VIDEO: BLM and Black Trans Lives Matter Activist Threatens Business Owner For Removing BLM Signs From Their Own Building

BLM/Black Trans Lives Matter activist Lorenzo Rulli livestreamed on Facebook while owners of a furniture and repair business removed BLM signs from their own building on Sunday. The video was later uploaded to YouTube under the title “KAREN”.

In the video, Rulli is seen heckling a man who appears to be removing signs from Grimes Interiors in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. When Rulli asks the man if he put the posters and signs in the windows of the business that read, “No Justice, No Peace,” “Black Lives Matter,” and “No Man Was Ever Shot While Doing the Dishes,” the man responds by saying, “No, I didn’t put the signs in the windows.”

Rulli tells the man and his wife to hang the signs back up. “Those words mean nothing to you,” Rulli tells them.

The couple then explained to Rulli that the building belongs to them, which doesn’t seem to register with the BLM and Black Trans “activist”.

The woman then joins the man in tearing the signs off of the front door and tells Rulli, “You can put them on your building.” Rulli says he will do just that and starts to take the signs from the woman.

Rulli then goes over to the van the couple just exited in front of the building to get a shot of the business name and phone number, telling viewers to call the business, “Right now, make this all public.”

“Y’all know I was coming back to see what white person had the audacity to do some ignorant ass shit like that, and here it is. Two white-ass people that was sitting around watching. You knew we was going to come back. Now it’s an issue.”

“It’s not an issue,” the female business owner responds.

“I fucking promise you two that it’s an issue,” Rulli replies. “Shut up. You pulled it off the window. You better be glad that I’m not violating you right now.”

The man responds by saying, “Ok. That’s cool,” clearly trying to deescalate the brewing confrontation. “No, it’s not fucking cool,” Rulli responds.

The woman asks Rulli what his name is, and he tells her, Lorenzo Rulli and reads the business phone number of Grimes Interior’s van. “They think this is acceptable here,” Rulli says to another woman who is walking up to the business asking what happened. “They’re going to pull our Black Lives Matter sign down when we’re sitting here telling them that it’s offensive. It don’t matter because this old lady, this white woman is a prick.”

An onlooker who happens to be another white woman, with cherry red dyed hair tells Rulli to just put them back up, but he said he would be taking the signs with him because he knew they would be pulled down again by the business owners. “This their property,” Rulli explains.

He tells the onlooker that he appreciates the support and she responds by saying, “Yeah, I got black kids.”

“You got black kids?,” Rulli asks the woman. “We love black babies.”

Another onlooker chimes in asking if everything is alright, to which Rulli responds, “It’s fine. They’re ignorant as fuck. These are the white people that sat by and watched as we asked who did this, wondering who did this. They did it. They did it. So that’s what it is.”

He then goes to the opposite side of the van, reading off the name of the business and the phone number.

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“Hey lady, give me my signs out your car before I go in there and get them. Thank you. Give me my signs out your car,” Rulli continues.

Rulli tells another onlooker, “He ain’t gonna touch me. He’s ain’t that dumb,” referring to the male business owner. “Give me them signs out your car. They’re not yours. Share this to my page y’all. Miss? She trying to keep them in her car.”

When onlookers ask, “So they took your signs off?” Rulli tells them, “Yeah, so we covered this whole-we covered both of these. We know the property owners here are racist, ignorant, bigot -ass people. That’s the type of people we don’t supply with. So this, this, this right here leaves a statement when we come in here to march.”

The female business owner can then be seen making a phone call (to the police?). “I’m not about to explain stupidity to white people that know what they’re doing, cause you sitting there holding your phones and talking,” Rulli contines.

“You know what it means. Bro, you could not have done that on mistake. Talking bout, you just bought the property. Man, contact these people. Contact these fucking people, like I don’t care ’bout none of that. Contact these people. Call Grimes. Like, call them.”

Meanwhile, the female onlooker wearing a purple shower cap says, “This is what they do, they do shit and then they want to act dumb. Don’t try to do that then, and try to act stupid now. That’s a statement and we all know what that means. That’s what’s going to get your ass whooped for disrespecting when you do shit like that disrespecting and then try to act dumb.”

The male business owner responds, “The thing is, you posted all that stuff on the building and it’s not your building to post anything on.”

“It don’t matter, it ain’t yours- it ain’t your place to be disrespectful like that,” the shower cap lady barks back.

This is an interesting comment considering shower cap lady doesn’t seem to see how disrespectful it was to post the signs on private property.

There’s an old saying, “When you know better, you do better,” and since Rulli, his friends, and shower cap lady were all informed the business was private property yet they continued to heckle the business owners, the concept of respect seems to be lost somewhere.

Rulli posts a PayPal link in many of the videos on his Facebook page under the name Shawn Green, but with the PayPal.me link of iamlorenzorulli. Rulli is often addressed as Shawn on Facebook posts as well.

“That’s been in the window well before I bought it,” the business owner from Grimes says.

“Well, you made that mistake,” Rulli said.

Again, he tells viewers to call Grimes and “Let them know this is your Karen and your punkass Kevin. That’s what it is right here. Your Karen, and this is definitely a John.”

“What’s that?” the man from Grimes asks.

“Back up. Back the fuck up. Back the fuck up before I smack ya- I’ll smack ya big ass in the head. Yes, I’m on all that.”

“Better cut that shit out, big fella,” another man Rulli calls “Browski” says to the business owner.

As Rulli and his friend get into their car he says, “Fucking racist ass white people, as usual and as always.”

By this point, another man has walked up to the business owner asking what’s going on.

“Y’all aint that dumb. Y’all are dumb, but not that dumb,” shower cap lady says.

“Oh it’s fine, it’s fine. I promise you it’s fine. We’re going to return. Bro, don’t even trip cause that’s all they wan’t-they all police.”

“Trust me, we trip with a crowd. I bet you you feel what I’m saying,” Rulli continues.

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“I’m not threatening you big dog, it’s a promise. You know like I know I mean what the fuck I’m saying,” Rulli tells the business owner.

“Shut the fuck up,” Rulli and shower cap lady scream at someone off screen who is yelling “Go home and do your dishes,” in reference to one of the messages written on one of Rulli’s signs.

“You better stop doing that shit. You best stop doing that shit. Eh, bro get in your whip, we out. We out. I’m going to make sure I’m healthy, I got it,” Rulli continues.

“He’s tight, he don’t want no smoke,” Rulli says to someone that’s yelling right off camera.

“He’s trying his best. Listen, he’s trying his best. I promise you my name will ring–you ugly motherfucka. If you don’t know it now, if you don’t know it now, I promise you you’re gonna know it. I promise you you’re gonna know it. I promise you you’re gonna know it. I’ll be in touch.”

Sounds like threats, I mean promises.

The comments both on Rulli’s Facebook post and YouTube video are very telling. Some commented that he sounds like the real “Karen” not the business owners, while others tried to explain that it’s illegal to go around town posting signs – no matter what they say – to private property.

Why this is such a difficult concept is beyond me. The only guess I have is that they either don’t understand how that works, or they just don’t care. Having been informed that the business was owned by those removing the signs, and Rulli saying he would be back to post more signs, tells me it must be the latter.


There was another person filming from a different angle, Kenny West:

Who is speaking out for the private business owners who are having their private property destroyed, vandalized, burnt to the ground, and some shut down permanently because of protesters/rioters?

Didn’t someone mention respect earlier? Laughable.

While we’ve watched this go on for weeks at a time, what has BLM actually accomplished? Their goals all seem to be rather vague, with no actual solutions tacked onto their demands. At least none that would actually be considered as viable.

On the Black Lives Matter website, they list their demands as:

“We demand acknowledgement and accountability for the devaluation and dehumanization of Black life at the hands of the police.”

“radical, sustainable solutions that affirm the prosperity of Black lives.”

“We call for an end to the systemic racism that allows this culture of corruption to go unchecked and our lives to be taken.”

“We call for a national defunding of police. We demand investment in our communitites and the resources to ensure Black people not only survive, but thrive.”

Did you see any solutions? I didn’t. I saw a call for solutions and a plea to “affirm the prosperity of Black lives”.

I don’t think anyone would disagree with ending “systemic racism” or racism in general. I know no one who thinks racism, no matter what the color of one’s skin is is okay. But making demands, without offering solutions won’t accomplish anything.

I’ve heard the claim time and again over the past few weeks that BLM isn’t heard when they try to talk, so they must destroy, loot, riot, and burn down buildings to get the attention they yearn for to have their message heard.

You’ve had the nation’s attention since the very first day the public saw the George Floyd videos. Honestly, you had the attention of the public much earlier than that, but your demands were vague and no solutions were ever brought to the table.

BLM had the support of probably 98% of the country after the death of George Floyd, and instead of bringing up issues and solutions, BLM chose to protest and riot. The past month of chaos and dismantling of cities has done what for the cause exactly?

Defunding the police and moving money to schools, mental health, and other social programs is something that many of us could get behind. The militarization of local police forces is something we all believe should receive a closer look, be evaluated, and money moved to building up the community instead. But abolishing the police, which is also something we’ve heard this past month just isn’t possible.

There are several conversations that need to take place, but this was never the way to go about doing it.

Instead, there’s been a trail of destruction left behind, with nothing to show for it.

Lives have been lost since the beginning of these protests/riots, including Black lives- yet there are no protests for their life being lost. No three day, televised memorial service with thousands of people and dozens of politicians attending.

In some parts of the country, Black people lose their lives to violence by the dozens each week, yet no protests or marches occur.

Did their Black lives not matter? I’m not sure I understand the rules here. Again, there’s no consistency, no clear objective, no solutions.

What is it that BLM really wants?

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