In a shocking display of evil and horrific behavior students at the University of Texas – San Antonio campus counter protested Pro-Life group by dancing on mock fetus graves.

Students were dancing on the graves holding signs showing support for Planned Parenthood while chanting

“Stop, hey, hey, what’s that sound, all the fetuses are in the ground!”

On April 9, 2019 a  pro-life group displayed a mock graveyard coined the “Cemetery of the Innocents”. They did so to illustrate the horrific actions of abortion and to voice their dedication to the unborn children killed by abortion.

When their display was up and their table with flyers were set up Planned Parenthood supporters, the abortion advocates on campus organized a protest to their display and booth.

Sarah Zarr who is Texas’ Regional Coordinator for Students for Life said “Some abortion advocates would come to talk to us but dialogue was not in their interest.” The abortion advocates began shouting and aggressively voicing their opposition.

One girl told me I was using my white privilege and ‘wasn’t allowed to be out there talking about this issue when it affects black women.

Sarah Zarr Regional Coordinator for Student of Life

The argument of black women. We heard that before in Ohio claiming that disallowing black women to have abortions is because we are forcing black women to reproduce and thus creating more slaves.

Students for Life had a table with pro-life materials for distribution. One of the abortion advocates who was a male took the majority of it and ran off eventually throwing it down a gutter. Zarr said they filed a police report but the police stated that the materials stolen were for free distribution thus they couldn’t technically press theft charges. Student For Life were able to file the police report but no charges can be filed until the police investigate.

The Students for Life demonstration and display was part of the Spring 2019 Planned Parenthood Truth tour. The demonstration was victim to violent behavior, intimidation and theft. To further their “protest” abortion activists appeared with Planned Parenthood and began singing and dancing over the mock cemetery.

Girls stood in the cemetery displaying the signs and shouting out statements like “I’ve had an abortion” ! Statistics say that 911 lives are lost every day by abortions Planned Parenthood executes. They began chanting “Hey, Stop, what’s that sound all the fetuses are in the ground.”

Watch the video below:

Many of the abortion advocates were pointing to the mock tombstones says “Look that’s my aborted fetus” and laughing.

“I love to have sex and abort fetuses that’s my number one kink!”

The behavior and actions of the abortion advocates demonstrated a horrific and disgusting insensitivity and complete disregard for life. These abortion advocates were mocking the death of unborn people, potential doctors, potential mothers, leaders, lawyers, writers and artists that could have contributed to human kind in their own way.

Abortion is murder no matter how you spin it.

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