Outrage from residents of the County of Garde of South Eastern France arose with the Obama Family arriving for a week long “vacation”. It is said that Former President Barack Hussein Obama has his own private and secret service detail that will protect him and his family throughout their tours and or endeavors in the city of Avignon but the County of Garde has also set up security protocols and measures in the area in anticipation of the Obama’s arrival to Avignon Airport on Friday June 14, 2019 according to local press and authorities.

Italian Premier Matteo Renzi, right, and President Barack Obama arrive at Rome’s Villa Madama for a bilateral meeting, Thursday, March 27, 2014. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

In addition, reports from Avignon sources state that on Saturday morning, June 15, 2019, former PM of Italy Renzi arrived to Avignon Airport with little to no security heading for Villeneuve-Avignon where the Obama’s are staying. The exact residence address is being kept out of press circulars for security reasons but Midi Libre reports:

The Obamas will spend the week on the island of Barthéla, surrounded by the river. They will stay at Ma de Poire, an 18th-century mansion belonging to an American family. The total rental price for one week, according to the rental site: 55,000 euros.

Midi Libre

It would be interesting to determine who the owner of the mansion they are staying at is.

Local sources stated that former Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni was also spotted on the outskirts of the city when rumors ensued that the Obama’s were staying at the former Formula 1 driver Jean Alegi’s villa and not Ma de Poire as reported by Midi Libre. Though, this rumor was quickly debunked and it was found that there was evidence that verified sources claimed that is where Gentiloni was staying on Sunday June 16, 2019.

The island they are staying on has properties owned by very rich and prominent persons in global financial and political circles. Soros, Rothschilds and Royals have homes or visit there when they want privacy. Our city is very good and ensuring paparazzi and locals stay clear. Many have been arrested and never to be heard of again when they go prying for pictures. A few years ago, it was rumored that the US Secretary of State John Kerry and a bunch of Arabs were meeting many of which came by boat and others took a helicopter in from Nice. It was said that they were Iranian but the city ensures their privacy so this only word of mouth from service people. Our concern is who is paying for all of it since the city keeps those payments and budgets under wraps.

Citizen of Avignon, France via Skype (translated from French to English by myself)

It is well known among the very wealthy that Avignon is a great place to arrive to and then disappear. They arrive to the villa’s situated by the Rhone River and then hop onto a boat and are able travel to the Mediterranean undetected. The legendary Onassis was the “inventor” of this escape route when he traveled with Jackie O and wanted privacy. The locals by the ports in Marseilles that flank the Rhone river mouth are a hotbed for paparazzi’s trying to snap pictures of boats and yachts hoping to catch a glimpse of illicit affairs and or meetings of global leaders .

Why is Barack Hussein Obama holding secret meetings with Italian officials?

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