It’s 2019, and the whole planet, aside from self-declared communist nations like China, is filled with people that believe they are free. Free to express their thoughts with art, words, and music. In short, this is false. All nations on the planet differ from the United States of America in that respect. Our FIRST Amendment, “Freedom of Speech,” is protected by the Second Amendment. Thus, in actual fact, the only nation on the planet that actually affords its citizens the right to “FREE SPEECH” is the United States of America.

If you think the UK has free speech, please visit the media reporting on Tommy Robinson as the most recent example. Regardless, if speech causes stress or is disliked by many or few, it doesn’t matter in the United States – it is protected.

Citizens of the United States of America have been complaining for over 3 years that their speech is being suppressed and that they are being censored. They are NOT wrong. Social media bans are unapologetically biased, but there hasn’t been a court hearing yet to determine if social media is considered a PUBLIC SQUARE. If it is so, then censorship is indeed demonstrated if banned or removed from a platform, UNLESS danger to the public can be proven. In other words, banning speakers or demonstrators from a Public Square is indeed a First Amendment violation. If it’s deemed NOT A PUBLIC SQUARE, then social media companies will have to start charging, and when they do, they lose the right to free data collection, and every single user will move to a free platform. The world can thank Laura Loomer and her stellar team of legal minds who are forcing our judicial system to make that determination for that.

Though in the meantime, censorship has been ramping up in the name of “feelings” and “hate speech”, both of which are personal determining factors, yet are purported as gospel by MASS AGREEMENT. While many on the left believe censorship is acceptable because the censorship is applied to people, statements, and things they personally do not dislike, they fail to realize that what they are applauding is exactly what they purport to be against: Dictatorship

This is true Liberty when free born men
Having to advise the public may speak free,
Which he who can, and will, deserv’s high praise,
Who neither can nor will, may hold his peace;
What can be juster in a State than this?


Unapologetic Debut

Censorship by the mainstream media (MSM) isn’t something new. Throughout decades of “news” reporting, many people have been arrested, blacklisted, and/or killed (accidents/suicides) who spoke up against the government. The first and most well known victim of unapologetic censorship paid for it with his life: President Abraham Lincoln. He refused to allow slavery, so the Democrats declared war, and the first civil war in the history of the United States was born. Nothing has changed. The Democrats still want their slaves, but with over 100 years of planning, they decided every mere citizen should serve them. They believe the best way to enslave every man, woman, or child is to convince them it was their idea. That’s how you win. You don’t win such a war, the war for people’s freedom, by force – you do so by convincing them to comply. There are over 300 million people they wish to enslave and there are about 100,000 of them. The odds are not in their favor.

In 2016, we noticed a bold and unapologetic uptick in censorship. Anyone who criticized politicians, especially Hillary Clinton’s strange behaviors, her physical debilitation, declining health, criminal actions, and that ORGANIZED “protesters”, were paid by NGOs that were linked to the Democrats, Obama For America, or the Clinton campaign, were deemed “PROPAGANDA”. Specifically, all such reporting, questions, posts on social media, or quests for the truth were dubbed Russian Propaganda, according to the MSM – even though there was actual EVIDENCE. Evidence of her health failing, evidence of her crimes, and evidence that protesters were being paid.

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Amazon, the leading retailer for selling books, lead the pack in 2016 with their “news” outlet the Washington Post publishing a story headlined “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say”. Their experts were the Democratic National Committee and claimed that Russia was using alternative news sites to spread anti-Clinton propaganda during the election campaign. Amazon, who is participating in BookBURNING2.0 by banning books that “People shouldn’t be reading,” led the pack.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.



The 116th Congress ends in 2021. The remedy to the 116th Congress’ actions will be the removal of the criminal actors that are purporting legislation and intimidating behavior to disable every citizen’s innate rights, either in-office or not, to speak freely. The answer to this attack on our nation will be with the (one-hundred and SEVENTEENth) 117th Congress. The power-hungry, nefarious dictators know this. From now until November 2020, as the day of elections commencing for the new House draws near, the establishment of “rulers” will do everything in their power to disallow us to remedy cancer that plagues the vision of our forefathers with the strongest weapons in their ARSONRY: THE MSM and CENSORSHIP.


Just like every disease or virus that harms our body, a vector is needed. A vector is a vessel to transfer disease because the disease itself cannot propagate in a human body on it’s own. Viruses must infect a cell and propagate within a cell to further infect. Viruses cannot survive on their own. The same goes for censorship. Those that believe they should be ruling us are NOTHING and cannot survive if we are not constantly INFECTED with advertisements, images, sounds, and in general, sensory input of that notion. The notion itself dies in the darkness it spawns from because it is incompatible with the heart and mind of any free man or woman.

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Censorship isn’t a new tool. It’s been around since the beginning of recorded history. Censorship is the dark shadow that is cast by the embodiment of every free man, woman, or child and it follows free people like a shadow. Censorship is the YIN to freedom’s YANG.

In China, since their inception eons ago and even today, censorship is considered a bonafide tool to regulate and ensure moral and political life of the people who are being ruled. In fact, the Romans and Greeks created censorship. In 443 B.C., as the empires had grown dominating, most land on the planet they created CENSOR offices (that’s where the word comes from). The CENSOR had the “honorable” task of putting forward RULES and LAWS to be imposed on their citizens that were for GOOD governance and their ability to rule. The coming of Jesus threw a big wrench into that.

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Cross scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian| Censorship under the guise of blasphemy as to rule with fear of otherworldly forces.

The first LAW of censorship in recorded history of a civilization that exists today, can be traced back to China in 298 AD, according to historians. In actual fact though, we can safely say that all those before that time who were hung, torched, gutted, and banished were also victims of censorship. However, the reason they met such fate was “blasphemy”. Under the cloak of blasphemy it wasn’t about the Caesar or Pharaoh, it was about the Gods. It was the Chinese that were actually transparent enough to be honest and clearly outline the reasoning for censorship, and that was for governance.

China is a Communist Nation And That is OK.

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China is and always was a communist nation. They are unapologetic about their laws because they are transparent with them from implementation to execution, advising all those still willing to live in their nation that THESE ARE THE RULES DON’T LIKE IT – MOVE. Winnie The Pooh is literally banned from China. If you post or say Winnie The Pooh you can be thrown in jail. That’s not freedom right? That’s OK because they don’t hide the fact that they do not believe in freedom of the people. Here is a report by the BBC explaining the whole Winnie the Pooh ban.

Are the Democrats Dictators?

The Democrats are a party of dictators but they lie about it. They want communism but they tell you they are fighting for freedom. It’s like a husband telling his wife he loves her but never buys her flowers, never hugs her, and never sleeps with her. Domestic violence without the fists, right? This is exactly what the Democrats are telling you and they are using the MSM to convince you it is the RIGHT WAY.

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Facebook removes, bans, and silences any person who posts, shares, or comments on any topic THEY find to be “OFFENSIVE”. THEY also deem people dangerous that discuss, report, or share information that THEY find to be “HATEFUL”. Who is THEY?

YouTube demonitizes, deplatforms, shadow bans, or removes all videos on any topic they find “OFFENSIVE”. Their advertisers are used as reasons as to why they demonetized certain channels or videos. Does that mean that the CONSUMER industry dictates what is “OFFENSIVE”? Who is THEY?

Twitter deplatforms, shadow bans, or removes all users and tweets on any topic THEY find to be “OFFENSIVE”. If THEY determine your speech is hateful, not only do you get banned from the service on Twitter, but you are removed from any other CONSUMER PRODUCT (banking, consumer products, transportation) because THEY deem you “Hateful”. Who is THEY? Wait till they ban a SITTING PRESIDENT.

You are no longer able to host a website, blog, consumer point of sale, or enjoy the services of the free and open CYBERSPACE or community if THEY believe you are “OFFENSIVE” or “HATEFUL”. Who is THEY?

A reminder that in 1933 Germany THEY had a nominated leader, his name was Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s right hand man and was APPOINTED head of the REICH Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda. His job was similar to the “White Supremacy Division” advertised by the Democratic candidates and aligns with the amendment that Barack Hussein OBAMA signed into law with the NDAA Act legalizing propaganda. The aforementioned Reich Ministry was responsible for all media that was broadcast (newspapers, radio, television, movies, TV programs etc) as well as public shows and cultural programs like theater, art and music.

To demonstrate how propaganda has penetrated our social fabric, aside from FAKE NEWS and FAKE MEDIA you can simple read the Washington Times article “Laura Loomer, woman who stormed stage during ‘Julius Caesar,’ is arrested“. The left failed to understand that this “play” was pure propaganda depicting the President of the United States being assassinated.

To demonstrate the art, and even television invasion, we need only to turn on the television or remember that has-been (horrible person) Kathy Griffin who thought it was art to hold an effigy of our president’s head bathed in blood. This is satanic, immoral, and needless to say, EXACTLY what Goebbels did as the Minister of “Enlightenment”.

Almost seems as if the Democrats are doing exactly what the Nazis did. “VERBATIM”


THEY in China is the Chinese government. THEY say Winnie the Pooh is banned – it’s banned. THEY say holding a sign that expresses your grievance is a crime – it’s a crime. We know who THEY are in China but who are THEY in the USA?

That’s the key question. It’s not like the party of “FREEDOM and EQUALITY” that loves the United States of America result in actions that mimic communist nations and dictatorships of the days of yore, will they?

It’s not like THEY will demand the MSM, the alleged “FREE PRESS,” to censor individuals from speaking, being interviewed, or publishing their material, right?

It’s not like THEY would be so terrified at the prospect that FREEDOM of SPEECH is upheld that THEY would call for the duly elected leader of the United States of America to be silenced. Only dictators silence other leaders or opposition to their ideology. China can ban speech, arrest politicians and citizens for speaking their mind, or being the voice of the people because they are a COMMUNIST country. It’s not like THEY would publicly voice a COMMUNIST manifesto in a nation that purports to be the BEACON of the FREE WORLD, right?

Who THEY are is evident. THEY are the ones who demand power. THEY are the ones who are demanding you to comply with what THEY believe is best for you. THEY are the ones that tell you THEY should raise your kids, THEY should dictate the healthcare you deserve, THEY should tell you who to vote for, THEY should tell you what you should be saying, wearing, and feeling. THEY are dictators. THEY are Communists. THEY are the remnants of the “REMAIN” camp from July 4, 1776.


Two hundred and forty three years ago, a group of people that declared themselves a country were up in arms because their leaders were pushing to leave a union that offered them financial stability and protection. That union had provided them stable trade and leaving it put them at risk of catastrophic financial consequences. Some leaders of that country didn’t share the same vision. They didn’t want to leave the union and went against the ones in leadership that did. THEY didn’t want to leave the bosom of the kingdom.

Visionary leaders struck them down to succeed what they knew was best for their people. One leader led the group wishing to leave a redundant system that only lead to more poverty, less freedom, and gave him less independence to lead his people in the best possible way. He believed that people had the innate right to be free. Free from rule. Free from a monarchy or communist nation.

Most of the inhabitants of the country were torn. Almost 50-50 to leave or remain. The richest people were demanding to remain, and the poorest with nothing to lose were the most loyal to the vision of an independent country by leaving the costly stability the union provided. The remainers, well, THEY were not happy.

Many were condemning and ridiculing the man that lead that movement. THEY would constantly say, “What kind of man would so recklessly take such a risk with the livelihoods of so many on a pipe dream of a more prosperous and independent country outside of the union?”

George Washington was the man who in 1776 broke free of a union that did not suit the people that he was elected to lead. Freedom loving Americans voted him in as President. THEY loathed him. He destroyed their ability to rule every man, woman, or child. THEY have been bitter ever since and THEY concocted a plan to change how people think and make them compliant to WANT to be ruled. Just as a reminder that what we are seeing today has been done before, and they failed.

THEY are the establishment. THEY now have a name, THEY are no longer in the shadows. THEY are the Democratic Party. Their weapons have simply been upgraded. MSM is the BOW to their ARROW of censorship.

Two hundred and forty three years ago we left a union that didn’t serve our needs and honored the innate right to freedom afforded to us by God. Now, two hundred and forty three years later, the amazing product that derived from that “rebellious” act called leaving a “union,” is the amazing United States of America. Now, we are ensuring to eradicate the hold over ideologies fostered by the Democrat Party since 1776 that are clearly an antithesis of what this great nation stands for. If God does not dictate the boundaries of freedom, what makes a mere mortal qualified to do so? The 2020 elections are about freedom. Freedom thrives in an environment of transparency. Even communist China believes in their innate right to freedom. This is why they are transparent with their censorship and intentions, giving their people an option to remain or leave.

The MSM, in conjunction with the consumer industry, and at the behest of the THEM – the establishment embodied by the Democrat Party – are obfuscating all truths by bombarding us with constant falsities. This is done to overload our hearts and minds, to obscure our ability to discern truths, and smother transparency.

If one enemy should be named and shamed, it is the MSM for propagating and amplifying the voice of those that wish to take our freedom away.

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This was originally posted by Tore on on October 1, 2019.

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