It was in 2017 when Nicholas Sheley was arrested for the murder of an Arkansas couple in Missouri. Sheley beat the couple to death and then loaded their bodies into a truck that belonged to another victim he killed in another state.

Sheley drove the car to a gas station where he dumped the bodies. Sheley had beaten Thomas and Jill Estes, both 54, of Arkansas to death leaving a blood trail that was discovered by hotel guests where the couple were staying. The hotel guests spotted blood stained dogs roaming around in the parking lot and called the police. Apparently the death was so violent that the police were able to trace a 1 1/2 blood trail from the hotel and ultimately to the gas station where Sheley dumped their bodies.

Sheley had killed six people prior to beating the Esteses to death.

  • Ronald Randall 65-year-old man in Galesburg, Ill.
  • Dayan Blake 2 yrs old in Rock Falls, Ill
  • Kenneth Ulve, 25 years old in Rock Falls, Ill
  • Branson Blake 23 years old in Rock Falls, Ill
  • Kilynna Blake, 20 years old in Rock Falls, Ill
  • 93-year-old farmer Russell Reed in Sterling, Ill.

The Esteses death brought the tally of deaths during his murderous spree to a total of 8.

Controversy surrounded the case as outcry by the victims’ families poured in when Sheley was offered a plea deal when he had already admitted to the charges.

Ususally there have to be extraordinary circumstances as to why a plea deal or any discussion is being made with a criminal that has admitted to committing such crimes. Usually, there is an underlying reason or some really important information that he may have passed onto the authorities in exchange for a “softer” sentence or better prison housing.

It seems that his youth may had been compromised and that specialized task forces have been mobilized. It turns out the murder spree was prompted from repeat abuse, sexual and psychological abuse by his father James Sheley.

Yesterday on Thursday, November 14, 2019, James K. Sheley and Debra L. Sheley, both 62 and both of Rock Falls were arrested.

The Police Department has confirmed that these two people, James and Debra Sheley are indeed the parents of infamous spree murderer Nicholas Sheley.

James K Sheley was charged with 4 counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child, a class X felony and 2 counts of attempted criminal sexual assault, a class 2 felony.

Debra Sheley, who is James K Sheley’s wife and the mother of Nicholas Sheley was charged with a single count of endangering the life or health of a child. Debra Sheley has already posted bail and went home. James Sheley did not make bond and is at the Whiteside County Jail.

It seems that the monstrous acts of Nicholas Sheley may indeed have been inborn due to his parents sexually, physically and mentally abusing him. It is possible that the information that he may have provided to prosecutors lead to their arrest.

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