Yesterday I published an article in which I infiltrated the CLC for Muslims in America posing as an ISIS BRIDE and Ilhan Omar supporter in which it was revealed to me that the event held yesterday in Florida in which Ilhan Omar was a Keynote Speaker was for the purpose of raising funds for ISIS Bride Hoda Muthana. The article EXCLUSIVE: ILHAN OMAR COMMITTED TREASON has been viewed over 100K times. In the article, Laura Loomer’s exclusive piece on how Ilhan Omar advocated VOTER FRAUD titled EXCLUSIVE: Ilhan Omar Caught Encouraging Voter Fraud, Tells Constituents To “Vote Twice” is embedded as well.

Overnight many comments were posted to the article but one stood out in particular along with a video link we received that should make everyone see just how dangerous and aggressive they are. Social Media platforms are actively silencing people, specifically conservative voices or those that speak up against Islamic Terrorism but they are allowing and promoting those that call for the death of Americans and our country.

The IP address may be VPN masked to depict Canada

This comment in particular was incredible when you put it in context with the video we were given. This is where #StopTheBias should be at the forefront of every conversation. Ilhan Omar’s supporters are literally applauding the death of American Soldiers calling us puppets/marionettes!

YouTube (as well as Twitter, Facebook, Google etc) censors conservatives that do not applaud or incite violence yet allow ISIS, Taliban and other terrorist organizations to freely post. This video was uploaded just a few days ago and even with their “SAFETY” measures it lives and thrives on the internet.

The video is titled “Taliban Defeating Americas Puppets In Afghanistan Awesome Footage” and the comment on the page calls AIPAC Marionettes which is a French word for puppets.

To flex my knowledge on Arabian culture, puppets are what they call Jews and Westerners that do not subscribe to ISLAM. Taliban rejects ceasefire extension, resumes attacks on ‘internal puppets’ an article published that uses Islam influenced phrases. Every faction has their speech, listen to Omar and you will see her true intent.

Ilhan Omar was raising funds for a non-American citizen that called for the killing of Americans to be allowed entry to our country with complete disregard for our Secretary of State and President’s position but most importantly OUR safety.

Hoda Muthana: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ONE. It takes only ONE person to cause death and destruction to many. It takes ONE suicide bomber, it takes ONE hijacker – JUST ONE. How many more times will we allow Omar to commit such crimes against the people and insult the office that she holds? Do we have to wait until another 9.11 happens? What happened to Never Forget? Remember it only took ONE hijacker.

*Note if the channel removes the video we have already downloaded it.*

Ilhan Abdullahi Omar was elected into Congress by the people who throw gay persons off a roof, wish death upon our nation and want Sharia Law. Her treasonous act yesterday raising money to aid enemies of our country, having committed immigration fraud and coupled with her statements should be more than enough to remove her from office. How is she in office?

Please contribute to Laura Loomer HERE. Laura Loomer has been the only one exposing this from day ONE.

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