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Chinese Citizens Campaigning For AOC Considered Election Meddling?

It is becoming more and more evident that this Presidential election is like no other. The first four years of the Trump Administration was riddled with roadblocks, delays, breaches of security and actual harassment of a sitting President, but they were simply the foundation – now we need to take it home. The Democrats know this and they will do ANYTHING – to win. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) will too. While Ilhan Omar has Turkey, Qatar and other Muslim Brotherhood nations laundering money back to the USA to fund her AOC is using foreigners to campaign for her.

We sat in on the classes so you don’t have to!

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AOC’s “Phone Bank” doesn’t require registration and it’s completely accessible to those online. The link to sign up for her phone bank has made it’s way to WeChat and Weibo. WeChat and Weibo are the primary social media platforms used in CHINA for public discourse. This means that Chinese people are calling Americans and have access to US persons’ information like name and address when they call. This is not something new – we have seen this tactic before.

Feeling the Bern . . . in Sydney: Sanders campaigners getting set to hit the phones. PIC: Facebook
Feeling the Bern . . . in Sydney: Sanders campaigners getting set to hit the phones. PIC: Facebook

The Citizen of Australia reported that Australians were campaigning and conducting PHONE BANK calls in the US on behalf of Bernie Sanders back in 2016. As per The Citizen report:

Ninety-five per cent of what we’re doing is . . . making sure people go voting

Mathis Duhrsen Manager of Facebook group Australians Supporting Bernie Sanders.

Sounds benign? It isn’t. This is foreign influence in our elections.

This morning AOC campaign had a “zoom meeting” teaching their WORLDWIDE phone bankers how to make calls on her behalf

If BOT FARMS are considered as proponents of ELECTION MEDDLING on SOCIAL MEDIA then why isn’t the same consideration given to foreigners who are calling from other countries and have access to private identifying information of the US persons they are calling.

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It’s obvious that the Democrats will lie, cheat and even spark a race war (as they have) to win the elections. How do we monitor their campaign activities? I reported how Ilhan Omar sat in on a PRIVATE meeting with Turkey’s Erdogan and how Turkish State Media were promoting raising funds for her. In addition, Ilhan Omar would get TEXTS from the Foreign Affairs Minister of Turkey that she proudly showed off.

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If a Republican would do the same there would be non-stop coverage on MSM indicating how they are using ENEMIES of the STATE to campaign. As we have been observing the tactics of AOC we have also successfully penetrated the BIDEN campaign on all levels. We are observing their methods of campaigning for him and realize that BIDEN is getting a lot of support from Germany and France and most specifically hired many coders and programmers to assist with DEEP FAKES. Soon, Obama will hold a “virtual” fundraiser for Biden that has been planned to determine modes and means. It’s a dry run for their “REAL” virtual fundraisers. #StoryComingSoon.

While this conversation must be had, Americans can use AOC’s phone bank and “HELP” freely since registration is NOT required. I signed on and put in a number that didn’t exist and an email that didn’t exist and had access to it private identifying information of potential voters. This is WRECKLESS, but in turn demonstrates how important it is to have a serious conversation. Foreign influence, on any level, should not be permitted in our elections- EVER.

Another matter of discussion that should arise is the use of MINORS under the age of 18 and as young as 10 years old campaigning for AOC via Phone Bank and sitting in on Sunrise Movement training sessions to learn how to “protest” and respond to “trigger events”.

Remember to vote November 3, 2020 because our sovereignty and future is dependent on it.

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