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NY Times Provides Prime Real Estate For Q-Anon

New York Times provided prime real estate to Q-Anon. This was a successful IIA (Interactive Internet Activities) operation by those that loathe the fourth unelected branch of government. This demonstrates how easy it is to penetrate their ironclad gag directive to never mention Q-Anon unless it’s to cause harm to Q itself. It’s almost as if the article was placed DEAD in the center of the FRONT PAGE sectioned off to draw the eye right above “Little Richards” picture. If I didn’t know the failing New York Times hated our country, president, and the people, I would have thought that was FREE ADVERTISING for Q. Since they would never do that, that means someone else did. 😏

Last week we wrote an article introducing you to the concept of INFILTRATION or PSYOP of political movements via online media and or public discourse. An IIA (Interactive Internet Activities) is a psyop using cyberspace and almost always REQUIRES Big Tech compliance and hiring a few subversives. Social media stars, mommy bloggers, and content creators are also needed. Some are hired outright and promoted by being “established,” while others are used as PAWNS, thinking people simply “like” them (useful tools).

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This tool is used by opposing parties good vs. bad, democrats vs. republicans, MSM vs citizen journalists etc. There have to be at least two parties in opposition to have this kind of operation deployed with one common denominator. The common denominator is the population. Specified demographics are determined by the span of infiltration, mode, and use of operatives. Operatives can be paid or unpaid, knowing and unknowing, willing and unwilling.

IIA’s are something I speak of from EXPERIENCE working with John Owen Brennan, but also because I recently befriended the man who actually created the SOFTWARE to deploy such programs for the U.S. Armed Forces.

Evidently, the COVID-19 narrative was fizzling out with all the facts of fatalities coming out. The monetary motivation for hospitals and other health care providers to label a death as COVID-19 surfaced, and thus the MSM was deployed to counter that narrative.

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The New York Times decided to dispute irrefutable evidence of facts stated my Dr. Jensen on a FOX affiliate station in North Dakota. Chris Berg, the host of the Point of View with Chris Berg on North Dakota Fox, was the first to ask the question about possible incentives since the CARES ACT allocated $1 billion dollars to healthcare institutions for handling patients with COVID-19.

Laura Ingraham also talked about it and had Dr. Jensen – an actual physician and state senator on. In addition, I wrote about it before the CARES Act was even passed. Money is a massive motivator.

An interview that was conducted with Millie Weaver and myself that the New York Times referred to as “INFOWARS” on March 25, 2020, before the CARES ACT was passed discussed the notion preemptively. This video has been viewed almost 1 million times, but YOUTUBE refuses to reflect actual numbers and demonetized it.

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How Does Q-Anon Relate To Chris Berg, Millie Weaver, and Laura Ingraham?

That question should be posed to the New York Times. Are they inferring that people who subscribe to news from these journalists are all conspiracy theorists? That is what they presumed as they devoted the PRIME REAL ESTATE to Q-Anon.

Our sources say that the editor for the New York Times was convinced by an IIA operative that it would be imperative to put Q-Anon in the piece. The copy editor decided it was going to go on the front page. Both of them, CONVINCED that this act would demonstrate them all as “the crazy ones”.

In fact, the IIA didn’t stop there. Not only did it successfully provide PRIME REAL ESTATE to Q-Anon, demonstrating just how LOUD the VOICE of the PEOPLE is, but SUGGESTED a Twitter handle that is NOT even AMERICAN to be used to demonstrate the “insanity”.

Aslan’s Army is the British localized and Anglocentric version of the Q-Anon discussion boards depicted by a White Lion. They discuss their local political and legal issues, but also mentioning broader global issues too. This character, John the White, seems to be posturing as the John White persona of Aslan’s Army and posting with the #Q as his signature or possibly just a placed hashtag. Or perhaps a newly developing IIA?

I believe the Q board drives citizens to ask questions, to think and ponder, empowering them to be more active in their government. Therefore, regardless of the lufting attempts, I remain. For that reason EVERY day for the PAST 1.5 yrs I have placed a flaming Q in Times Square that plays at the 17th minute of every hour of every day.

Nevertheless, message over messenger.

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Above is the upper top half of the front page of the failing New York Times SUNDAY paper. The most expensive paper of the week and the MOST read paper of the week. Not only did we get the article placed on the front page, but right smack in the middle. The word Q-Anon appears on both sides, even if the paper was folded.

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Here is the article zoomed in.

They were shared by followers of Qanon, who subscribe to a web of vague, baseless theories that a secret cabal in the government is trying to take down the president. “What is the primary benefit to keep public in mass-hysteria re: Covid-19? Think voting. Are you awake yet?” a Qanon follower known as John the White wrote on Twitter, saying the pandemic was being used to manipulate the electorate.


That is how you win. You get them to do the work for you. You don’t need to tell the world how corrupt the Democrats are, they show you. You don’t need to show how skewed the DEATH tolls are by the CDC, they show you. Pulling their own pants down.

Every time they think they are hurting OUR cause by doing that they aren’t realizing that they are helping it. This is a dangerous tactic, but a genius one.

Me to C.Z. at London Office referring to the Iraq Op. (IIA)

On Sunday MILLIONS of NEW YORK TIMES readers around the world saw the phrase:

the pandemic was being used to manipulate the electorate

Two days later, the insane drive for VOTE BY MAILVOTE BY INTERNET and California’s insane push for it, South Carolina’s opinion chimed in by the Department of Justice, all have to do with remote voting, DOMINATING THE NEWS CYCLE. Almost as if the pandemic was being used to manipulate the electorate. I mean VOTE by Mail and Vote By Internet, cause Coronavirus!

Regardless, New York Times gave Q the most EXPENSIVE print Real Estate EVER!

They can’t win so they will try to cheat again. They can’t win so they will send infiltrators to pretend they are Q again – or more well-seasoned reporters that will try to hijack Q, which will fail…. again. Maybe more “conservative” journalists will show their true colors? We are being attacked from within. No matter how they do it, one thing is certain-they will try to cheat. Obviously, those in charge know who’s who.

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It is incredible, a team with one comQter they link to anonymously and post from, got PRIME PRINT REAL ESTATE at the New York Times – FOR FREE because they were nudged with just the right amount of “pressure”.

#StillGotIt #GoldenAge #WeWonTheyJustDontKnowItYet

First we were told to “flatten the curve” and then we will get back to normal. When the curve was flattened we were told to wait for a vaccine. When a possible vaccine was discovered we are being told multiple vaccines are needed. I guess ONLY when BIDEN (or their chosen one) wins will they allow us to get out of the house.

Seems to me the pandemic IS being used to manipulate the electorate.

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