Obama’s Bestiality Laws May Be Defense for Police Officer Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Animals

A highly decorated police officer of Bossier City, LA arrested for bestiality. Officer Terry Yetman, 38, has been charged with multiple counts of bestiality.

Yetman was arrested on December 19 and charged with 20 counts of sexual abuse of animals by performing sexual acts with an animal, and 20 counts of filming sexual acts with an animal.

Louisiana State Police Dept.

Why is it that people who champion for rights of the vulnerable the most demented? Yetman served on a task force was responsible for championing the rights of domestic violence victims and their families.

Yetman was awarded the the 2018 Trey Hutchison Award for his work on the Domestic Violence Task Force

Yetman was given this award and “recognized for (his) outstanding efforts over the past year to champion the protective rights of domestic violence victims and their families.

Bossier Sheriff’s Department

Our sources say that Yetman showed up on the radar of detectives with the Louisiana State Police Special Victim’s Unit when bestiality porn was linked to Yetman’s social profiles. As they investigation unfolded there was enough evidence to get a search warrant for Yetman’s residence.

Detectives found pornography involving sexual acts with an animal on electronic devices belonging to Yetman, according to the LSP. WGNO ABC reported that Yetman turned himself in when he learned warrants had been issued for his arrest and he is currently being held at the Bossier Max Correctional Center on a $350,000 bond, according to the LSP. In addition, this investigation is still open so it’s being reported that additional charges may be reported.

Why is this so interesting? Barack Hussein Obama penned an EO altering Bestiality Laws? Why would you put in laws illustrating what kind of sexual acts with an animal are illegal or not?

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In the case of bestiality: Legal justification or excuse? Religion maybe? Identifying as an animal? According to the law Obama penned, they are acceptable defenses.

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