Today the President tweeted a big Thank You to Saudi Arabia on the heels of an explosive presser making clear what his foreign policy is. It’s #AmericaFirst.

Clearly, there is a concerted effort by our MSM attempting to dictate our foreign policy with the excuse of a freelance Saudi reporter’s disappearance.  It is also very apparent that not only the Democrats but “Republicans” are pushing to thwart Saudi-American relations by means of skewing public opinion like this RINO, Senator Corker.

Yesterday both Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Trump gave press conferences that illustrated the state of the energy and were very transparent in their stance to Turkey and that Saudi-American relations are imperative for global economic stability and the success of our nation. 

EMEA Energy Dynamics

It is widely known and reported that Germany and in general the EU, are dependent on Russia for their energy needs.  In fact, over 70% of their energy comes from Russia. Similarly to the United States, pipelines are used to transfer large quantities of oil and natural gas across great distances effectively and efficiently .  Turkey is the HUB for oil and gas distribution between the EU and the two main suppliers :  Russia and Iran. 

Everything goes through Turkey

Unbeknownst to most is that Turkey has been trying  for decades to be part of the EU and has positioned themselves as the middleman for energy distribution which is apparent in the graphic above. In order for the EU to receive oil and gas from Russia and or Iran, they must use pipelines that run through Turkey. 

TANAP was a project the EU funded to extend this pipeline across the Mediterranean from spanning Greece, Italy and Spain to fuel the southern member state of the EU in a cost effective manner. 

The most important information people need to know is that the election of President Trump thwarted global energy plans.  Back in 2000 the US-funded both visibly and covertly the pipeline between Iran and Turkey (Phase I). Specifically, an agreement between Iran-Turkey was signed during the Clinton administration in 1996 (Ground Zero). Tensions with Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia escalated at that time. We know what happened next.  Currently, with the election of President Trump, the EU/US relations have changed. In short, this progressive plan, that was almost completed, that was to exclude the US from energy production and in turn exclude the largest oil and gas producer from the global economy.  

Former Administration – Exit Moves

The Trump administration has made it clear that the Russia narrative and investigation of colluding with them is a #WitchHunt.  This aligns with the specific Obama Administration exit moves made. Aside from the Obama Administration beginning to lay the foundations of the Russia Narrative in November and December after Hillary Clinton’s loss more mitigation was happening behind the scenes.  The Obama Administration knew that funding to Iran and the TANAP project would cease upon President Trump’s inauguration.  Thus, to mitigate this, investors were sought. Once President Trump was the Republican nominee both former President Obama and Former First Lady Obama met with one specific entity very frequently.  The final visit was with the WORLD BANK was executed in December of 2016.

Earlier this year TANAP began operations and on Tuesday it was announced that Turkstream was completed.

TurkStream :  A pipeline that runs under the Black Sea.  Did you know Gazprom funded the majority of this? Uranium One – Clinton Foundation all lead back to Turkstream.

Evidently, Europe is VERY energy dependent on Turkey. Aforementioned, the first EVER pipeline built in the region for this HUB has an ironclad purchasing agreement for oil and gas with Iran. Thus, the price control and distribution of gas in Central Asia and Europe is Turkey.  Turkey has purchase agreements with Iran and Russia. 

Therefore, the EU is indirectly buying oil from Iran too. This would explain their relaxed sanctions or refusal to further sanction because then Russia would have FULL control over pricing and access. 

In addition, the concordant relations with Saudi Arabia for the past two decades are now “justified”. After all, until these pipelines were completed and alternative avenues of oil and gas supply existed, the U.S. under previous administrations, couldn’t sanction or bite the hand that fuels it. 

Incredibly, the MSM globally are not forthcoming on what this means for the energy industry and how important Saudi-American relations are right now to compete in the energy industry.  Instead, they simply announce fortification of Turkish-Russian relations and actively OMIT Iranian oil and gas interests. 

Saudi Arabia no longer stands alone

Saudi Arabia is one of the richest nations on the planet because they have the majority share of the planet’s oil and gas.  They are a threat to the global economy as they can change prices as they see fit and in an energy-dependent era, this is worse than being a nuclear power.  

President Trump made it clear the US – Saudi relations will not be influenced by peddled narratives or by any other countries. It is in our country’s best interest to maintain it’s relations for the sake of sovereignty and the global economy.  Saudi Arabia and the US are dependent on each other at the moment to ensure a competitive global market exists. 

Turkey detaining American Citizens

No one asks themselves why Turkey keeps nabbing Americans and imprisoning them?  No one?  The failed Turkish coup d’etat happened during the Obama administration.  It was at a point that Turkey was deciding whether it would remain independent or proceed to a more lucrative co-dependent relationship with the EU.

President Trump’s administration had nothing to do with it, but Turkey is trying to use any leverage they have to ensure that EU interests are upheld.  They are bound to an energy purchasing agreement with Iran and an agreement to supply the EU with most of the energy they need.   Turkey cannot impose sanctions on Iran because if it does then Russia is the SOLE provider of oil and gas for the EU.  That would mean Russia would be able to increase pricing and in turn harm Turkey’s economy and collapse the EU.  The only winner in this is Russia who implemented a #RussiaFirst approach whereas Turkey implemented the globalist approach of the EU. 

Russia is an ally 

For financial stability, it is imperative that Saudi-American economic relations remain solid regardless of what the MSM claim. Russian-American relations are also great.  The ball is in their court.  The fate of the EU lies in Russian hands and if the EU actually sanctions Iran they collapse.

The Politics of Energy Dynamics are complicated but President Trump has proven one thing since he took office- he likes to simplify things. There is always an option and right now putting #AmericaFirst is most important.  His administration makes decisions based on the favorability for OUR country and not every other nation on the planet. 

After all, everyone Mueller has gone after in the Trump administration had direct connections and former business dealings with Energy and or Turkey. That should tell you everything you need to know.  Again, in an era in which nations are energy dependent,  it’s apparent that President Trump is a threat and has disrupted a centralization plan of energy to remove competition and therefore accomplish the primary of goal of any socialist society: Creating Monopolies

Turkey is in a very bad predicament. Do they forfeit their sovereignty to Europe (which was the EU plan all along) and hope for the best or do they shut down everything fueling the biggest war we’ve seen? The failed coup d’etat by the EU was a teaser. 

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