Tom Perez, It’s Time To Come Out Of The Closet

Tom Perez needs to come out of the closet. This is a difficult conversation that registered Democrats (especially #BernieBros and #hotgirlsforBernie) need to have. Both the Republican Party and Democrat Party are corrupt. They have been fixing elections in respects to their nominees for decades. There was one key difference in their voters that allowed the Republican Party to lose control – the message.

The Republican party, since their inception, has always stuck to the same script: Support and enforcement of the U.S. Constitution.

The Democrat Party have always, since their inception, changed their message as social norms and values changed to appease and attract voters by advertising what they have to gain.

In other words – GOP voters believed that the U.S. Constitution serves all needs at any time while DNC voters believed that their vote would cater to their personal needs at the time regardless of the Constitution, hence their ability to attack it and call the living document a piece of paper. The DNC postures as most “woke” and has always attracted those that were younger and those in poverty – with a “What’s in it for me?” attitude because the campaigns were always about what THEY will do for them, rather than giving the people what they want. Tantalizing them for decades. Over the years, a dynamic of Master-Servant manifested with the subordinate voters was established. Bernie Sanders is breaking that mindset, and this is why he poses a threat to the Democratic Party, slowly destroying what the DNC has built over the years by grooming generation after generation with empty promises and an army of tantalizing propaganda.

The demise of the Democrat Party is eminent because Bernie Sanders appeals to those that are tired of the empty promises, but also reliant on the government for direction. #FeelTheBurn was also a big movement, just not as big as #MAGA. For those born from 1975 and onward, the Democratic Party (and Republican Party) have failed them again and again. The Democrats have successfully made their base dependent on the governing persons for direction in all aspects of their life, making socialism appealing by using the strategies the consumer industry does. The thought of the government feeding, clothing, educating, and employing them is ideal, to the generations post 1975 that were raised in an era of instant gratification – so working is archaic in their mind. It’s psych 101.

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Whether or not you agree with the #BernieBros backward ideology and insane need to be “institutionalized”, they are American citizens and deserve their right to representation. Even though, Communists and Socialists have been LEGALLY barred from the House and Senate in the past, if this is what the people want, this is what they should be afforded to have. This right is what makes our nation stand out from the rest of the world as the ONLY “for the people” nation. In other words, the ability to VOTE and make it count.

Perez should come clean with the group discussion the Democrats held in private about two weeks ago when they decided Biden would be nominated as the candidate representing the Democrat Party. Who was in this meeting? Well, if we say our sources may be revealed, but we can tell you the NSA must have that phone call since Barack Hussein Obama dialed in from a foreign country 6 hours prior to his call to Mayor Pete. What did they say? What was their strategy? The link to that expose is at the end of this article.

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Fixed candidate? Yes. We know they did this in 2016. The RNC walked that walk as well. Personally, I remember BEGGING my GOP to give me Trump-Pence materials to distribute BEFORE and AFTER the Cleveland Convention and they still REFUSED to support him. Up until the day before the convention, all they had was Ted Cruz promotional materials. Even during the convention, the tension was on and all establishment folk started dropping serious coin into Hillary for America.

To put it bluntly, in 2016 the fix was in by both parties – as it has been for decades. The illusion that our votes counted. What happened to the Republican Party during the Presidential Elections of 2016 is what we see happening to the Democrat Party in the 2020 elections. An insane amount of candidates ran, most of which were a joke and simply establishment auditions … with that one guy they considered least likely to prevail coming to the forefront quickly.

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Bernie Sanders was afforded less time during the early debates as clowns like Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Amy Klobuchar auditioned for the money bags. All of them part of the establishment. Don’t get me wrong, Bernie is also part of the establishment. Bernie’s got tons of wealth for a public servant. Bernie is a corrupt hypocrite, but not as bad as those that graduated from the FARM like Pete and Kamala. Bernie didn’t extort BILLIONS of dollars like Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar from Ukraine, laundering U.S. federal tax dollars back into their “investment groups” and or shell companies in Georgia (that are empty closets), posing as federal contractors for the Navy (@Amy). We saw the same thing, but the Republican version in 2016. Corrupt people are creatures of habit and have a set playbook.

During this presidential campaign period, the Democrats made TWO things clear. They were broke and they refuse to let the people CHOOSE their own nominee.


The Democrats had extended the underwriting upper limits allowed by law for loans by their exclusive bank – unpaid loan limits extended to them that are backed by UNION PENSIONS managed by Amalgamated Bank. Amalgamated Bank, also known as the DNC Bank, is currently under investigation, therefore, they called in Michael Bloomberg to “RUN” to fill their coffers and pay back the loans they owe before the SEC cracks the whip again like they did in 2011. The Democrat “BASE” is not one that contributes, hence the insane loans. This is why Bloomberg exited the race as fast as he entered it, bowing out after “Tejas”, but not until he reminded the world that he BOUGHT 21 seats in the House. Imagine giving all that cash to save them and paying to be humiliated – can you imagine the insurance they have on him? Maybe Queen Margrethe can tell us about it after she sells us Greenland. After all, it’s Sir Michael Bloomberg, he’s a KNIGHT.

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Evidently, once Bloomberg pumped enough money into the DNC they had to make a choice. They had to choose ONE candidate before Super Tuesday. Bernie was obviously not a contender because he actually has people that support him. Tulsi is too wishy washy, swapping red for blue depending on where the wind blows. Warren, aka Fake-A-Hontas, completely unlikable, and Sir Bloomberg was never really running. Pete and Biden were left. Pete’s FARM career popped up – coupled with the fact that he just keeps going on and on about being gay wasn’t helpful. Therefore, Joe Biden was chosen. As Joe is waiting for the shoe to drop and be indicted on crimes of money laundering, he has everything to gain by winning and loses everything if he doesn’t, including taking down the whole 44 administration too! #ALLIN Their lives literally depend on it.


Bernie Sanders’ base is a grassroots movement which means his voter base are highly motivated. They even cry for him.

They also make pretty catchy promo videos. As far as memes for socialism go….don’t really mesh unless you consider #HotGirlsForBernie a meme strategy.

Bernie is really the choice of the Democrat voters, so why is the DNC ignoring their voter base? Why are they all in for #DementiaJoe?

They have employed every media outlet to prop up and promote #DementiaJoe and claim that LIVE FEEDS are manipulated videos showing that Joe has clear symptoms of dementia outlined in the graphic above.

Their endorsement of Biden by ALL former candidates, including Andrew Yang but sans Elizabeth Warren, is RECKLESS. It is reckless to promote someone who forgets where they are, forgets WHO they were Vice President for, what they are running for, where they are and confuses their wife with their sister (#IncestOmarSyndrome). Biden is constantly accompanied by medical professionals posing as staffers to mitigate his symptoms and address his cognitive hindrances with subtle touch cues used by medical professionals.

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Imagine how desperate they must be where they are willing to shamelessly demonstrate their complete disregard for American voters by BUYING delegates. Bernie Sanders is the clear choice, and the DNC doesn’t care because “THEY KNOW BEST”. The mainstream media (MSM) are also helping. At one of Biden’s recent “shotgun under 7 minute” speeches they used audio from a Trump Rally to make the crowd sound larger than it is. This clip from C-SPAN demonstrates that. In fact Bernie and Biden both had events scheduled in Cleveland, Ohio yesterday that were cancelled due to “CORONAVIRUS”. Biden expected turn out of between 100-150 people – Bernie in the thousands.

It’s clear who the “DEMOCRAT VOTERS” want, so why does the DNC not get behind the voters if they are supposed to be WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE? Joe Biden tells you why in this heated exchange.

While everyone is focused on the AR-14 comment, the hostility and aggression – the most important statement – was not reported or showcased. Around the 0:49 sec mark Joe Biden attempts to walk away from this constituent asking him important 2nd Amendment questions.

Hey you work for me.


No I don’t!

Joe Biden

That is the problem with the establishment on the left and on the right. They believe we should be working for them. The DNC is shamelessly robbing liberals their right to be heard AGAIN.

Why Biden, when it seems reckless and irresponsible? Control and they don’t care.

What’s their plan?

THE DNC PLAN TO MAINTAIN POWER| Secret Meeting EXPOSED (Will Update With Link When Live)

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