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WH Meeting | Chinese Influence In Colorado & North Dakota Energy Sectors Anticipated On Wednesday

Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota and Governor Jared Polis of Colorado are set to meet with President Trump at the White House on May 13, 2020. Politico reported this on Sunday May 10th, 2020, and both Politico and Axios are inferring this meeting has to do with COVID-19, but our sources say that this could be about their CHINESE equipment for power plants and the transmission systems.

Colorado and North Dakota are two huge energy hubs for green energy, but also fracking and oil. Presidential Executive Order 13920 bans the purchases and keeping equipment for specific power plants and transmission systems.

The executive order is way overdue considering the National Security threats that are present and how complex they are. Whoever President Trump has on the energy team – that chimed in during the drafting of this EO – knows their stuff.

There are MANY avenues of exploitation when it comes to the U.S. bulk and distribution power systems. It’s well documented that China has insulted the control system vendor supply chain since 2010, competing with Russia on that front. Vendors that supply such equipment usually sell in bulk and also to distribution channels. In other words, other vendors around the world include but are not limited to Iran, China, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, Russia, and more.

The key issue is that EVEN if some equipment is MADE IN AMERICA, the actual equipment uses parts or processors that use software or servers that originate from China or other nations considered hostile. This makes it VERY difficult to determine what vendor doesn’t have products that use Chinese or other non-friendly software, servers, and more.

According to, this executive order authorizes the Secretary of Energy to do as follows:

  • Establish and publish criteria for recognizing particular equipment and vendors as “pre-qualified” (pre-qualified vendor list).
  • Identify any now-prohibited equipment already in use, allowing the government to develop strategies and work with asset owners to identify, isolate, monitor, and replace this equipment as appropriate. 
  • Work closely with the Departments of Commerce, Defense, Homeland Security, Interior; the Director of National Intelligence; and other appropriate Federal agencies to carry out the authorities and responsibilities outlined in the Executive Order.   

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo identified the “CHINA FRIENDLY” Governors last year. Governor Polis and Burgum were found to be considered FRIENDLY (cozy) to China in respects to investments and cooperation.

Ideally this executive order will provide a “goldilocks” solution in securing the actual networking, like operational tech and computers and the engineering side of things. This will secure our POWER GRIDS.

The challenge Polis and Burgum will have is with terms within the EO like “PROHIBITED TRANSFER”. That means COMPANIES that own bulk-power- system equipment that the Secretary of Energy determines AFFECTED may not be allowed to be sold? In other words, the WIND TURBINE industries have parent companies inside parent companies that behave like child companies but are not. Such companies may be OWNED by China (as in some instances in the case of North Dakota). So what happens to them? Can they still lease or pledge to those companies or do they cut their losses?

Governor Doug Burgum sitting in the front row of CHINESE SPONSORED event.

This executive order prohibits any new leases, purchases, or pledges as of the date of it’s signing, but also says they will examine everything they already have with the following verbiage:

…notwithstanding any contract entered into or any license or permit granted prior to the date of this order…

Executive Order on Securing the United States Bulk-Power System

That statement means retroactive application. It’s May 12th, 2020, has Burgum or Polis implemented and or complied with the order?

The threat of our power grids and energy sector being crippled by enemies of our nation having the ability to hack it is immense. According to the Department of Energy Secretary Brouillette will lead a taskforce to develop and implement energy infrastructure procurement policies. These policies will ensure that all NATSEC (National Security) scopes are integrated in the policy making. Brouillette’s task force will be providing consultations to the Energy Industry through the Subsector Coordinating Councils to ensure BPS (Bulk Power Systems) goals are met and adhered to.

Our National Security depends on power. Our livelihoods depend on power. It’s incredible that it has taken decades to ensure the security of our Energy Systems and Power Grids. It’s almost as if the previous administrations wanted us to be vulnerable.

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