During our investigation into Epstein’s money, we stumbled upon a bank that seems to be almost identical in operation, obfuscation, and clientele as the notorious BCCI that was chaired by Clark Clifford. Clifford has also worn hats such as National Security Adviser to Truman, White House Counsel, Chairman of Intelligence Advisory Board, and Secretary of Defense throughout his life. Notably, the majority shares of this bank were owned by Saudi Sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz, who had close ties with the Bush and Clinton administrations.

A previously reported Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) was shut down and dismantled when it was determined to be the “black bank” and the washing machine for all corrupt networks across the globe. Asian mafias, Mexican cartels, Noriega, Saddam Hussein, terrorists, poppy plant drug lord of Asia Khun Sa, and many Republicans and Democrats in Washington including the Bushes, Clintons, and other notorious Hill names surfaced as clients. The global bank that operated in almost 80 countries was shut down because it was determined that Black Gold money from the Middle East was “influencing” politicians in the USA.

As we looked into the financials of Epstein tracing wire transfers between Deutsche Bank and other institutions – ONE bank kept surfacing with a specific routing number. We ran the routing number through ABA search database to find the “branch” that is allegedly located in Washington D.C. Apparently the American Banking Association (ABA) has no record of a branch in Washington, D.C. with that routing number. Strangely enough, the CEO of this bank is the “BRANCH MANAGER” of the Washington D.C. branch which flanks FedEx and Nordstroms on K street. Below is a screenshot showing all results during the search of the routing number. Oddly enough, a routing number for the HQ (where you would think the CEO would be) popped up and then all the branches in New York City had the same routing number. Oddly enough, the location in Washington D.C. didn’t pop up.

Wire transfer details indicate ACCOUNT is in D.C., but ABA says different

Routing numbers are issued by law to track money transfers by location for each bank. How does a bank branch in Washington D.C. not have their own ABA routing number?

The way they discovered BCCI was a “shell” bank was they discovered an incredible amount of unpaid loan accounts. Basically, the bank was issuing loans that were never repaid (and possibly never intended to be repaid). That’s how you launder money from one country to another. You send money from Nicaragua to yourself via an “NGO,” but instead of the bank giving it to you, they park the money and give you a loan for the same amount. You never have to repay the loan because you already sent the money. This was all uncovered during the civil dispute in the case of White vs Baker in Houston, TX, one of which was Bush Sr.’s business partner. George Bush Sr. was a director of BCCI.

Basically, funds were being moved from foreign countries (Saudis and Iraqis) to purchase aircraft or air space (among other things) via BCCI branch in NYC, but the account was located in Houston, Texas. According to exclusive documentation, BCCI Texas “branch” had an identical routing number as that of NYC branches. This allowed money to flow through in the form of loans from NYC without a Texas originating or landing routing number. It turned out that Baker’s business address was also the address of BCCI bank “branch” in Houston, AND Pandora’s box blew open. It was a front. Mexican Cartel money, mafia money, and in general illicit organization money, were all being funneled through a “TWIN” account in Texas via NYC disguised as loans against UNION/PENSION FUND accounts. That is how it collapsed and how it was ultimately exposed.


As we began investigating the bank that Epstein’s wire transfers would flow through, we noticed something odd: The bank itself has a CLASS A rating and that is because of the leverage they show on the books – LABOR UNIONS. Teacher unions and other labor unions in the United States and Canada all house their money in this one bank. This bank was in turmoil before and it seems the SHARK who “rescued” the Democrat Piggy Bank is now sitting pretty in President Trump’s cabinet.

Vulture “angel” investors swoop in and save dying businesses. In fact, President Trump’s Secretary of Commerce, known as the KING OF BANKRUPTCY, helped inject $100 Million in this bank, taking a huge chunk of stock in return back in 2012, when the bank was under scrutiny by the FDIC. There was an enforcement action, according to Bloomberg, because it allegedly allowed many “loans” to be delinquent, with negative accounts collecting dust, but never “written off”. The bank itself wrote out NEW loans to cover the loans that were sitting in the red idly so they don’t have to list them. That sounds eerily identical to what BCCI did!

In addition, 20% stake share in the bank by Trump’s cabinet member also received aide to resuscitate the bank with an investment from none other than former Bill Clinton “employer” Yucaipa Companies, who seems to “obfuscate” and omit as an asset and protected it in the bankruptcy restructure in 2009?

Yucaipa Companies has been under the control of Ron Burkle, who is based out of Los Angeles and a VERY close friend of the Clintons. Back in the early 2000s when the Clinton’s were “broke”, Bill worked as a senior adviser to Yucaipa, collecting “finders fees” for determining and arranging “business deals”. One has to wonder how his former presidential seat and ambitious wife Hillary’s clout was used to seal deals. Burkle funded over $1 million for HRC’s run for presidency in 2008, and the bank he has block stock in funded and facilitated all monetary transactions for Hillary for America, Obama for America, the DNC, DCCC, Fusion GPS, and many more.

The Democrats Love Unions And Climate Change Cash

They pander to unions (especially teachers) to maintain and foster their relations with them. Based on information we have been uncovering, it could be because they love their UNION DOLLARS. It was previously reported that Amalgamated Bank had unpaid loans never discharged to “unknown” accounts, most of which linked back to campaign accounts. We were unable to confirm information, but our sources tell us names such as Hillary Clinton, Jerry Nadler, Paul Pelosi, and Adam Schiff may have been circulating on the debt books.

How would a bank that hands out money world wide and never collects maintain a CLASS A rating? ASSETS – whose assets? UNION assets they possibly BORROW against. It’s legal borrowing.

In 2015, Sarah Westwood wrote a stellar piece demonstrating Amalgamated Bank’s iffy actions. A bank whose CEO has a history of being the poster child for anything #GlassNation and “progressive,” supposedly advocating for hard working Americans while also “managing” Union money.

Keith Mestrich, regular HuffPo contributor and Climate Change advocate that operates out of the Washington D.C. Branch of his bank that has no unique routing number, (??) stood tall and proud next to his biggest pocket liner: TEACHERS UNION LEADERSHIP at a Clinton Global Initiative gala in 2015, one week after the Teachers Union endorsed her. The same Clinton Foundation that Epstein founded, and the now deceased Jeffrey Epstein was present at this gala. Mestrich is also the head of recruitment for Democracy Alliance, a liberal donor club founded by billionaire George Soros.

Notably, the union that endorsed Hillary Clinton is also a client of the bank and the union. The American Federation of Teachers also happens to be a client of the bank.

All DNC assurance that profits are going to an ideologically aligned organization is a draw, but the bank also offers financial advantages to its political clients.

Amalgamated Bank is the “DEMOCRAT” bank. DNC funds from around the nation bank with them, and we have WIRE TRANSFERS that show campaign money from DNC going to DCCC.org? We won’t determine the legality, we are simply providing information, the same information we gave to the FBI FinCEN prior to discussing and/or publication of this article.


What kind of bank would book a dinner, jet, or hotel for their clients? The BCCI. What kind of bank would recommend a masseuse and finish your paperwork for your campaign or business deal sealed with a kiss? BCCI.What kind of bank offers political clients access to round-the-clock concierge service, with Barack Hussein Obama veteran campaigners so they quickly process million dollar top-off loans, reconcile election paperwork, or find you paid media placements? Amalgamated Bank does. Their spiel: “Political Investment Banking,” which is something I missed during my Mergers and Acquisitions and Investment Banking series during my MBA course.When Hillary Clinton had ZERO dollars and needed a quick million to top-up, boom, Amalgamated was by her side. I wonder if book deals “pay back” the money to the bank or if they are part of the deal?

WL Ross & Co. is Sec of Commerce Wilbur Ross’ company

It’s pretty incredible that a BANK would have contact to pay for media placement, promote article publications, and do all that fancy adobe publishing stuff for their clients right? Almost as if they work for the media. It’s not like their CEO is on MSNBC and other failing “news” networks promoting the democrats and their agenda or the CEO of a bank is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, right? Well, except for Amalgamated Bank of course.

Shameless Public Sector Collective Bargaining

Amalgamated Bank prides itself as “America’s Labor Bank,” and we all know unions are polarizing topics, but why? Right to work or unions? They’ve made it a Democrat/Republican thing when the Democrats are responsible for most union perversions citing “Republic Senate or House” like there is a difference. One plays good cop/bad cop depending on the president… Well, they used to, until President Trump changed all that.

If I Were The Broke DNC….

As a concerned citizen and the wife of a worker that pays union dues, I would like to know how sketchy, shady, campaign transactions, bank transactions, DNC, OBAMA, and HILLARY & co. money are all pooled under one roof — with hard working American union money?

The DNC has had close to ZERO in the political sphere contributions. They are broke, so how are they running?

If I were the broke DNC, and I had a bank that housed almost all labor union money, I would INVEST all their money overseas.Maybe that overseas investment company could go by any of these names:

Didn’t the BCCI have similar investment funds in Luxembourg? Doesn’t Brennan have investment ties with Saudi’s in Luxembourg?

If I were the broke DNC, I would “borrow” money from my bank that houses all the NGOs and charities that support the causes I manufacture.

If I were the broke DNC, I would “borrow” money from investors like “Political Investments” from companies in Germany, Ireland, or Luxembourg, just like BCCI did.

If I were the broke DNC, and someone realized I had spent all the union money, I would quickly cover it up by “losing money”. I would tell my bank what money I know I can never move around to temporarily flash and appease balance sheets requested will be “written off”. Maybe I will invest all the union money in companies like AOL, even though I know they are undergoing a merger. I will pretend to just have bad luck. $56 million lost means $56 million I don’t have to pay back.

If I were the broke DNC, my piggy bank would support organizations and movements like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter.

If I were the broke DNC, my piggy bank would be biased to progressive ideas, exclude customers and clients of “political investment banking,” and not be sued.

If I were the broke DNC, my piggy bank CEO would be sitting in our D.C. office, not our HQ in NYC: Political Investment Banking.

We need to audit and or investigate the actions of this bank because the CEO, who is also a board member of Democracy Alliance, are funding a massive event with UNION DOLLARS, that according to sources, may be riddled with violence. #StayTuned

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