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Representative Adam Schiff’s behavior and his rabid attempts to impeach President Trump is motivated by self preservation. Many anticipate that the long awaited IG report by DOJ IG Horowitz (that will be released between today November 20, 2019 and December 11, 2019), will include criminal referrals for Schiff. Even though this may indeed be true, considering he has lied, betrayed his oath of office, leaked, and possibly orchestrated an elaborate covert surveillance sting on the president and or his staff, this is NOT what has Schiff “schiffing” his pants.

In January 2019, a second man was found dead in Ed Buck’s home in West Hollywood within a two year span. In fact, in July 2017, he was cleared of any liability for the death of 26-year-old gay male escort Gemelle Moore when his body was found in the same apartment as the victim in January 2019. The death was a result of an overdose of crystal methamphetamine.

In January 2019, the death of the second male revealed something very interesting. Apparently, investigators reopened the case last year after Moore’s friends and family raised concerns that his political connections might have contributed to the decision.

Rep. Adam Schiff and sex offender that drugged and killed men, Ed Buck (center) outside a house in California.

It was reported that Buck’s attorney, Seymour Amster, told NBC News that Buck wasn’t in custody and hadn’t been charged in connection with the man’s death. He said the man was a “longtime friend” of Buck’s who asked to come over.

Ed was reluctant, but the friend was insistent, so Ed allowed the friend to come over. A little while later the friend began exhibiting bizarre behavior and that prompted Buck to call 911.

Seymour Amster on NBC News

Buck is a high-profile, millionaire Democratic benefactor who has contributed and bundled large amounts of cash to Democrats including Schiff, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, the list goes on and on.

It’s no secret that Ed Buck and Adam Schiff are very close friends. In fact, Schiff has invited Buck to many of his own parties and Schiff has attended many of Buck’s parties.

Schiff is known for throwing themed parties. In fact, his 50th birthday party had a Hawaiian theme. Schiff is pictured with one of the guests below.

Birthday Party for Adam Schiffty

Our exclusive source, a Democrat staffer, tells us that Patty, Schiff’s campaign manager/personal assistant/”mom”/fixer/”unofficial chief of staff to everyone that comes in contact with Schiff, keeps details of all events that Schiff attends. Our source confirmed, he has attended parties at Ed Buck’s home many times for special events, among other big names in California.

Standard Hotel Hallway (totally normal)

On Saturday, June 1, 2019, Buck’s home in West Hollywood was searched and items were seized. Our source says that on Monday, June 3, 2019, Schiff turned up to the D.C. office demanding that everyone find anything they could about “deepfake” videos.

He was very irate and seemed obsessed. He asked us to locate prominent experts that could debunk challenged videos as deepfakes and experts on video metadata. He was obsessed and demanded that we have reports and names with interviews set up almost instantly. He said, ‘You find an expert.’ Run every check you can on him-find everything- I want to know every skeleton they have.

Exclusive Democrat House staffer source

Standard Hotel pool side (totally normal)

We were told by our sources that during the warrant execution at Ed Buck’s home (that was awarded without his presence), electronics such as phones, personal computers, tablets, and other hard drives were imaged in the seize. A warrant can be signed off by a judge allowing detectives to enter your home without you present and leave no trace they were there. It’s an undercover search warrant.

Apparently, Schiff was tipped off by long time former FBI friend who now works at Charles Schwab that the FBI may have seized video footage and pictures of Schiff that could “ruin” his life. Rumors of Schiff dressed like an Egyptian God, as well as other guests going to Ed Buck’s home have been circling the internet. Our sources tell us that his affinity for dress up parties isn’t the source of his stress. The alleged video depicts Schiff engaging in horrid acts with Buck, Bob Corker, other politicians, and prominent figures at the Standard Hotel.

If what our sources tell us is true, Schiff’s behavior is expected and evidently he’s on borrowed time. Corker resigned and maybe Schiff would like to do the same. His deepfake “awareness” is pretty blatant. With all this push and a video coming out, it would be hard not to say, “You knew about this and you were mitigating”.


He keeps retweeting and reminding TWITTER that they have been told to make sure deepfake videos don’t circulate. As if Twitter has some magic formula to know what is real and what is fake. His tweet on November 16, 2019, that has been invading all feeds was prompted by a certain event. According to our source who works closely with the prosecutors involved in Ed Buck’s case, it had to do with findings. Buck’s hearing was pushed back to 2020 instead of being heard on November 26, 2019 due to new findings!

Recently, Schiff has turned the Capitol into a circus, bringing in “witness” after “witness” that have literally witnessed nothing. He’s creating enemies, but with friends like Bob Corker, Ed Buck, and Dr. Hensel, who needs enemies?

Schiff and his LIDDLE “friend”

If I were Schiff, I would be applying for citizenship in New Zealand like Comey did. Historically, Australia and New Zealand was where the CROWN would send their criminals to. They would moor a boat and just set them loose. (ARTICLE ABOUT THAT HERE). I hope he has his “expert” DEEPFAKE de-bunkers on speed dial, even though they will be useless. Is Schiff ready to challenge FBI evidence? His borrowed time will tell. Right now we need him to keep doing what he is doing to ensure a landslide victory for President Trump in 2020.

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