor vehicle that may or may not be the one that terrorist al-Bar Shishani is linked to.

Strangely enough, Ukrainian Secret Service is tight-lipped on who, what, when, or where. One thing is for sure – I’m glad that President Trump hasn’t scheduled the visit to Ukraine because the vehicles present for his protection would be Bogden Motor vehicles, which the U.S. Embassy may or may not have as well.

Whatever is going on in Ukraine, our sources are spooked, terrified that Russian assets that are not batting for Putin are spying on them.

We can’t even report the news. Every form of communication is compromised, and the leash is getting tighter. No one is talking about the kidnapping, which is most alarming. As per the ISIS capture, it was not supposed to be publicized, but too many reporters received the information to deny it aired on a public platform.

Ukrainian Media Source

UA 112 reported that the Prosecutor General was responsible for the detention (kidnap style) of Grytsenko by Ukrainian Security Service as we were reporting on this. This makes the events unfolding in Ukraine even more bizarre.

Oleksandr Grytsenko

There was no abduction of one of the Ukreximbank JSC board members. He was detained by the Security Service of Ukraine on behalf of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine within the criminal proceedings on the grounds of committing crimes under part 1 of article 255 (Creation of criminal organization), part 5 of article 191 (Assignment, embezzlement of property or taking it by abuse of official position), part 3 of article 209 (Legalization of laundering of proceeds from crime). 

Security Service of Ukraine Press Statement

There are no coincidences. Yovanovich’s name pops up as the payee of an apartment in Georgia that housed ISIS militants linked to today’s capture of the ISIS leader. The “kidnapping” of the head of a bank involved money laundering and embezzlement with companies like Burisma and Bogdan Motors, all connected to Yovanovich and the Obama administration. This looks like an avalanche that is peaking and will wipe out all of them at once.

I CAUGHT the swamp….I caught them all! I caught all of this corruption that was going on and nobody else could have done it!”

– President @realDonaldTrumppic.twitter.com/l2ySK0TR1Q

“Wait until everyone learns about the State Dept cables they found in Al Baghdadi’s bunker sent directly from Obama’s State Dept (Hillary) proving they created, funded, armed and trained ISIS. This is related. There’s a witness in the bunker who flipped also.

— Jason (@ZHI_CCO) November 16, 2019


Be careful what you wish for…..

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FILE DROP| Burisma Is The Center Of Exposure, Not The Corruption


The Burisma emails are nothing compared to what other communications show. The Biden Crime Family with Joe leading the pack not only took advantage of federal bailouts, sold the resources of our nation piece by piece, but they also co-mingled money on OFFSHORE accounts we have located.

The next article will not only release the EMAILS and EVIDENCE that the CAYMAN ISLANDS were where the Bidens HID and SKIMMED money, but it is where it was comingled with Obama, Clinton, and VATICAN money. In the same way, Hillary for America, Obama for America, and the DNC money were co-mingled by Perkins Coie.

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Below is an article by the FACEBOOK “Fact Checkers” claiming the congressional report didn’t talk about the CAYMANS – BUT THEY DID.

Ministry of “Truth” article HERE

In fact we will be debunking their nitty claim with hard evidence of the FUND manager who IS tied to the CAYMAN ISLANDS even after the Rosemont Seneca Cayman account was closed after receiving FEDERAL FUNDS.


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For now enjoy a more extensive amount of BURISMA EMAILS HERE. Use the Password : BrennanKnowsWhereTheMoneyIs


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VERDICT JOE BIDEN LIED| Joe Knew All About Hunter’s Business Dealings


Combing through Hunter Biden’s emails it is quickly realized that all the money being made was being filtered and distributed by Eric Schwerin. There are numerous emails of Hunter requesting Eric to pay him and asking him where all the money is going.

In fact, the text messages below are y verified that the cell numbers used in the text chains belong to Rosemont Seneca and Joseph R. Biden (the former Vice President and Select President ), respectively. Schwerin was the Policy and Outreach for the China Trade Relations Working Group. Joe Biden hired Eric to work with his son Hunter after a meeting about China in 2009 that Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant Huma Abedin had set up. Almost instantly he became President of Rosemont Seneca and oversaw all Rosemont Seneca “versions” like RSTP I and II including and not limited to all shell companies Hunter was a part of.

Joe Biden seemed very clued into what Hunter Biden was doing, his businesses, and concerns with his money nanny Eric Schwerin. The reasons as to this will be explained in more detail because it seems one company with an obscure name seems to have been missed by many. #ArticleComingSoon

National File had reported on the texts between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden about a little over a month before Joe Biden announced his run for President.


National File also located One Cash App transaction between Joe Biden and Richard Ruffner. Richard Ruffner served as Dr. Jill Biden’s special assistant and was constantly being tapped by Hunter Biden for money. In fact, Hunter Biden used Joe Biden’s Cash App to ask Richard Ruffner for money. Joe Biden from the texts above doesn’t even know what Cash App is. He instructs Richard Ruffner to work with Hunter.

Richard Ruffner had received Cash App and Venmo requests from Hunter many times. Hunter Biden SET UP and used a Cash App Account in his FATHER’S NAME requesting Money FOR DAD. Remember, Joe Biden has no idea what these apps are. In fact, Jill Biden and Richard Ruffner would receive requests for money all the time. A couple of months before this request, Hunter Requested $4900 in January, which Richard Ruffner DECLINED. Dr. Jill has sent him money too for Dad.


While many skate over what they have been able to see on these emails aside from the Criminal Child Pornography, the dubious money Hunter Biden kept getting from Richard Ruffner in the White House and selling our oil and gas to the Chinese most believe that the Biden’s played above board. This is not the case, and later today, we will demonstrate how the Bidens exchanged BUSINESS for Intelligence!

Where is Eric Schwerin? Is he the one that laundered money for Joe, leaving Hunter in the dark, always “delaying” or appropriating his money elsewhere? It sounds like Joe plays dumb a lot and planned all of this, considering Obama screwed him out of money to pay off Mitt. After all, why would a SITTING VICE PRESIDENT’S SON be paying the bills for Four households? Hello Frank [Francis Biden], WE SEE YOU.

The bottom line is Joe has lied to the public, saying he has no idea what his son is doing and not involved, but it seems Wells Fargo Eric and Eric Schwerin may have been the proxies for Joe’s leash on his son. He made his son think he was in charge when in fact, HE WAS. Those most vulnerable to manipulation feel less loved as children by their parents, doing anything to prove their worth. Judging from what we have found regarding the Beau Biden Foundation – Joe would be the front runner for the “Father of the Year Award” from Satan himself.

Joe Biden not only knew of his son’s business dealings, he was part of them.


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