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Flynn Family Nightmare Over | Now Comes The Avalanche

The FBI did not have a basis to initiate a counterintelligence investigation. A counterintelligence investigation being initiated with NO basis is evidence General Flynn was targeted by Barack Hussein Obama’s FBI. The question is why?


Why would someone lie? Self-preservation, honest slip of tongue or as a defense mechanism against feeling worthless, judged and or insecure.

People sometimes plea to things that turn out not to be crimes.

Attorney General Barr

Is lying to the FBI a prosecutable crime?

Yes and no.

If you are being interviewed and you are walking them through a dinner conversation that you are trying to recall and claim you had a steak to eat when you really had salmon is that a crime since you said that to a federal agent?

In order to be prosecuted for lying to federal agents the lie has to be part of the scope of their questioning or have IMPACT on their findings. Thus, if the “lie” General Flynn said had NO IMPACT on their factual and evidence based findings there was no crime. The question is WHY DID IT GET SO FAR?

Ever see a response that was just EXTRA. A missile to kill what looks like a fly? That’s because that FLY can take them down if allowed to flutter. General Flynn was NOT entrapped by the FBI. Over two years ago I broke the story EXPOSED: Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran, Worked As Obama and Brennan’s Envoy To Iranian Regime. While many were wrapped up in the fact that Strzok was in Iran and how a Strzok dynasty exists they missed the EASTER EGGS and hints within it. Having worked with John Owen Brennan I knew one thing HVIG is the place where “illegals” exist.

Lee is an ILLEGAL. Strzok is an illegal too. Illegal is the term used to identify the elites of the clandestine community.

T Maras – BLP

In this article John Brennan’s Former Operatives Are Being Picked Off The Grid I demonstrated and described to you how they work showcasing poor Jerry Lee and his fate.

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Barack Obama’s White House High Value Intelligence Group (HVIG), which secretly surveilled millions of law-abiding American citizens (still going independently as we speak) was commanded by none other than John Owen Brennan who exported all surveillance data into a privately owned group. This group is how people like Adam Schiff, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey and others were able to continue their mission to overthrow the US Government.

It’s Old News that Strzok, McCabe, Priestap, Page and others worked for the CIA.

People like Strzok as I said in the article above draw a paycheck from the FBI but they really report to the Central Intelligence Agency. Hence my constant advocating to dismantle the CIA since their ‘center of gravity” shifts with politics that creates a VERY unstable foundation for the Intelligence Community (IC) and a black hole where transparency and accountability die.

Flynn was framed, why?

General Flynn, unlike other generals did what many former clandestine contractors that want to fix things do. Get into business in the area that will allow you to do business AND keep on eye on things you noticed were off when activated. This is key because you are still in the know and in the future when the time comes you can get tagged in to make it right. He knew their methods. He understood their avenues and channels of communications but most of all – he could point out all the closets packed with skeletons.

Flynn Was A Wrench in Obama’s Continuity of Government

One of my top five alarming incidents in the courts aside from Judge Collyer on a bench, the other signature happy FISA court judges, Chief Justice Roberts’ discussions with Obama in January of 2017 and the statement of Judge Ellis :”TREASON” which he walked back but deserved nothing short of being fired on the spot. Judicial Prejudice is a HUGE concern especially when they are trying someone for what is known to be FALSE, FABRICATED and a COMPELLED PLEA. There are many judges that involve politics into the law which is putting your whole arse on the scale not just a thumb.

Arguably you sold your country out!

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, speaking to Michael Flynn

The Nightmare is Over … Awakened Nation

The Nightmare for the Flynn family is over but the AVALANCHE exposing how Barack Hussein Obama continued being “President” and until today still have people in positions (via contractors) executing his orders via a surrogate nation is just beginning.

The social fabric the shadow government weaved was an echo chamber and silenced those that rose above it. We should never cower to those in office in the face of injustice and stand by our fellow citizens when their inalienable rights afforded to us by the US Constitution are violated.

Now it’s time for the Shadow Government to lie in the bed they made.

General Flynn’s nightmare is over and he appreciates THE PEOPLE for their support!

Listen to Flynn Family message that received below telling you that!

Message from General Flynn’s family

Listen to Tore Live on Red State Talk Radio live 12-2PM EST M-F.

Thank you!

We are 100% We The People Funded


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