This case is what nightmares are made of for children. Morgan Summerlin, 25 was incarcerated for something unrelated and her two daughters were placed with temporary guardians. It was in the custody of these strangers that the children described the horrid crimes they were victim of. The children told them how their mother would take them to men’s homes where they would be raped for money.

Morgan Summerlin Facebook

Her last Facebook post indicates that she checked into the Atlanta Marriott Marquis with the phrase :

Freedom is amazing so blessed to be alive

Her profile is riddled with poorly written phrases and her bio says :

I’m a queen because I serve an almighty king.

The account also has pictures of a baby boy, who is believed to be her son. Alfred Trejo commented on a picture of the boy, saying he wanted to “see my son,” which could mean that he is the baby’s father. 

Alfred Trejo

Alfred Trejo is also one of the men who would have sex with the toddlers in exchange for money and possibly the father of the eldest child he assailed alleged to be depicted below.

According to records, Summerlin was involved in a DUI case in April 2017
in Bay County, Florida. She was charged with three counts of DUI, property damage and one count of DUI with serious injury and three counts of child abuse after crashing into stopped cars and had three children in the car with her that led to her incarceration. It was at that time that her children were placed in the care of temporary legal guardians and the girls revealed the sexual abuse they endured.

According to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office states that the at the time 4 and 5-year-old girls told their temporary guardians that their mother would take them to men’s homes where they were sexually assaulted in exchange for money.

Court documents state that one child recalled going to the home of “Pop” identified as 78-year-old Richard Office. The mother sat and waited in the living room while he took the children into the bedroom where he sexually assaulted them. The child recalls that she was rubbing his feet while he sexually assaulted her 4 year-old sister making her bleed. When he was done he gave the girls $100 and they left with their mother who then took the money from them.

Office was found guilty of rape, child molestation, trafficking a person for sexual servitude, enticing a child for indecent purposes, and sexual battery on May 1, 2018. Office was sentenced to life in prison without parole, and 146 years to run concurrently.

According to Trejo’s Facebook Summerlin is the mother of the third child that was with her in the DUI incident Bay County, Florida – a son.

According to charging documents the girls recalled going to the home of Trejo (Papi) where the they were also sexually assaulted by him and gave them money after he was done. Once again they left the home and their mother would take the money they were given.

Trejo had previous convictions for child molestation and he was sentenced to 25 years in prison and a lifetime of probation.

These girls had been constantly victims of abuse and trafficking and confided the instances with their grandmother Teresa Davidson who did nothing to protect them.

Teresa Davidson

Teresa Davidson, the grandmother plead guilty to child cruelty for failing to protect them after being told of the crimes committed against them. She was sentenced to five years, to serve one commuted to the time that she had already served, with the balance on probation.

Judge Constance Russell sentenced Morgan Summerlin to 20 years behind bars, and an additional 10 on probation. Summerlin admitted to allowing men sexually assault her daughters when they were four and five years old. The victims grandfather in court spoke up about a similar incident with a minor family member. The prosecutor has not responded with information on that case at the time of this publication.

Summerlin’s lawyer defended her by alleging she was also a victim of child sexual abuse and should be factored into her sentencing. She will not be eligible for parole and she should be grateful because she was facing over 140 years.

Monsters are real and no one would guess Summerlin was a monster from her social media posts. She would put out social media posts doating about her children and activities she did with them yet she would also allow men to rape them for money.

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