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VIDEO | Multiple Black Lives Matter Shooters Gunning Down Civilians

There have been outcries by citizens across the United States to declare Antifa and Black Lives Matter as Domestic Terrorist groups because they are not peacefully protesting they are terrorizing the people in the name of “social justice”.

Where are the Black American leaders to condemn this behavior? If I were a Black American I would be enraged The BLM movement was hijacked two years ago and now promotes violence, terrorizing the people, and serves as a FUNDRAISER for the Democrats.

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Rioters have been blocking roads and blocking vehicles. The mobs blocking roads demand that drivers comply and stop. Then the mob surround vehicles and smash them and attack people in the vehicles leaving the drivers no choice to drive away.

Here is a clip where a woman called 911 when her car was surrounded by a mob. She and her child were trapped in her car and 911 told her to “sit it out” and the police can’t help her because the “event” was sanctioned. Does this mean we are sitting ducks? They can destroy our property and shoot us under the guise of a “sanctioned” event?

Today, June 30, 2020 in Provo, Utah Black Lives Matter protestors were NOT blocking traffic in protest. Instead the “peaceful protestors” flocked to a vehicle that approached an intersection and began pounding on it and blocking it’s path. The vehicle that was heading down the street when it was mobbed. The driver carefully tried to drive on as the protestors flocked to him. In the video you can hear THREE gun shots and there were multiple shooters. The driver while UNDER FIRE still tried to ensure not to run someone over.

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VIDEO: @NiasDiad

Zooming in you can see this slowed down video that shows the first shooter was aiming for the driver. Two shots were fired and the protestors around him were not shocked and DID NOT try to stop him.

Two shooters are clearly identified. One by the car within the mob that flocked to the car and another shooter down the street that shot at the vehicle after escaping the ambush.

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LAW AND ORDER! Where were the police? BLM are now terrorizing citizens. They are organized, funded, tactical and armed. Was this the REVOLUTION Nancy Pelosi spoke of? Was this the REVOLUTION Barack Hussein Obama spoke of? They are willing to spark a civil war to win the elections.

Four years they have been doing nothing but attacking the President with FAKE stories, FAKE investigations, FAKE allegations on OUR DIME. It’s obvious that they are terrified of what is coming because the loss of American lives, chaos and civil unrest is worth them maintaining their seats they have held for over 30 years and have accomplished NOTHING.

It’s about time the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT designate ANTIFA and all other organizations linked to it : Sunrise Movement, Black Lives Matter, Teach America and many more as terrorist organizations. We need to stop the funneling of money and support from foreign entities and confiscate ALL monies associated with these riots.

Thank you!

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