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Michigan Microchipping Bill Is Hot Air

Vaccines are Molecular Devices

During this P(l)andemic many governors showed their true colors and thirst for power and control showing their constituents that they side with an agenda of globalization and how much they despise the rights afforded to citizens by the U.S. Constitution. Michigan’s Governor Whitmer violated her constituent rights so much that the Attorney General of the United States assigned the U.S. Attorney of Eastern Michigan to spearhead civil rights violations during the shutdown.

Governor Whitmer told journalists during the protests against her draconian shut down that Michigan state police are already “monitoring all of the conversations” of protestors. How is this even legal? In fact, she highlighted that those who planned to descend on the capitol to protest her lockdown orders again were the targets of the surveillance.

Thus, it is no surprise that Michigan would be the state paving the way to microchipping residents. While many assert the local legislation protects the residents of Michigan, the verbiage used contradicts that claim.

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Seems from first pass that the bill covers you – as a person – to NOT be forced to be IMPLANTED with a device, but it does not. Employers across the United States MANDATE vaccinations for employment. A vaccine is defined as a molecular device. Does that mean that forcing constituents to be vaccinated is going to be illegal in the state of Michigan?

Universities, clinics, and hospitals are just a few of many employers that mandate vaccinations and sometimes FLU vaccinations for employment, claiming that they are “necessary” for the safety of the consumers they are interacting with.

While many believe that the RFID chip, on the mass produced alleged VACCINE vessel is the problem – it is not. In fact, it’s the verbiage of the bill that is the problem. Barcodes and other identifiers are ALREADY present on vaccines to assist in collecting information “anonymously” on patients that are part of a certain “batch” of vaccines. This method, as described in the video below is simpler, cheaper, and negates the need for syringes and glass bottles assisting government and private companies to track the distribution of a batch of vaccine, quantities, and demographic data in order to identify side effects, efficacy, and other data they require. Yes, every time you get a vaccine, bar codes are scanned on two different systems – it’s just done at the nurses station or medical dispensary and you don’t see it.

Then what is the problem with this bill? It’s HOT AIR.

First off, it challenges institutions that mandate vaccinations as a vaccine is indeed a molecular device. If and when someone is denied employment due to lack of vaccinations or refusal to get the flu vaccine, this bill can be invoked. How can an employer deem that the employee is a risk to consumers/patients they interact with as part of a job? They can’t, but they can use “guidelines”. In other words, this bill was created to fail.

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With digitized health records, vaccines and identifying patients that are vaccinated or “cleared” is lock in step with technological advancements. Biometrics are a new way to identify people in a place of employment. Digitized health is considered a biometric component of one’s profile and is almost fully required especially with ID2020 creeping – which President Trump (Thank God) postponed INDEFINITELY.

In essence, this legislation does NOT cover RFID or other devices such as ink scan, barcode tattoos, or any other “devices” under the cloak of health safety. Thus, dual purpose kicks in.


If you have an RFID, ink tattoo/barcode as part of a mass Health ID pass program, then your employer CAN and WILL mandate the use of such for your employment. They use your social security number – which was intended to be your “account number” – for government pension as an identifier (dual use), the barcode of your driver’s license is scanned (that houses a lot of PII) to sell you goods or to “enter you in the system” for employment (dual use).

Once again politicians fail to deliver. Instead delivering smoke and mirrors (intentionally or not) to their constituents, offering them FALSE protections. The verbiage does not protect you because if it did hospitals, universities, and other establishments mandating vaccinations for employment would be sued instantly because vaccines ARE molecular devices. Once this law being passed pertaining to a dispute due to molecular device mandates and the first case is heard, people will then realize the ZERO protection this bill provides, and how politicians REALLY operate.

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