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Originally posted by Tore on December 5th, 2019.

Yesterday’s “impeachment” hearings by the Judicial Committee, chaired by Rep. Jerry Nadler, was the most ridiculous travesty in history. The triggered Harvard professor who “told” Mueller and the Democrats to go for “Obstruction of Justice” in May of 2017, Noah Feldman, lied under oath and Pamela Karlan, a professor at Stanford attacked Barron Trump, the First Son who is 13 years old!

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The circus, chaired by Nadler, was assuming the hearsay and non-fact “witness” testimony Rep. Adam Schiff manufactured as facts of a case. The parade of witnesses (that actually witnessed nothing) and their statements were considered truth. In fact, Karlan who attacked the First Son, claimed she would never have “testified” if she did didn’t review facts.

What facts? Nothing in Schiff’s “witness” testimony was fact – is was simply a rendition of gossip and hearsay like this:


How can any sane person take anything they say seriously? What does that tell you about Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, and North Carolina’s School of Law? If gossip and hearsay are considered facts then law is in the eye of the beholder and who they like.

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The Democrats are so hell-bent on going through a shotgun impeachment hearing that many people around the United States of America are holding meetings online discussing “CITIZEN ARRESTS” at the Capitol to round up the Democrats and hold them accountable. One forum member who founded the group Citizen Grand Jury said:

They obviously have no regard for our nation. No regard for the rule of law and it’s time we demonstrate the power of the people. No weapons, no violence. Citizen arrests should be made in an organized fashion.

Citizen Grand Jury

The group that was established in 2007 on the undernet has been discussing pocket concerns across the nation. Their uproar and spark to organize was the statement made by Karlan about Barron Trump. Many members of this group are Democrats and Libertarian, most recently attracting those that identify as Republicans.

If this woman can sit and bring up the child of the president in an open hearing, utilizing a child that has nothing to do with any of this means that they have no morals, no sense of accountability, and obviously extremely dangerous. It’s time the majority turn up. We need to show the rest of the world that we are many and they are few.

Citizen Grand Jury

Something very few know about Karlan is that she was involved in establishing and ensuring that elections were “FAIR”. Fair in her eyes is to ensure the “right” candidate is elected. She spearheaded the establishment of election software that is rigged by the globalists across the planet.

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The Citizen Grand Jury group discussion made mention that they have pooled a total of $17,000 within one day to organize a citizen’s arrest at the capitol. The money is pooled by the members to pay for flights and to hire an attorney. The date is undisclosed and members of the group include average citizens across the nation, Capital police, retired judges, lawyers, house staffers, senate staffers, and former military.

Children should never be used as props or pawns by anyone. The party that does not value life at conception and that of those mentally hindered showed their true face yesterday. The statement about the First Son was not by a deranged liberal, still contemplating their gender, but by a woman who is a professor of law at Stanford. The First Lady chimed in with a statement on Twitter letting Karlan know that her son should never be dragged into politics or exploited.

Karlan “auditioned” for SCOTUS yesterday with the hopes that the express impeachment hearing sticks and produces articles of impeachment that can be pushed through the Senate. Why are they in a rush? They are in a rush because the president has reached out to the courts to demonstrate that the only ABUSE of POWER is that by the Democrats.

One party impeachment. One party hearings. No transparency. No due process and no FACTS. These people and their names will go down in history as the most evil, salacious, and horrific act of Congress ever.

The Democrats were betting on the fact that the people would let them get away with it. George Washington, the first President of the United States, led one of the biggest revolutions in our history. President Donald J. Trump will be the leader of the second revolution, ending AUTOCRACY, and giving the power back to the people. Civil war? Not really. The Democrat base doesn’t exist – the media just makes you think there is. It’s all an illusion.

Larry Klayman was right. Citizens have more power than they think they have and his movement on the public-facing front should be growing exponentially between now and the first of the new year. The impeachment is being expedited because they know WE THE PEOPLE will vote him back in and that the ELECTIONS can no longer be rigged, because we are moving to a paper ballot.

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