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Repeat Insurrection| Former Obama JCS Is Using Our Embassy As His Soap Box

According to the Department of State website, the Secretary carries out the President’s foreign policies through the State Department, which includes the Foreign Service, Civil Service and U.S. Agency for International Development. This means that our Ambassadors are the face of our NATION to the rest of the world. This means IDEOLOGIES, PROTESTS and PERSONAL OPINIONS have no place in the State Department’s activities within the United States and abroad.

Our Embassies should NOT be flying FLAGS, posting SIGNS or making any endorsements to ANY ideologies of movements under any circumstances. Admiral Harris who was Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS)under the Obama Administration and CONSTANLY travelled with then Secretary Hillary Clinton abroad as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  (CJCS)representative is using our Embassy in South Korea as his soap box.

Admiral Harry Harris was pushed for the lengthy vacant position of US Ambassador in South Korea by Secretary Pompeo. He was originally set up to take over as Ambassador to Australia which would have been the deadliest move ever but instead was given the South Korean post which was less risky. Admiral Harris should have NEVER been recommended as Ambassador for anything – just like failed, corrupt, incompetent Molly Phee who’s being placed as Ambassador in Afghanistan (#FAIL).

Admiral Harris is a horrid pick for anything in the Trump Administration because he represents a globalist ideology and his relations with the Chinese were always “too friendly”. Sources at PACOM that wish to remain anonymous found that conscessions Admiral Harris would make for the Chinese were outrageous and he seemed to be “too close” with the top echelon of the Chinese Central Military. In fact an exclusive sources tell us:

Secretary Clinton couldn’t make a meeting so Admiral Harris stepped in. It was during that 2012 meeting that I realized that “scratch my back I will scratch yours” was going on. Made me sick considering the discussions were about prisoners and territory. If I didn’t know he was an JCS I would have thought he was a Chinese double agent. It made me sick.

Former FSO

US Pacific Command chief Navy Adm. Harry B. Harris, with Fan Changlong, vice-chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, in Beijing, November 3, 2015. 
REUTERS/Andy Wong/Pool

As a representative of US Foreign policy IDEOLOGIES have no business at our embassies no matter what. Sources say that in May the US Embassy in Seoul was again discussing hanging a RAINBOW banner to “represent” equality. During the discussions to decide whether or not to put the Pride banner up again, Admiral Harris gave the green light simply to show that his Embassy promotes certain ideologies and said “I don’t care what the Administration has to say, this is MY EMBASSY”. He thinks the Embassy is his SOAP BOX?

In 2019 the South Korean Embassy and that of Chile and New Delhi displayed a Pride flag and that was deemed a CATEGORY ONE INSURRECTION. Insurrection by definition is an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government. According to the Washington Post an anonymous diplomat close to the State Department had said just that. The Embassies were told to take it down but Corrupt Admiral Harris kept it up for three weeks before taking it down.

As an Admiral, his actions were simply defying the orders of the Secretary of State which in itself is an actual CRIME (18 U.S. Code § 2383). That should have been enforced so why wasn’t he fired yet? Admiral Harris’ Embassy (obviously not ours) flew the Rainbow Banner again for Pride Month this year as seen in geotagged social media posts and foreign reports by South Korean media

Admiral Harris has repeatedly committed acts of DEFIANCE. We have to wonder: WHAT IS MIKE POMPEO DOING? He is so loyal to CAREER State Department employees that he may have lost the ability to objectively criticize them for their biased, partisan and ideological execution of duties. Employment within the federal government mandates that one should NEVER depict ones personal opinion, ideologies or political affiliation because that taints the WORK product and the OBJECTIVE of missions.

Sources tell me that Admiral Harris is on his way out upon the re-election of President Trump. Personally, with the conditions in the Far East dismissing him sooner rather than later is imperative. The new delegation Mike Pompeo has put together for Afghanistan seems like a “suicide mission” with “careers” and political appointees that loathe the administration. It terrifies me of what is to come upon their arrival. Molly Phee failed miserably in South Sudan where she needed to do absolutely nothing, now she’s going to be representing us in Afghanistan?

Admiral Harris’ latest act of defiance and clear demonstration of disrespect on a global stage was the Black Lives Matter banner showcased at the US Embassy in Seoul, South Korea. To be clear : The Admiral has EVERY right to support for a movement that demonstrates the racial disparities that our nation and EVERY SINGLE nation in the world are plagued with BUT the US Embassies should NEVER demonstrate ideologies and or political affiliation because an EMBASSY’S sole purpose is FOREIGN POLICY.

The statement he made was riddled with hypocrisy and verbiage of a protestor that doesn’t really mean what they say. We all know the #BlackLivesMatter protests were just a FUNDRAISER for the DEMOCRATS and so does Harris.

If the Admiral REALLY cared about what Black Lives Matter represents he would be pounding the government of South Korea about Sinui Island. Believe it or not too far from Seoul, there is actual an OPEN SECRET of actual ENSLAVEMENT of disabled salt farm workers.

In this Jan. 24, 2014 image taken from a video released by Guro Police, Kim Seong-baek, left, meets with his mother, not identified, after he was rescued from a salt farm, at Guro Police Station in Seoul, South Korea.AP PHOTO/GURO POLICE

Admiral Harris is a hypocrite and should be recalled and consideration to charge him under the UCMJ (Article 94 UCMJ) should be seriously considered. If he really cared about the “statements” he is making using our Embassy in South Korea as his soap box he would be pointing out how lawmakers in South Korea blocked the passage of nondiscrimination laws to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and address the shameless and prevalent practice of slavery.

Bottom line: Either Mike Pompeo is intentionally sabotaging the Trump Administration’s foreign policy for the sake of “careers” or he’s playing 5-D Chess? Time will tell but in the mean time #FireTheTraitor because he may screw up the unification of the Korean Peninsula … if he hasn’t already done that.

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