Originally Published on Big League Politics July 26, 2018.


When you leave office why aren’t Security Clearances terminated?

I had exposed in my“Hurricane Electric” expose and my Facial Recognition expose that the Intelligence Community (specifically the FBI) collects, exchanges, shares and disseminates private identifying information on a global platform. As aforementioned in the articles, this information is how dossiers are created for any citizen of the United States and citizens of countries that partner with the Intelligence Community through various MOUs in place for such exchanges.

During the House Oversight Committee hearing in March of 2017 they explored privacy issues concerning the use of facial recognition technology and discussed the need to put forward legislation to limit some of its use. Jason Chaffetz was very concerned by the FBI representative as a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) was not properly done before this Next Generation Identification (NGI) Interstate Photo System was deployed. The concerns raised were based on privacy issues, violation of the Privacy Act of 1974 and how to monitor access to the NGI systems the Intelligence Community has deployed since 2008.

Chaffetz grilled Ms. Del Greco, whom the FBI and DOJ sent to represent them. Del Greco refused to answer the questions posed.

Dan Coats who is now the Director of National Intelligence made concerning and alarming statements this past week in regards to privacy and information sharing in addition to mocking our President’s olive branch extension to President Vladimir Putin. This clearly indicates that he either did not know about the invitation (inferring he is not in President Trump’s close circle of trusted advisers) or that he blatantly and so unprofessionally shows his disagreement.

Specifically he said “The first recommendation I want to make is that we must improve information sharing between the government and the private sector. Only if we do this can we blend the needed information to both inform government decision-making and private sector that is dealing with cybersecurity issues.”

The FBI is responsible for policing crimes and executing investigation on a FEDERAL level. Officially, internationally, we have other Intelligence Elements that we use so how is it that the FBI software successfully helped identify Mohamed Abrini as the third suspect in the terror attack at Zaventem airport as reported by L’ Echo on April 15, 2016?

Sarah Sanders said President Trump is investigating HOW to revoke their clearances. Why is he investigating? If Comey was fired why does he still have clearance? The answer is : FIVE EYES. Five Eyes is how the Deep State operates.

“Five Eyes is a surveillance arrangement comprised of the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA), the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSEC), and New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB)” as per Dailey’s article “The Intelligence Club: A Comparative Look at Five Eyes,” published in the Journal for Political Sciences and Public Affairs in June 2017.

Not a lot of people were paying attention but Hillary Clinton, James Comey (after he was fired), Barack Hussein Obama, Huma Abedin and many others traveled to New Zealand in 2017-2018. Why? It’s possible that they still hold their clearance.

In New Zealand, to access the system you have to be an Agent of a Foreign Power. Hence, the above named persons, can access the database of the Intelligence Community of the United States without being monitored freely from New Zealand. This is why their clearances have NOT been revoked which should be automatic once they resign, get fired or retire. “When I resigned from my Army Intelligence Unit after my wife had our fourth child, my TS/SCI clearance was terminated instantly as my new post did not demand it” said retired Intel Analyst for the US Army.

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  1. Senior Executive Service across these counties in every Government, al investigated, selected, groomed, into to be the queens and her Privy Council Pilgrim Society henchmen to maintain control over all her territories. All was going to plan then Something yuge happened.

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