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Defund The UN And Refund The U.S.

In a most unprecedented move, the United Nations put out an announcement and tweet today expressing concern that the United States of America is going to be designating ANTIFA as a domestic terror organization. In fact, ANTIFA is a well organized and funded organization that perpetuates terror and destruction, which is what a Domestic Terrorist Organization does. This statement should serve as the EXCUSE we have been waiting for to DEFUND the UN and bring that money by REFUND to the U.S.. The UN should concern itself with the slavery in Turkey and NE Syria, the slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, the murders in Tanzania, and the grooming gangs in Europe where their say may have some clout. We are a sovereign nation and give no authority to any outside organization to condemn and entertain the idea that their opinion matters at all.

“Peaceful Antifa”

Antifa was founded in Portland under the Rose City Antifa group name around 2007. The group – up until the 2016 election – targeted those who were widely perceived as members of neo-Nazi groups. They would dox people they had credible evidence were white supremacists. Though, in 2016 their funding began to soar and upon President Trump’s election they declared a national emergency claiming that every single person that voted for President Trump is a NAZI and white supremacist – regardless of race or creed.

American Thinker reported factual information from ANTIFA’s website:

Seven of the traits of Fascism listed on their page are:

  • anti-enlightenment
  • anti-reason
  • the creation of a vilified other
  • reliance on violence or threats of violence to impose views on others
  • anti-liberal
  • anti-conservative, and
  • portraying the current social and political situation as one of dire decay, brought about by decadence and corruption.

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I had previously reported on ANTIFA, in an interview with Portland’s Rose City Antifa in a magazine called POLIQUADS.

Antifa of today is a blend of anarchism and perceptual anti-fascism which is a very dangerous combination. Anti-fascism is based on personal perception. Some may consider nationalism just and right, but others consider it fascism. This is why it is so dangerous and feeds into the hive mentality of those which cannot discern differences and use broad brushes using the term “Nazi” for anyone that they believe are biased, racist, and condemning fringe or traditional values that threaten their beliefs.

Antifa is dangerous. Interviewing Portland Antifa, they advised me that their ultimate goal is to “punch” and eradicate “Nazis”.  I asked them to define “Nazi” and the response received indicates how dangerous they are and how their movement is by definition domestic terrorism.

“Nazi’s are people who are white, that work in cubicles. Some of us that are against fascism are white, but they are trans, bi-sexual or homosexual. Only those whites are acceptable. If you are anti-LGBTQ you are our enemy. If you are white and have a 9 to 5 job, you are a fascist. If you are a veteran or active duty military who represents any violence, you are a fascist. If you are a police officer, you are a fascist.”

We compare the symbols of the NAZI party and ANTIFA in the USA.

Project Veritas exposed undercover video where Antifa in the U.S. indicated their sources of funding and the combat training they undergo to attack anyone who they believe is a “fascist”.

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In fact, the Mainstream Media (MSM) flat out LIE claiming they don’t believe they have bank accounts or funding even though they have 501(c) non-profit organizations set up?

A #FAKENEWS site posing as a “fact checking site” that calls itself FACTCHECK.ORG reported:

As far as we know, antifa doesn’t have bank accounts or assets or infrastructure, Faiza Patel, director of the liberty & national security program at the Brennan Center for Justice, told us in an interview. Also there haven’t been any deaths attributed to anti-fascist violence, and one of the hallmarks of foreign terrorist organizations — a designation the U.S. government does make — is the acknowledgement of attacks that involve many fatalities.


That article is dated as 2020, even though information is freely available with a simple search showing that they do have infrastructure, a board, and bank accounts.

ANTIFA is so well organized that the Antifa Group lead agitator of “Smash Racism DC” – that protested and terrorized Tucker Carlson and his family at their home – had their real identity very well concealed. The organization had gone to great lengths to hide his identity. According to sources within the Justice Department:

We are finding it challenging when it comes to linking their faux personas to their actual identity. There are multiple levels of secrecy that raise serious red flags.

Exclusive Justice Department Source (Criminal Division)

Why would they go to such extents to conceal their identities if what they are doing is legal and honorable?

LEFT: Antifa members and counter protesters gather during a rightwing No-To-Marxism rally on August 27, 2017 at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Berkeley, California. (AMY OSBORNE/AFP/Getty Images) RIGHT: Joseph Alcoff (Screenshot/YouTube)
AMY OSBORNE/AFP/Getty Images| RIGHT: Joseph Alcoff (Screenshot/YouTube) Daily Caller

Why would Chepe, aka Jose Martin, (whose real name is Joseph Alcoff) go to such an extent to conceal his identity? This is because DUMMY organizations and or non-profits are the fronts for the FUNDING of ANTIFA. I am no legal expert, but that sounds illegal.

Daily Caller reported that he made great efforts to separate his fanatical personas from a third identity, his legal name: Joseph “Jose” Alcoff. Under that identity, the 36-year-old has worked as a payday campaign manager for Americans for Financial Reform since 2016, where he advocates for reforms of predatory loans before members of Congress.

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Evidently, organizations like Americans for Financial Reform, Prosperity Now, and Coalition on Human Needs are all fronts to funnel money. These ANTIFA leaders sit on various boards of various non-profits for that purpose. #FollowTheMoney

Antifa are well organized, spread terror, and destroy neighborhoods and cities in the name of “antifascism”. They train, have a manifesto, and are being funded by Global Organizations and entities indicating FOREIGN influence within the U.S. during elections. In another article we will BREAK DOWN the actual financials and how they are funneled to fund ANTIFA and other organizations.

Tax Returns indicating SOROS funding

The UNITED NATIONS evidently support domestic terrorism as a “functional and necessary” unit of “democracy”. I don’t know how they define democracy, but terrorizing citizens to submit to “group think” does not sound Democratic at all – IN FACT it sounds like and is fascism.

PORTLAND, OR – AUGUST 17: Members of Antifa line up during an alt-right rally on August 17, 2019 in Portland, Oregon. Anti-fascism demonstrators gathered to counter-protest a rally held by far-right, extremist groups. (Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

The United Nations need to mind their own business and specifically the OHCHR (United Nations Human Rights Office of the Commissioner) that wrote an “opinion” about who the U.S. decides to designate as domestic terrorists rather than focus on the SLAUGHTER of Christians in Nigeria, or the Slavery in Turkey and NE Syria, or how they have TAKEN over Libya.

The United Nations need to mind their business – they have no authority over our SOVEREIGN nation.

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