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Bolton Book Backfires: Proves President Trump Is The Best President EVER

John Bolton’s book is an atrocious piece of writing that demonstrates how salty he is. He violated his oath of office revealing many things the press missed, but also had an obnoxious undertone of righteousness reminding me of the disgraced, lying, leaking, fired, soon to be charged, former FBI Director’s ” Higher Loyalty” book. It’s no secret that Bolton is the ONLY person I was ever terrified of at the International Office (IO). His inability to physically emote feelings other than disgust was concerning, and his actions when implementing “globally approved” foreign policy was ALWAYS a bloodbath, though he felt NO remorse because he “got the job done”.

War sometimes gives rise to something in the minds of people that attaches no value to the lives of others.

Juan Rafael Bustillo, a former commander of the Air Force El Salvador

The above statement could not be more true today as we see the Democrats, media, Antifa, and other “activists” devaluing people and their lives based on political affiliation.

It’s important to remember that John Bolton is the man that helped train and implement the “scorched-earth” policy regarding the Toriles, which is known as the El Mozote Massacre. The U.S. feared that Communism would have swept through Latin America like Vietnam, Cuba, and Nicaragua, so Bolton suggested that the U.S. back the Salvadoran army. We gave them weapons, money (millions per day), and advisers. That is when Bolton rose in the ranks in 1982, joining the Reagan administration in charge of the USAID office for one year. He entered simply to clean up the mess. What mess?

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In a span of THREE days, in December 1981, the army of El Salvador swept through El Mozote and surrounding villages killing more that 1,500 civilians. Most victims were children. In modern history, this was the largest massacre in Latin America to date. John Bolton did that.

Bolton is a repeat offender. He was the Pentagon official that knowingly and willingly lied to the American people that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Bolton APOLOGIZED for his lies even though there was a Special Counsel appointed because of the lie, people were fired and thousands of Americans died – but let’s believe him now, right? A guy that led a massacre and threw our nation into a war that seemed endless.

Book “Review”

Reading some articles by the MSM and I am confident they did not read the book. I am not saying all he wrote were lies. In fact, speed reading through his book I laughed. I laughed a lot. He didn’t realize that his tenure helped US find out exactly who, what, when, and where all the sleepers were. His book was laced with “saltiness” and I narrowed it down to four main reasons as to why.

  1. President Trump would not go to war with Iran.
  2. President Trump would not go to war with North Korea.
  3. President Trump had “outside” advisers and he didn’t know them.
  4. President Trump didn’t take his advice as gospel.

The leftist outlet Reason reported that Bolton was plotting to start a war with Iran even before American troops hit the ground in Iraq. They, as well as many others praised President Trump for resisting another Bolton-massacre. In respects to North Korea, he stated during the interview below that he found it odd and was clearly BOTHERED that the president wanted to send Dictator Kim a CD of the song “Rocketman”. That was interesting. Very interesting. The CD surely had music on it.

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In this interview clip Bolton complains about not being “in the loop” of outside advisers that he cannot identify and mentions that the president would vaguely refer to as “smart people” and “wise person.” Who are these outside advisers? Evidently, the tension between President Trump and Bolton stemmed from the fact that REASONS 1-3 were why REASON 4 bothered him most. Bolton was “highly” regarded by the Carter and Reagan admin. Even the Bush administration praised him for a war that was started that shouldn’t have happened because Bolton lied … yet we should all believe him.

Remember when General Wesley Clark had BOLTON’S LIST of countries we were going to go to war with – no matter what? Here is General Clark telling you about it:

The most horrific thing Bolton saw President Trump do is NOT start a war with Iran and not ensure the annihilations of Syria and Libya. President Trump wouldn’t make Bolton’s list of countries to destroy a reality, so Bolton employed the UN and MERCENARIES to take charge and do it for him.

While Bolton makes claims that the president didn’t know Finland wasn’t part of Russia and other nonsense, he obviously revealed to the world that President Trump plays “dumb” a lot. One thing I learned from the very best in the field is that if you are a man of few words, your words are taken at face value, but if you are a waffling speaker they won’t see you coming!

Reading this book made me laugh, feel sorry for Bolton cause of his ego pain and angry for saying things that would normally get you 10 to 20 in Leavenworth.

Concluding, Bolton’s book can be used as evidence for breach of National Security and a barrage of criminal codes if the Trump administration chooses to pursue charges. Notably, overall the book was emanating the psyche of a scorned line leader in kindergarten. He made it a point to attenuate how President Trump was unlike all previous Presidents and administrations.

Duh! That is why we voted for him!

His badly bruised ego was evident by demonstrating how he was being ignored and extremely bothered how the president had “outsiders” who he didn’t know the identity of advising him. I don’t think John Bolton gets it – He wasn’t being ignored – he was being followed, and all the things he said to paint a picture of a president that does not abide to globalist rules is WHY we voted for President Trump. Finally, those outsiders are YOU.

Bolton’s booked proved one thing – President Trump is the best president in American History that listens to the people, puts the people first, and is able to get things done because he has the right advisors in the right places. Remember to vote November 3, 2020 because our sovereignty and future is dependent on it.

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