Insurance is defined as the state of being insured, or “protected”. Generally the term insurance is understood as being in a state of protection against loss. In Washington, “insurance” is a state of protection too, but not what you think. Insurance in Washington, is protection they have against specific types of losses. Such losses include and are not limited to power, exposing their crimes, quid pro quo, acts of treason and other actions that would be viewed as abuse of office. It’s another word for blackmail.

Her private email server was a way to communicate with domestic and foreign government officials without making it part of Presidential Record and to circumvent FOIA requests..Everyone did it. Even Obama. BHO was our client and it was our obligation to ensure his communications that may be compromising are secure.

Perkins Coie Source

During the Congress initiated investigation into HRC server, the FBI knew and were advised by Kendall, HRC’s  attorney, that the company she sourced to “back her server up” used bleach bit.  In addition, they knew that  Mills and Samuelson had used Bleach Bit. This is evident from the texts showcased above. In June, as they were completing the MYE (Clinton Private Email Investigation Report) for Comey, cyber forensics advised them that Cheryl Mills’ computer came back clean, confirming Bleach Bit was successful. The communications below indicate that Strzok was very pleased / relieved with the result.

The above communications further substantiate the notion that many subscribe to, including myself, that the investigation into HRC private server emails was not done appropriately and according to the law. This fueled conflict with people at the DOJ that wanted to ensure everything was by the book as opposed to the 7th floor’s apparent loose relationship with the rule of law.

In fact, our exclusive FBI source tells us that George Toscas was the first one at the DOJ that was on #TeamClinton to voice support in creating a narrative for the DNC / RNC hack to minimize impact. He claimed he felt it was important due to National Security Concerns. Toscas was the conduit the 7th floor needed to get the DOJ on board with the idea of using HRC opposition research and cyber mitigation strategy to buffer controversy the March 2016 DNC and RNC hacks would potentially bring. The hack occurred around the time that the Democratic Party had come to a “non-public” consensus that Hillary Clinton would “win” the primary. It was during that week that HRC, her aides, her army of lawyers and the FBI got together so that she answers “questions.” 

In April, Toscas joined a meeting with the MYE team and others. It was then when he expressed concern about the whole toxic relationship between the FBI and DOJ that ensued during the HRC email investigation. It was apparent, that he saw eye to eye with the team spearheading the “Russia Insurance” plan. He believed that co-mingling intel with Perkins Coie team would be a great “save face” plan for the domestic hack.  

Apparently, the “Sanderistas” (#SethRich) and “Assanges”concerned them and that Trump winning was never something that would happen. Surprisingly, in this text exchange, there is an email Comey sent out to the FBI reinforcing that there was no “bias” in HRC decision ensuring that rank and file -did just that-ranked and filed.

Everyone knew it was the Administration’s fix. Comey was always the fixer. He picked up where the last Director left off.

Former IC Element (SES)

Everyone in the April 28th 2016 meeting was pretty much having a go at Strzok. The underlying tone was that he is a liability. Too vested. We suspected they (Strzok,MCCabe, Comey et al) were working for WH/ODNI since a lot of their communications were compartmentalized. But, the minute George came out supporting notions presented and talking them up – we knew if NSD was in, this was going into a more of a “weapon” rather than “save face.” There were already a lot of us involved, so once the MYE brief was done, the “team” was downsized and had cross agency access.

Former IC Element (SES)

Indeed, the evidence seems to substantiate this statement by our FBI/IC source.

 Almost instantly when Perkins Coie work and strategy came up and was discussed by the legal team, we knew who was really heading this, and we were relieved to be excluded down the line. The President always got his way, and she was going to be President at any cost.

Former IC Element (SES)

Strangely enough, all reporting on George Toscas imply he’s a “good guy” when sources and evidence say different.

According to the Daily Caller:

The Washington Post has reported that Toscas was the Justice Department official who reminded then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe about Clinton emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. McCabe had been informed about the emails weeks earlier but failed to take action on them until late-October 2016.

DOJ Attorney Faces Deposition In FISA Abuse Probe

Even the Gateway Pundit made it sound as if Toscas is a good guy yet, the texts used to justify it simply show that he was made aware of Weiner’s laptop and trying to find out how soon the team can have it in their possession. After all, his reputation was on the line and with the “tarmac incident,” the DOJ couldn’t afford another scandal so close to the elections. It would be way too obvious. 

This is how it all came together. All visible IC elements and top law enforcement unified in the name of “saving face” using the new domestic DNC/RNC hacks in March as an excuse. 

Perkins Coie, who manages Obama’s (OFA), DNC and Hillary campaign funds, covered all the costs. They never thought she would lose. Once Donald J. Trump cinched the Republican nomination they weaponized the highest offices of our law enforcement and our Global IC community. Their mission was simple-WIN- to ensure they maintain power.

Hillary’s emails were and are in our possession. The question is when will the IG of the DOJ tell us that they found them in Obama’s Whitehouse?

If I had a mirror portion of the DNC server I would have mailed it to AAG Whitaker too! Nothing says secure like US Postal Service.

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