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DISGRACE| Nancy Pelosi Awards Memorial Flag To Career Criminal

The most disrespectful act of Speaker Nancy Pelosi to veterans and active duty military was done on June 10, 2020. She presented a memorial flag to honor the memory of career criminal George Floyd. George Floyd was not a HERO, not a VETERAN and by no means not eligible to receive such an honor. George Floyd was a CAREER CRIMINAL that was wrongfully killed by law enforcement (like many others) and received an HONOR that even veterans do not get.

For those of us, like myself, that have served – we are outraged. A military burial flag and ceremony is a gift to the family of the deceased veteran on behalf of the Armed Forces and President of the United States. It symbolizes the honor that individual earned for the ultimate sacrifice when dying in battle while serving the United States of America. In addition, veterans that have been honorably discharged are also given the honor of a military funeral to and get a flag draped over their casket.

George Floyd is NOT a war hero. George Floyd did NOT serve his country. George Floyd was a criminal – a career criminal. He also robbed a woman at gun point posing as a “water department” employee wearing a “uniform”. As he forced his way into the home his friends rolled up and helped him rob her home.

There is no question that his death due to excessive force by the police is a crime in itself. The lengthy televised funeral, the testimony of the “family” and the memorial flag provided to his family are a disgrace to our US military and veterans. Veterans do not get televised funerals. Men and women Killed in Action (KIA) don’t always get televised funerals across the nation. Though, a career criminal – a thug that was killed by excessive force does? How many other people across the USA died by excessive force by the police when George Floyd did? A few … but they were not in Minneapolis, not the right “color” or they WERE actually HEROES.

Captain David Dorn was a retired Police Chief who was killed live on an Instagram feed showing how “peaceful protestors” killed him for trying to protect his business. They killed him over television sets because the “peaceful protestors” that support defunding the police and present a career criminal as a “HERO” equate the value of life to that of a television.

The Democrat party, specifically Nancy Pelosi, a career criminal herself awarded a high honor that is afforded to war heroes to the family members of a career criminal. #Disgrace

Where is the Armed Forces committee or the Veterans Affairs groups to denounce her actions? I am outraged as to how no one is speaking out against this action. Let me guess are they afraid to be called a racist?

Are you angry? So am I. Remember to VOTE on November 3, 2020 and disallow career criminals like Nancy Pelosi from taking office ever again.

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