Sources say that Sec. Nielsen is walking on thin ice (#HastaLaVistaKirstjen) because she is aware of these democrat funded programs in which illegal immigrants are receiving aide and coaching them to petition successfully at the border. She has been slow on releasing reports, conducting assessments and not really listening to the agents on the border voicing concerns in regards to manpower and the facilities she is awarding contracts to.

It’s only a matter of time until President Trump realizes the role she plays in the delay of reports from Border Patrol and Homeland Security on these matters that are causing the humanitarian crisis. Many of us wonder who’s side she is on!

Border Patrol Liason Yuma Az.

Sources tell us that these groups have connections with facilities such as Southwest Key Programs that Sec. Nielsen facilitates. From what we are being told she will be “resigning” in the next few days.

It’s evident hundreds of thousands of migrants attempting to violate our laws and enter our country are doing so with the aid of people from the United States. We have uncovered not only the legal aid aspect but new programs that are targeting children, unaccompanied minors that are most likely kidnapped used as pawns to facilitate entry to the United States.

The woman below was actually DISALLOWED entry into Mexico just a few weeks ago because she claimed she was there on vacation when in fact she arrived to offer legal assistance to migrants entering Mexico for the purpose of entry to the United States.

There are multiple allegations that the Caravan Support Network was providing drugs to the caravan, had kidnapped Carlos and were working closely to a lawyer’s group, Al Otro Lado who he alleged were perpetrating false marriages to be used in fraudulent asylum claims at the border.

Cindy Azucena Gomez-Schempp

Pastor Rivera also revealed how Father Solalinde negotiated transport from Mexican governors to the Northern border as well as why Al Otro Lado lawyer Nora Phillips was detained and deported from Guadalajara, citing that authorities already had information of his report to them about the legal advice they provided to  migrants from his shelter to use fake marriage documents provided by Al Otro Lado in their asylum claim.

Cindy Azucena Gomez-Schempp

We received notification 3 weeks ago that the Agape Shelter was to be visited by Democratic Representative Lou Correa and Senator Jeff Merkley via correspondence sent to the Agape Center from the US consulate in Mexico. We shared this information with large media outlets due to the curious timing and let them know this meeting was happening while we deployed sources and assets to gather information from the Mexican side of things.

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Hardly any media coverage on this meeting. We had sources within the Mexican Police, Mexican Citizens and amazing patriots that have infiltrated the most horrific organizations funded, supported and or created by sitting members of the House and Senate!

Merkley blogged about his visit to Mexico and the most telling portions of his blog illustrate the nefarious, criminal and evil nature of his and his party’s intentions.

In Tijuana, I visited seven shelters holding women, children, LGBT youth, and families. I also met with key Mexican and U.S. officials who are trying to navigate a very difficult situation that is made much worse by the actions of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Trump’s policy of criminalizing the asylum process.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (Medium)

He focused on the unaccompanied minors. We have been receiving horrific information that aligns with his “concerns” that we now know he has been “addressing”. This paints a picture that is very difficult to fathom but is in fact true. Not only are they performing fake marriages and “adopting” unaccompanied minors traveling with coyotes to these fake couples but now the Democratic Party is working with Mexican authorities, coyotes and others to funnel all these children across our border!

Photo Cred: Jeff Merkley

But the plight for unaccompanied migrant children is even worse. They have not been allowed by either Mexican or American officials to approach the border directly to ask for asylum. In addition, they are not allowed to put their name in the ‘book’ used for metering migrants.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (Medium)

It is common knowledge that DNC and Soros Funded organizations are marrying off migrants in Mexico and then pairing them up with unaccompanied minors to expedite their case to enter the United States. Here is such a case.

These two Honduran migrants were introduced by such organizations and then married in Mexico . There are flyers along the Caravan Routes providing illegal migrants information and directions.

They have also received identifications together from Mexico.

The final step is petitioning to enter the United States.

Al Otro Lado is an organization that “fast tracks” migrants across the border and litigates and reports on the migrants. ICE and DHS have files on these individuals that were leaked to the media throwing support behind their efforts to bring illegal migrants across the border. Some “attorneys” of Al Otro Lado were also denied entry into Mexico.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is secret+database+Document+1.jpg

What is Senator Merkley up to?

The following statement on his Medium Blog is very telling and scary.

The children are left in complete limbo in a very dangerous border town. I met migrant children who had been waiting for many months praying for some solution to this dilemma. If they turn themselves into the Mexican government agency responsible for children, that agency almost always will deport them back to the extremely dangerous circumstances they fled initially. If, in desperation, they cross the border illegally, they land in the U.S. system of migrant child prisons like Homestead, which I visited a week ago.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (Medium)

Our sources say that Senator Jeff Merkley is facilitating communications, infrastructure, funding and or methods of bringing unaccompanied minors across the border. Apparently, Mexican Authorities tell us he visited Mexico to meet with the Mexican Organization and witness the “pilot” of their plan.

In essence, the DNC and other Democrat Funded Organizations are working with Honduran, El Salvadorian, Guatemalan and Mexican organizations to bring these children to Mexico where an entity has been created to take in these vulnerable children. This Mexican entity receiving money from the Democrat Linked organizations PETITION on behalf of children as young as 0 yrs to enter the United States.

Coyotes bring children to Mexico by force hence the statements Sen. Merkley is stating may apply to children aged 17 and up but minors such as 0-17 don’t just walk 3000 miles all on their own. We spoke with a 10 year old boy who has no idea where his parents are and why his “uncle” sent him off. This is the TRUE unaccompanied minor problem. Below is one coyote who is being confronted for missing children as reported by BORDER NEWS.

Guatemalan and of Mexican authorities are paying this man in the pictures and video below money to transport adults and unaccompanied minors. This man was confronted when links to him and Al Otro Lado manifested.

We have obtained this man’s identity and last night sources confirmed that this man is working with a US funded organization to move children across the border. Our source had seen him in the presence of a 14 -15 yr old female child and infant that disappeared and claimed he was wearing US Custom Border Patrol clothing.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sebastian-guatemalan-1024x768.jpg

This is the image of one of the missing children. Her age is 13-15 yo. If you see her please contact ICE.


ICE encourages the public to report suspected child predators and any suspicious activity through its toll-free hotline at 1-866-DHS-2ICE; TTY for hearing impaired: (802) 872-6196. This hotline is staffed around-the-clock by investigators.

In my opinion Sec. Nielsen needs to go and sources say she is out. Was she fired on Friday? Will she be resigning? Sources say SHE IS OUT. We need someone tough on crime, security and that does not play into politics. Someone like Sheriff Clarke.

Cindy Azucena Gomez-Schempp contributed to this report.

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