Conservative Journalist and Radio Host Locked Out of Twitter for Exposing Child Exploitation

Two days ago journalist and radio personality Tore, with ToreSays.com and Red State Talk Radio took to Twitter, like millions do everyday to post some of her thoughts in a tweet. It wasn’t until she tried to do so that she realized she’d been locked out of her account.

This was not the first time she’d been locked out of her account for some vague, undefined reason by the social media overlords at Twitter, but this time was different. The timing was interesting. A couple of weeks back she alerted authorities prior to publishing her article that there was expliciting child pornography all over Twitter that was not being censored or monitored.

There were actual photos and videos embedded on Twitter’s platform that showed prepubescent children participating in lewd acts to which she waited 72 hrs after reporting it to authorities in order to publish her piece.

Good Afternoon. I am pleased to be joined here today by Acting Secretary Wolf of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, distinguished colleagues from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, and representatives from leading tech companies, to announce a very important initiative: Voluntary Principles to Counter Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.

AG William Barr March 5, 2020

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Then out of the blue, about 15 days later this happens. Almost as if Twitter is retaliating against her for shedding light on the dark corners of their platform that have been festering for years.

You can still see her tweets but she cannot tweet.

In order to access her account she would need to verify her identity by retrieving a 6-digit code sent by Twitter Support to the phone that is linked to her personal account. Tore attempted several times to have Twitter send a text message with the code to her phone, which displays the last few digits of your linked number to ensure the text message will be sent to the right phone. It was the correct phone number, but Tore never received any code nor any text at all from Twitter Support.


Tore decided she would check with her cell phone carrier to see if they had any record of the 6-digit code text message having been sent from Twitter. The following shows her interaction with the phone carrier:

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Tore then checked her email to see if there was any reason for the account being locked and received the following – VAGUE – email from Twitter that seems to be implying her account “exhibited automated behavior that violates the Twitter Rules.” In layman’s terms, that normally means either you’ve violated one of their safety rules or there’s been some kind of bot-like behavior picked up by Twitter algorithms.

Unfortunately, this means she could have been tagged or reported for a number of things, so I went to her account to see if I could figure out what behavior was so heinous Twitter would lock her out of her account. Looking back through some of her tweets, I focused on the last 3 tweets from her account on March 25th, the same day that she was locked out of Twitter. They are 2 original tweets from Tore and one retweet. All three were the night the huge $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill was to be voted on, but nothing that would violate and of Twitter’s rules for safety or privacy in any way.

Usually bot-like behavior consists of too many retweets back to back in any given time (I’ve never been able to pin down exactly how many or in what amount of time & Twitter isn’t very forthcoming with explaining their rules) or repeated spamming of tweets/comments in a tweet thread, but Tore didn’t do either before she found she was “temporarily restricted” from Twitter.

The link associated in the email Tore received from Twitter Support leads to “The Twitter Rules” page that describes some of the possible reasons users can be locked out of their accounts. There are so many to choose from it’s hard to know which one Twitter is even accusing her of, especially since they don’t specifically name the rule she supposedly violated.

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Nothing she tweeted was violent, terrorist/extremist, certainly not child sexual exploitation, not abuse or harassment, and no hateful conduct. I saw nothing on her currently “restricted” page that would come across as her being suicidal or thinking about “self-harming,” none of her tweets included “sensitive media,” no graphic violence or adult content, nor was there any illegal goods and services being sold, bought, or transfered through her personal Twitter account. So, we can rule out that she didn’t break any of Twitter’s Safety rules. Next?

Looking at Tore’s Twitter account, I saw no private information belonging to anyone on any of her tweets, nor was there non-consensual nudity in any video or photographs.

That could only leave the possibility that Twitter has somehow found her guilty of breaking their rules against authenticity, so I started to go over that list as well.

The first thing I checked was to see if there was some kind of spamming that would have been picked up by Twitter algorithms, but there wasn’t – so that’s off the table.


There was no sign of her using the platform to manipulate or interfere with elections. She’s verified in the past by SENDING THEM HER DRIVERS LICENSE that the account belongs to her, so why would they continually need to check that unless she was reported to be impersonating someone else—by someone else? This is an option if you find someone is impersonating YOU or someone that you know. You can use the three dots and hit report and then, mixed in with other options, is the option to report the account as someone “pretending to be me or someone else”. This has been abused by others (out of pettiness or spite) as a tactic that is little more than annoying, but otherwise is there to be used ONLY if someone is trying to portray themselves as someone other than who they truly are.

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This is the only thing that makes sense as to why Tore would all of a sudden be forced to verify her identity with Twitter, since she didn’t violate either of the other two Twitter rules on authentication: sharing no synthetic or manipulated media, and without having violated any copyright or trademark laws.

It’s really weird how they are asking to confirm my identity when over a year ago I had to send them my DRIVERS LICENSE for my verification. Do they want a sample of my DNA? Are they inferring that I am some kind of AI or something? It’s ridiculous.


Could it be that she was locked out after having written up a report exposing CHILD PORNOGRAPHY on Twitter that prompted Attorney General Barr to explicitly refer to the contents of her report hours after she published it?

I always send all the criminal activities I find or information that may help law enforcement off before I publish anything. I wrote up the article three days before the AG’s announcement. I know I am being punished for exposing their complacency with Crimes Against Children. They have taken over 72 hours to get back to me as to WHY I am not receiving texts even though they have received my drivers license over a year ago for verification.


So what gives? If Twitter is going to take the time to send emails explaining that they’ve deemed a user’s activity on their platform to have violated their Terms of Service, the least they could do is be SPECIFIC as to what rules were violated so the user knows what they need to do to try and correct the issue.

How long can they have you remain locked out of your own account, for breaking their TOS rules, when they’ve not specified which were violated? How do you fix a problem when you don’t know what the problem is and have done everything in your power to jump through all their vexatious hoops?

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If it’s a matter of authentication, why has Tore not received the 6-digit code to verify her identity in over 72 hours, with repeated attempts and having spoken with her cell phone carrier that confirmed no messages whatsoever have been sent from Twitter over this period of time? Having already confirmed her identity using a state issued photo ID – that I’m assuming is still on record – what more do they need to validate you are who you say you are?

Could it be something as simple as verification or is it possible this is vindication for being called out for allowing child pornography on their platform and their specific role in possible crimes against children?

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Tore is a nationally syndicated talk radio show host on Red State Talk radio and a published author contributing to Kennington Press, Loomered , Poli-Quads Magazine, and Big League Politics among others.

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