VIDEO: New AI Image/Video Algorithm May Vindicate Joan Rivers’ Last Words

If it is proven the Obamas lied about who they are, it's an impeachable offense.

The tech community has been buzzing the past month about a new algorithm called DAIN created by a collaboration of researchers from China and the United States. This algorithm with the help of artificial intelligence enhances video to bring it up to 60 frames per second. Obviously, this technology has been used to bring old “films” to life and makes images and videos sharper to clarify and define boundaries.

There are photos and videos that seem to “play tricks” on your eye this app uses AI that takes away all questions and enhances what motion not just frame by frame but by making a million calculations pixel by pixel.

The late Joan Rivers was always a firecracker. She even walked out of a CNN interview because they were scolding her for not being “politically correct” enough

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Joan Rivers’ humor was unique and stemmed from her raw honesty, firm point of view and inclusive personality. On September 4, 2014 as she was entering the hospital for a routine endoscopy and she was asked questions by reporters. The reporters were asking her questions about the Gay wedding she had officiated that past weekend.

One reporter asked her if she believed we would see a gay President and she responded:

“We already have it with Obama so calm down. You know Michelle is a tranny. A transgender, we all know it” said Joan Rivers as she entered the hospital.

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That was the last time Joan Rivers spoke to the press. She died during an endoscopy at the age of 81. Propofol, a common drug used during such procedures was the cause of death because her heart stopped due to the drug. The autopsy took over a month to be reported, which is highly unusual considering her death was very suspect and still is. #JusticeForJoanRivers


We’ve all seen many videos of Michelle Obama that are questionable and the extensive research by digital personas examining the topic that Michelle Obama biological sex are all over the internet. Many believe she is Barack Hussein Obama’s old male lover Lavaughn Robinson. There are no picture of Michelle pregnant and most pictures of her at a young age are digitally created as determined by this AI app and others examining them. To be frank, it’s not a big deal if Barack Hussein Obama is gay and if Michelle Obama used to be Lavaughn Robinson. This is the United States of America – nobody cares about your race or who you sleep with.

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If it is found that the Obamas have DECEIVED the American people of who they are and who their children are – that is an IMPEACHABLE offense. This is why every video and photo is now being scrutinized and AI is being used by a group of “tech nerds” to conclude on the evidence they have. Notably, transparency died at the hands of Barack Hussein Obama MINUTES after being sworn in as the 44th President of the USA by signing his FIRST Executive Order to seal all records associated with him and his family.

If Barack Hussein Obama is impeached every single SCOTUS pick he made is removed, every EO signed and Bill signed null and void. This would undo everything that is plaguing our nation at the moment. Realistically, we already have their DNA, the question is do federal protections exist when proving a such a crime against the people? John Brennan knows the truth and so does the agency.

We asked 52 people that did not see anything but the lower half of the video if they believed the individual was MALE or FEMALE and if they justify by elaborating the anatomic features.

  • 52 people said individual was MALE
  • 46 said they could see the whole “chaz” along with “juevos”
  • 8 said they could definitely only see the “chaz”.

What do you think?


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