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DEATH PANEL| 46-Year-Old Father of Five Refused Treatment Due To His Handicap

A tragic story from Austin, Texas about a victim of DEATH PANELS. Michael Hickson, a 46 yo father of FIVE was starved to death and NOT treated for his illness because he was quadriplegic.

If someone asked me what was the worst thing that could happen to me or a loved one now during the plandemic I would have to say it is getting sick and requiring hospitalization. Why? Not because of COVID but DEATH PANELS. We received stories every day from people who lost loved ones through the plandemic that was sudden and unexpected. The horror was not so much their death but the QUESTIONS they had that went unanswered and how they lacked ANY say in their care and UNABLE to visit their loved ones who died alone.

Over a year ago I wrote an article WARNING of laws and judges that serve as DEATH PANELS. What is a death panel?

Death panel” is a political term that originated during the 2009 debate about federal health care legislation to cover the uninsured in the United States.[1] Sarah Palin, former Republican Governor of Alaska, coined the term when she charged that proposed legislation would create a “death panel” of bureaucrats who would decide whether Americans—such as her elderly parents, or children with Down syndrome—were “worthy of medical care”.


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Burden on society AKA “quality of life”

The NY Times published an opinion piece discussing Death Panels. They reported :

As waves of sick people crash onto undersupplied hospitals, doctors are preparing to make choices about who will get access to ventilators and other equipment, and who will get only palliative care. “Health workers are urging efforts to suppress the outbreak and expand medical capacity so that rationing will be unnecessary,” reported The Times. “But if forced, they ask, how do they make the least terrible decision?”

Here Come The Death Panels– NY TIMES 3/23/20

A tragic story from Austin, Texas about a victim of DEATH PANELS. Michael Hickson, a 46 yo father of FIVE was starved to death and NOT treated for his illness because he was quadriplegic. Over the weekend I read the testimony and news I could find about Mr. Hickson with a heavy heart. Humanity is having compassion and ALWAYS protecting our most vulnerable.

Mr. Hickson went into sudden cardiac arrest while driving his wife to work 3 years ago. CPR was administered that led him to be quadriplegic (Yes, that happens if done INCORRECTLY and usually lots of ribs crack too).

The Hicksons pulled through. Michael though quadriplegic was alert, very much loved and a father of FIVE. He contracted a pneumonia / COVID (questionable) from his CAREGIVER and was admitted into the hospital. His family because of “coronavirus” was not allowed to see him but they would facetime and talk. He was alert and conscious but due to the ventilator he was not able to speak but he would respond to conversations appropriately nodding, blowing kisses and smiling to jokes. The Doctor at St. David’s South Austin Medical Center told Melissa Hickson, Michael’s wife that he was placing him with HOSPICE against her will.

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He seemed fine, all he needed was treatment but the doctors REFUSED treatment because he was quadriplegic. Why is NO one reporting on this?

This is a nightmare no person should have to endure. Michael died all alone after doctors decided his disability does not qualify him for treatment so they starved him and refused to provide him medical treatment. As the family was attempting to litigate in court to save Michael’s life a judge quickly gave guardianship of Michael to a company named Family Eldercare. As her loved one was being starved, dying alone in the hands of strangers, hungry and thirsty the DEATH PANEL told her:

This is the decision between the medical community and the state.

St. David’s Doctor

Listening to the audio can make anyone sick. No need to try – others are walking no point in doing this to him and reinforcing to her she has NO SAY. NO SAY to what happens to the father of her FIVE children.

The DEATH PANEL consisting of a judge, insurance and a doctor decided Michael’s life was not worth trying to save him. They starved him and he passed away because he received NO TREATMENT on June 11, 2020.

This is not what our NATION stands for. We do not starve patients to death because they decide its not “WORTH” attempting to save them. This story should have wall to wall coverage and no one is talking about it.

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DEATH PANELS are a construct of socialism. The state decides who lives, who gets treatment and who dies. THIS is what the LEFT wants – complete control over us. Forced vaccines, forced masks, forced testing and to forfeit our rights to be with our loved ones and to decide the FATE and TREATMENT of our loved ones.

Our prayers and love go out to the family of Michael Hickson and his children. We should be ashamed that judges like the one who gave the order are sitting on a bench, doctors like the one that told his wife SHE HAS NO SAY is licensed and that we are allowing SOCIALISTS to EDUCATE us about compassion. This should be investigate by the Department of Justice Civil Rights division. No citizen in our nation should be denied care because they are handicapped. That is what SOCIALIST nations do.

The question is how many people DIED alone during COVID and how many of them were REFUSED treatment because their doctor decided they lack “quality of life” because they are handicapped. Remember, Michael was fine communicating. He was alert and responsive and was STARVED to DEATH.

I want to know where the ACLU is? Where are the ADA foamers at?

Are you angry? So am I. Remember to vote on November 3, 2020.

Thank you!

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