The Main Stream Media is mesmerizing their audience with the circus which continues to showcase witnesses who witnessed nothing and testifying to things Rep. Adam Schiff cannot entrap them to say.  On Wednesday, November 20, 2019 as the Ring Leader Schiff put on a show the Ukraine fuse was lit this past Saturday with an ISIS leader arrest, the government rounding up the board of a bank, “kidnapping” another Bank Board member and a MASSIVE automotive company being exposed for fraud.  Below is the a VERY detailed article telling you about all those events and oddities that occurred in ONE DAY!

Last week, we published an article that outlined ALL the criminal indictments pending in the Ukraine highlighting key names and relationships in the short article below.

Exclusive: Quid Pro Joe, Hunter Biden, John Kerry, Burisma and Criminal Investigations in the Ukraine

Namely they are : 

  • 32014000000000074 – filed March 2014
  • 42014000000000181- filed April, 2014
  • 42014000000000375 -filed April, 2014
  • 42014000000000805 -filed April 2014
  • 42014000000000999 – filed April 2014
  • 42014000000001095 – filed April, 2014
  • 42015000000001283 – filed April 2015
  • 12017160000000208 -filed January 2017
  • 42018000000000407 -filed April 2018
  • 52018000000000748 – filed May 2018

In addition, we also told you last week that the Ukraine in a press release noted that 13 extraditions have been approved so far in 2019 and they have received 7 requests to transfer criminal proceedings.  The short article below tells you more about that.

Almost $8 Billion Dollars Worth That We Know Of

In an article dated September 29, 2019 that is linked up below we asked a rhetorical question pertaining to Rep. Adam Schiff:

“Was the call illegal?”. The President of the United States discussing an ONGOING (from before Biden dropped his hat in the race) criminal investigation as defined in the Ukraine-USA Treaty of 1999 is now illegal?

AUDIO Of IG Horowitz Saying Dossier Was Salacious And Unverified

For those that were out of the loop, you are somehow caught up with all these tidbits. At this point its obvious why the Democrat Party was putting on the circus and why the MSM, who is evidently the PR arm for the Democrat Party avoided to report all this.

Over the past two months we have been reporting to you how the document below that was signed by Bill Clinton in 1999 was very important.


In addition, Yovanovich’s testimony sealed the deal and told the world what she and the Democrat Party feared was happening during the fall of 2018 while the personal attorney of the President of the United States was in the Ukraine. Almost all media missed it – she took the role of GATEKEEPER on in clear violation of this TREATY. The article below explains how her testimony was reinforcing the obvious. It was her actions acting as a quasi official representative of the Department of Justice that warranted her immediate termination with the arrival of Prosecutor John Durham to the Ukraine among other things.

Yovanovich: Self Proclaimed Gatekeeper For AAG Whitaker and AG Barr Violating US-Ukraine Treaty

The raging dumpster fire they are fanning to put out is only getting stronger. The MSM are no longer a trusted news source. The Democrat Party message is not coming across and they are out of money with the inability to fund themselves without oversight … for now.

Notably, even if the extortion and fraud of almost $8 Billion (only a portion of total) was to leak into the main stream it would be unreported. If the indictments of the children of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Former Secretary of State John Kerry, Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, Former Senator Mitt Romney and OTHERS were to also become visible, it wouldn’t make a difference for the MSM. They would ignore it, dispel it and continue covering the circus and interviewing former Obama administration officials who are pending charges under seal to make them look credible.

We all know that the Uranium One trial is on it’s way. We also know that the server with all those “missing” emails has been obtained. Indictments in the Ukraine already drawn up. Indictments in the US currently pending by Grand Jury. How do the citizens of the United States get this information? We are the news now. It’s up to us.

How many fires have they lit and who are the key players?

  • Russia Hoax – The Lay Up: DC Mafia, Five Eyes, 9 Eyes & MSM
  • Rudy Giuliani – The Set Up: The Source:Obama Took OFF ban list
  • Ukraine Call- The Offense: It’s a Trap
  • Quid Pro Quo -Clinton Foundation / Obama Administration/ IMF/ EU/ Oligarchs

That’s FOUR. What’s next?

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  1. Our Reality!
    From all you said yesterday, that statement impacted me the most. Yet you didn’t elaborate on it other than the map of our planet. Perhaps that was your intent. My son and I talk frequently, he is quite awake for his age. He asks many questions, and makes many statements, the statements are from his programming. As we chat now, I call into question him about the validity of his statement. What I’m trying to say is, my reality is in chaos, Trusting any accepted fact in this reality that has been served to me, I have to question its validity. You spoke of foundations, well the foundation of trust has completely crumbled now. I narrated on YT a speech by MPH a long time ago called the “The Love of Truth”, little did I see the depths of this deception then compared to now. Thanks Time Traveler for taking me on this trip!

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