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Big Trouble in Little China| Emperor Burgum of ND Introduces Obedience Scores For Going To Work

North Dakota is assumed to be a RED STATE. That characterization is correct – it’s RED, and by red I mean CHINA RED. With ZERO COVID-19 only deaths reported to date, North Dakota has deployed DRONES that use facial recognition software to follow citizens around and find out who they are. They’ve also recently deployed an app to track these citizens, along with those they come in contact with. As if that’s not already invasive enough, ND is now hosting CORONAVIRUS testing parties across the state to COLLECT DNA from citizens that seem to think Supreme Leader Burgum is looking out for them. He wants to document tracking data, facial recognition data and DNA data in what they call a CITIZEN REGISTRY!

Emperor Burgum’s “Smart Restart” is something out of an Orson Wells novel with Obedience Scores and Compliance. It’s terrifying.

North Dakota is one of the LEAST impacted states by COVID-19 yet businesses have been shut down, the energy market is looking for a bailout, and now the governor is asking for federal assistance. Considering the state of North Dakota is the most financially sound, with MILLIONS in reserves and the only state with a State Bank, it’s curious as to why they would be asking for help?

According to the CDC, only 37,308 people ACTUALLY died from COVID-19. Many states have been found MISLABELING deaths for COVID-19. The motivator? Money. Lots and lots of money.

As previously reported “BREAKING| Former Microsoft Exec Now ND Governor Rolls Out Chinese Social Credit Score System,” according to the AP, Wall Street Journal, and many other outlets, Supreme Leader Burgum’s app will track your location throughout the day. If you simply leave your home just to get supplies or food you will be given a LOW RISK SCORE. If you are working, you will have a HIGH RISK SCORE. If you are an essential worker that goes from home to work only, your score will reduce. If you are a person who is LOW RISK but socializes and moves about, you will get a HIGHER RISK SCORE than essential workers. These are essentially OBEDIENCE SCORES.


Burgum has consistently lied. He’s claimed citizen’s privacy is protected with the app, while also explaining that BLUETOOTH proximity would be activated as well. What does that mean? It means that IF someone downloads this Chinese app and comes into proximity with you while you have Bluetooth turned on, the CARE-19 APP will obtain data from YOUR device (proximal devices) via Bluetooth like Device ID and other info. Listen to Doug Burgum TELLING his constituents this WHILE lying and saying privacy is of the utmost importance (??) Here is Senator Hawley telling you this too.

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At Burgam’s latest China-friendly press conference he URGED people to download this app and complained that only 30,000 have downloaded it in his state. He LIED and told people it protects their privacy, yet their device ID and email is recorded when they download it. Burgum is not pushing the app himself anymore and instead has selected Mr. Vern Douche. Oops… Dosch.

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Lying Vern Douche – Introducing CITIZEN REGISTRY

Vern claims that contact tracing saves lives but refuses to tell the people of North Dakota how much they are spending or how many private BIG TECH INTERESTS are investing in these platforms. They refuse to answer questions of how the data is housed, where it is housed and who OWNS it. He claims it’s a “conspiracy theory”. A conspiracy theory like Epstein? A conspiracy theory like Weinstein? A conspiracy theory like the DIRECTOR OF THE FBI and other agencies LYING and attempting a COUP of our nation?

Is it a conspiracy theory that they are HOSTING testing parties documenting you and filing you into the CITIZEN registry? Sounds LIKE Citizen Log that Wayne Stenehjem pushed with facial recognition under the Obama administration.

I wrote about TRACING IDENTITIES that the AG of North Dakota Wayne Stenehjem complied with in 2016 and 2018:


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The reason Burgum chose to put Vern forward is because everyone is reminded how Secretary Pompeo called Burgum out as being a friend to China, how he’s Bill Gates’s best friend, and how curious it is that all of this came together on such short notice. The tech infrastructure in North Dakota has been in the Stone Age since forever and a day, even on important matters such as ELECTIONS, but they suddenly “came together” now? It’s almost as if he had INSIDE knowledge.

It is also important to note that before joining Bill Gates he worked for McKinsey, a firm that supports and promotes the Chinese Communist Party as Tucker Carlson demonstrated recently in this report:

Burgum is part of the Big Tech conglomerate that has decided the Constitution really doesn’t apply. King Burgum has had Big Tech rally behind him. Even nipple ring aficionado Governor Cuomo of NY happened to OVERSHARE last week, revealing that the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health “OWNER” Sir Mike Bloomberg (knighted by Queen Elizabeth), is INVESTING in an APP for tracing and assigning risk scores to citizens. Was he referring to the Care-19 App? Of course he was.

January 28, 2020 PARTY to celebrate EVENT 201 implementation kick off? (EVENT 201 LINK)

All the information provided to you above, coupled with the IMMENSE push by the governor’s office should TERRIFY North Dakota, a VITAL state to our nation.

Reminder: North Dakota is the ONLY state with a state flag unlike any other in the nation and they are GROUND ZERO for where the Constitution may die.

Burgum is employing media tools like Scott Hennen who have exploited the trust built with North Dakotans over the years to attend DNA harvesting parties. He urged them all to be part of Citizen Registries and THAT is nothing short of treasonous. The governor, along with those employed by his office to USHER people into thinking they are going to die and that they are saving lives by forfeiting their rights, is horrific.

I wonder how much he was paid to sell out the people who trust him or is he just that daft?

What’s most ironic is that ads for the Care-19 app on Twitter are CONSTANTLY invading my Twitter feed and my followers are starting to complain. When I see ads for companies I do not support, I block them. I have blocked @NDDOH on Twitter, which anyone can do when they see advertisements of causes, organizations, or people they don’t want to see invading their feed. If they are are a government entity or elected person, however, they are not allowed to block constituents.

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What can we do? For starters North Dakota can make sure that they VOTE for a governor that DOES not disregard the Constitution – especially during a pandemic.

Donate Today : LINK

If your state’s governor enforces any app or citizen registry program or violates any of your civil rights, you can contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan led by Matthew Schneider. Schneider was just recently appointed by Attorney General Barr as lead for ALL civil liberty violations by mayors and or governors under the guise of this Infodemic across the nation.

The opinion piece I wrote a month ago OPINION: President Trump’s Best Decision Is To Not Make One-But Delegate It predicted this would happen. The strategy to give slack to governors allow the people to see them for who they are is exactly what we saw the President play. The world is watching and North Dakota is not only the geographical center of North America it’s the center for the most subversive tactics to take away liberties of US citizens.

Mayor Beetlejuice of Chicago tells you what they really want: YOU
Burgum is just more eloquent and considers his constituents stupid and controls his media so doesn’t have to get mean …. yet.

There will be future in-depth pieces of the facets of CITIZEN REGISTRIES and what ghastly foundations they lay, making human cryptocurrency mining a reality. #ComingSoon

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