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VIDEO | Shameless CNN Claims COVID-19 Is Like Daily Terrorist Attack

Shameless CNN used the most devastating tragedy in U.S. history and compared it to the Chinese Flu, aka COVID-19. Brian Stelter, CNN’s most UNRELIABLE source for news, who had endorsed Michael Avenatti for President, claimed that COVID-19 is like having Al-Qaeda fly planes into buildings every day. Stelter believes that Americans should be terrorized with the numbers and NOT pay attention to the fact that there was a COUP and that a GENERAL was FRAMED by Barack Hussein Obama and his minions.

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For over three years shameless CNN has been peddling the conspiracy theory (and flat out lie) that the Trump campaign and Trump administration “colluded” with Russia. They kept the nation hostage claiming their president was a Russian agent.

CNN went as far as to LIST 18 reasons why President Trump is a Russian agent!

Fake News Network CNN has been telling the nation and the rest of the world that the President of the United States is a Russian agent. They have been embarrassing us globally and have done nothing but cause chaos with their disinformation and flat out lying.

CNN reinforced these lies, parading around liars like Adam Schiff and traitors to the people of the United States. CNN was also the “news” network that promoted the idea that Michael Avenatti run for president. You would think THREE years of getting it wrong and promoting Creepy Porn Extortion Lawyer for president they’d be humbled. No they are not. They are SHAMELESS.

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Stelter’s latest statement comparing the COVID-19 “epidemic” as if we are reliving 9/11 everyday is simply horrific, distasteful, and trivializing the events of that tragedy.

As a reminder, it was Brian Stelter who endorsed Michael Avenatti.


Last year over 80,000 Americans died from the FLU according to the CDC yet CNN, MSDNC, ABC, CBS, WaPo, the failing NY Times, and other “news” outlets didn’t compare it to TERRORISM or HURRICANE KATRINA. Why now?

CNN claims that ANY scandal or any political anything should NOT be discussed because 2,000 Americans are dying every day, which is within the average of 7,500+ deaths a day in our nation. In Brazen Brian’s video below he instructs his audience to consider COVID-19 is as bad as a terrorist attack. In summary, he commanded Americans that they should live in fear and OBEY CNN and listen only to them because they have the best judgement.

Stelter explained to his viewers that they must not concern themselves with their freedoms being taken away, wars, Department of Justice matters, that Congress and the Senate have been LYING, and that a THREE STAR GENERAL was framed by Barack Hussein Obama.

“Ultimately it’s about news judgement” said Stelter.

We’ve seen his judgement and it’s a HARD NO, THANKS.

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CNN, The Clown News Network, believes Americans are STUPID and cannot think for themselves. Their “news judgement” has been demonstrated over the past three years and evidence shows that Stelter is an UNRELIABLE source and that CNN does not deliver news, but tells you what the highest bidder tells them to tell you.

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